MMM - Lascivious лисица Leads Latest Earth-Loop in Light-Lacking Look (New Years 2022)

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With the end of the year passed the horizon, we find ourselves in a new dawn for FGO - changing of the development company to meme on, as well as an ushering into the final chapters of Part 2’s story, sure to involve many a sick skateboard trick from Daybit.

But there yet remains one battle to be resolved - an eternal duality that has plagued humanity since the dawn of its conception. Like Yin and Yang. Sun and Moon. Light and Dark.

Yes, Koyanskaya’s Dark form allows us, in the break of this new year, to put an end to the great question, encapsulated in their final ascension arts:

Tits or Ass?

NA Release Date: 01/2024

Boy, typing Koyanskaya was troublesome enough already, and now I have to specify which I mean when saying it, too?

I could use classes, but that’s just plain boring, so instead I’ll be calling the Foreigner in question Yami Koyanskaya, or Yami when just referring to her in comparison to Koyanskaya of the Light.

Is it weebish? Sure it is. But how else am I going to imagine two Koyanskayas clashing in a Yugioh duel inside a casino to decide which is the real Queen of Foxes?

…Okay, maybe a little too weebish.

Servant Data


Entity of the Outer Realm C

Gain 2 Critical Stars per turn.
Increase your Debuff Resist by 6%.

NFF Service EX

Apply 20% Special ATK [Wild Beast] to self.
Increase own Arts Card effectiveness by 5%.
Increase own Debuff Success Rate by 10%.

Nega-Self C

20% Chance to inflict Nullify Buff (1 time, 3 turns) on [Wild Beast] enemies when attacking.


Among our now-fairly-large SSR Foreigner roster, Yami Koyanskaya is essentially middle-of-the-road in her base stats. With the tied-3rd worst Atk stat and 4th best HP stat of the class and rarity, she sounds like she’s given a bad hand, but it’s more that just Van Gogh-chan has a better statline flat-out, and Foreigners in general have pretty good statlines. Yami Koyanskaya is quite durable in her bases, but pays for it with an average Attack stat, instead of a good one. It’s not the worst deal out there.

In turn, Yami has a handful of passives to look at. First is the Foreigner staple, giving her a poor man’s Fragment of 2030 and a minor boost to her Debuff Resistance. More interesting, however, is her two unique passives:

First is NFF Service EX, granting her a passive 20% Effective damage boost against Wild Beast trait enemies, which as a reminder is essentially any Servant or enemy that is very clearly an animal or based on one (aka, not a mythological creature. Hence why Tamamo, a kitsune, is exempt, but Tamamo Cat, a cat…or a dog? Ugh, in any case, Tamamo Cat counts.) On top of that is a 5% Arts boost, and 10% Debuff Resistance, combining with her Entity of the Outer Realm to make her debuff durability quite decent.
Second of her unique passives is Nega-Self C, a very niche passive that gives her a 20% chance to apply a 1-time, 3-turn Buff denial to Wild Beast trait enemies when she attacks them. I don’t consider it a coincidence they didn’t let us bring this perk against Koyanskaya’s Beast form in Tunguska, since that’d be really nice against her boss self. So while situational, it is a fairly consistent way of denying any buffs on a specific enemy type.

On the whole, Yami Koyanskaya starts off with a curious statline. Not overwhelming anywhere, but the anti-Animal niche her passives pave out is odd and charming, to say the least.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Koyanskaya of Darkness on the whole? On one hand, she can create any possibilities for herself, like magic born from fervent prayers:

Yami Koyanskaya makes for a very potent Buster side-support. Just having a 30% team gauge charge alone is powerful, but adding in her Buster Up buff, targeted NP overcharge buff, and potentially an Attack/Defense boost (some notable benefactors of said buff are Kingprotea, Ibuki, Barghest, her Light self, and Melusine), she can be a potent additional boost to an existing Buster support lineup. In the right circumstances, she may even prove a better option than Merlin or Oberon for supporting your primary damage dealer.

Even when being self-serving, Yami Koyanskaya has a very robust kit. With a fairly good steroid setup from her kit, a consistent engine to produce stars for herself when using Buster cards then hitting reasonably hard with crits boosted by her 3rd skill, and the threat of stacking up both Damage over Time and Buster Resistance Down debuffs, she can really bring the pain. And that’s ignoring how hard she can hit when she’s meeting her reasonably-common effective traits.

While not necessarily the best option for Buster farmers out there, Yami Koyanskaya does function quite well as a universal farmer when hitting either Human or Earth attribute enemies. Or, naturally, Berserkers, but that’s something of a given. Compared to some fellow Foreigner farmers who struggle to meet universal farmer damage benchmarks full stop, she’s in a pretty good position.

However, she’s also on the brink of being sundered and divided, succumbing to the light and being imprisoned on a celestial body:

Much like her Light self, Yami Koyanskaya has essentially zero defensive tools. While that isn’t much of a death sentence using her as an offensive Servant, when trying to apply her as a side-support, the fact Buster has only one card-specific support with good defensive support in Merlin does mean it can be rough to involve her in a composition when you need defensive tools. Her Light self will remain the queen of offensive Buster support, but she too lacks defensive tools, so it’s hard to fit Yami Koyanskaya in when you really need to bring Merlin in.

Yami Koyanskaya makes a very good mirror to her Assassin sister released earlier…uh, last year, and for good reason. While Koyanskaya of the Light felt like a full support who could technically be an offensive menace in a pinch, Yami Koyanskaya feels like an offensive Servant who can pull out a significant sum of team support when you allow it.

Naturally, supports tend to rule FGO’s meta, and being not-as-good a Support as Koyanskaya of the Light is just like saying Yami Koyanskaya isn’t as good as them. Which is about true. But being worse than the brighter Koyanskaya is hardly a death sentence. We can’t overhaul the farming meta of the game that frequently, after all.

The bottom line is, Yami Koyanskaya is a fairly competent farmer when meeting a broad niche, makes for a situationally strong side-support for Buster teams, and can be absolutely devastating in the right challenge quests. You may have to keep an eye on the enemy lineup to spot her opportunities, but she really can demolish if she gets foes who are vulnerable to all of her delicious little quirks and damage bonuses behind Trait requirements. As a Foreigner, you could certainly do worse. You could be Summer Abbie!

…Man, that just makes me feel bad for the eldritch girl. In any case, Yami Koyanskaya is exceedingly good, and flexible in how she can be used. Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation.


If it weren’t obvious enough by my choice of language in this MMM, I’m a poor nerd tempered by FFXIV: Endwalker and for some reason my head decided to vent some of its fanboyism into this specific MMM. I’ve got to choose some kind of literary theme to keep things interesting for myself, after all, if not the readers.

But we’ve got a lot ahead of us in 2022 - 10 (11, depending on who you ask) Servant silhouettes to anticipate in FGO, even more dread for a completed Mahoyo translation (at least the movie will be there if all the translation projects falter once more), and the year that I told myself in 2020 would mark the end of the pandemic.

Woo, end of the pandemic….where? It’s ending, right? Right?

Now I get why my generation are becoming Doomers.

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