MMM - Mandated Magazine, Mirrored Measureless Master of Macrocosmos Makes Meeting (Taisui Xingjun)

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If I publish two MMM’s so quickly back-to-back, people may think I actually have some form of release schedule. But nope, that’s in the hands of Lasengle.

We’ve got a welfare to look at, and as cool as they were to drop in and help us kick Dagon’s ass, we all know the story support versions of Servants can often…deliberately glow them up, shall we say. Let’s see what the truth is.

NA Release Date: 04/2024

Taisui is one of those Servants whose background you read and just think: “Damn, forget authors, our own history has some pretty out-there ideas, especially when it comes to deities and worship.” Creating a series of deities based on a series of stars and considering them a reflection of Jupiter is pretty whack, and Nasuverse makes it even more whack.

Servant Data
Alter Ego
Magic Resistance A

Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.

Item Construction C

Increase debuff chance by 6%.

Divinity A-

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +195).


As the third 4* Alter Ego in the game, and second Welfare of the class, Taisui equally has little to compare their bases to and a lot of competition to live to. Fortunately, it also makes it easy to figure out where he places himself. With the lowest Attack and highest HP of his class and rarity, Taisui is certainly built more defensively, but it’s best to bear in mind Alter Ego stats are high in general - there are countless Servants in other classes with less HP and Attack than Taisui, by quite a big margin.

In any case, the increased bulk isn’t as handy to have as better offense, but he is comparing himself to two Alter Egos with particularly offensive statlines. It was inevitable that his own Attack wouldn’t compare. Still more than workable, however.

So far as passives go, Taisui has a neat handful, but none of particular significance. His A-rank Magic Resistance means he’s hardy against enemy debuffs, and Item Construction provides a minor consistency boost to debuffs of his own, but the only offensive passive he has, Divinity, only provides a minor flat boost to all his card damage, while bringing the Divine tag with all its benefits and flaws.

While he could definitely appreciate having higher Attack, Taisui’s base stats are hardly flawed, there’s just little spice to them.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how good is Taisui as our newest welfare? On one hand, he’s more than a star, he’s a collection of them:

Taisui just makes a damn good farmer. Unlike most Extra class Servants, he can’t really be a universal farmer per se, but the ability to competently farm half the classes in the game as a welfare is very useful to have around. And being a welfare instead of a gacha Servant, Alter Ego’s weakness of being spread too thin to compete with other classes conversely becomes something of a strength. If you invest in him, you essentially have a farmer for 3 classes, instead of the 1 most Servants can handle. While his refund isn’t high enough to make any setup for farming possible, he’s competent enough that he’s flexible in both damage and refund.

For difficult content, Taisui makes an interesting option, if nothing else. His team buffs are neat for consistency in building up his supports’ NP’s, while the nature of his targetable Guts/Debuff Immunity/Buff Removal Res means he could easily drop in as a niche support choice just to preserve someone’s buffs. And as I’ve elaborated earlier, the way the Taisui debuff on his NP works can create some really insane damage stacking in the right kinds of quests. It’s fun to think about, if not very practical.

However, he also may just shine too brightly, just to crash and burn:

Even if lessened by being a welfare, Taisui has his own competition among welfares. Habetrot is pretty much the perfect farmer and limits what Taisui can offer versus Casters, while Sieg tends to claim superiority over Taisui just from his stronger class advantage versus Assassins. The battle for welfare farming versus Riders may be easier for him, but Gray recently got buffs to make her a strong Buster farming option, so even that isn’t a wash. Simply because he has less to compete with, doesn’t mean he’s going to win.

While Taisui’s kit is far from basic, his benefits and flaws can more or less be narrowed down to how he contributes to the farming scene, since realistically that’s what his focus is. Being able to farm a handful of classes effectively is a strong perk of his, even if some existing welfares give him a run for his money.

The bottom line is, Taisui is an effective farmer for both his class and in general, and has tools to provide interesting niches for difficult content, should the time come. Even looking across the welfares out there in the game, few would give as many benefits as Taisui does in a single Servant. Naturally, things may become a little more difficult if you don’t have the Arts support core to back him up, but that doesn’t change that he’s an excellent and investment-efficient welfare option for anybody to pick up and use.

Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.


Much like a reflection of Jupiter, this MMM is like the reflection of the gacha MMM from a short while ago. As such, I’ve completely run my brain out of jokes to make relevant to this event outside of just elephant puns. And we all know that wouldn’t be very phun.

But I suppose we’ll just be going from one big thing to the next. The collab event now, Golden Week in the near future, then likely LB6.5 before this year’s Summer event. Spring-Summer of FGO is always pretty busy. We’ll take it as it comes though. Until next time!

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