MMM - Many 'Motto' Minamotos Marshal Militarily, Manning Mystifying Mech-suit(?), Minded to Murder Malamutes (Minamoto no Tametomo Gacha)

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I have to say, it’s pretty abnormal to have a Servant’s gacha drop just when they appear in the story of an event, and not the typical, courteous schedule of Wednesdays.

As a result, I was pretty much left with my pants down writing this thing, on a very busy week after having grinded out the prior MMM.

But hey, I’m here now, set to discuss and judge Ushi’s…uncle, and Raiko’s…you know what, I’m not gonna sit down and figure out how many great’s of a grand-nephew twice removed he is, or whatever.

Now I can see why one may hold a grudge against the Genji. They make family gatherings a nuisance.

Hakkenden Pt2
NA Release Date: 07/2024

I swear, we’ve ripped through the silhouettes at record pace this year. Barely over halfway through and the vast majority of them are revealed, with pretty good speculation on remaining candidates.

Among many other interesting accolades in Japanese history, including having one arm bizarrely 4-inches longer than the other, Tametomo was also notably the first (alleged) Seppuku in history. I swear, when a historical figure in Fate was renowned in some way for their suicide, Nasu never misses a beat to include them.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance C

Increase your Debuff Resist by 15%.

Independent Action B

Increase your Critical Strength by 8%.


For his base statline, Tametomo gets a pretty goddamn raw deal. The SSR Archer lineup is frankly filled with a lot of highly-statted monsters like Arjuna and Superhuman Orion, but somehow he manages to waltz in (as a Japanese Servant, no less, known for having sub-pair parameters in Fate lore) and have the 2nd best Attack stat paired with the 5th worst HP stat, placing him as the second-best statted SSR Archer after Superhuman Orion.

So he’s packing highly deadly offense, in exchange for essentially average HP. Very good to work with.

On the passives front he’s far more mild. With the typical class passives of Magic Resistance and Independent Action, Tametomo has moderate boosts to his Debuff Resistance and Critical Damage. Standard Archer faire, but some out there don’t pack one or the other, so they’re neat to have.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Tametomo in the grand scheme of things? On one hand, he’s the long arm of the law, quite literally:

Tametomo has some pretty impressive offense. “True” piercing on his NP alone is a very desirable niche, but paired with his pretty decent damage output and easy means to build up NP gauge, he makes for a strong AOE damage dealer, especially when he can hit his anti-Lawful effective damage. Hilariously, he’s one of the few Servants to have both Sure Hit and Invincible Pierce in the same kit, being slightly redundant but very funny in how he consistently pierces defenses.

While nothing outstanding, Tametomo does competently farm, whether in a Koyanskaya + Oberon looping setup or just one that straight-up produces 300% gauge charge with a combination of Kaleidoscope and some number of 50%+ gauge charge supports. The dependable nature of this farming and his effective damage modifier may make him a favorable option in the right circumstances.

However, he’s also not quite a cut above the rest, lacking the stomach to honor his ancestors, this is a Seppuku joke:

Tametomo finds himself infiltrating an incredibly high-power corner of FGO’s farming meta, and unfortunately it makes it hard for him to shape up to the likes of Napoleon or Gilgamesh, then again the generally-superior Tesla and Ishtar. All 4 Servants in question have received NP strengthenings, essentially throwing their NP damage past Tametomo’s reach, even if the warrior of the Minamoto clan technically has superior damage output to many of them on paper. Add in that the 50% gauge chargers that half of them have make their setups slightly more flexible, and he can struggle to find a place to excel.

I get a very distinct sense of Deja Vu doing this evaluation specifically, since Tametomo has a lot in common with Napoleon on release - very solid kit on paper, good niches that have CQ applications, and the “True” piercing combo for his NP. And much like Napoleon, he crumples simply because his NP damage modifier is sitting behind his competitors.

While it is easy for me to say Tametomo will simply get the same NP strengthening that Napoleon did and become competitive with the others, I’m not a Lasengle developer, nor a prophet. That rings doubly true when Servants like Lancer Artoria have not had their NP touched since their release several years ago, at this point, despite theoretically being able to compete as a farmer for their class.

But with that in mind, Tametomo’s primary competition, unlike his fellow SSR released this event, is of a similar price / accessibility barrier to him, so it’s not as much of a blowout as it is to try and compete with Habetrot in the field of Arts farming. If you lack an Archer farming option and have the setup to make him work, Tametomo is more than a worthy addition to your roster, especially since his CQ performance is frankly pretty fun. But with any of his competitors around, you may find it difficult to justify using him over any of them. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


Another event, another gacha, and another month closer to the Summer event.

Somehow I drive my Quartz stash into stasis around this time of year unfailingly, despite the whale I have the potential to be in this game. If anything, I was surprised they managed to fit in a new event around this time of year, when the typical expectation is a Summer rerun + filler in the run-up to Anniversary.

As for what’s awaiting us in the Anniversary this year…we’ll really have to just kick back and watch. More work for me as a humble publishing Magus, that’s for sure. Till next time!

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