MMM - Kabuki Kanojo Kicks Off Klamour, Komrade Knight Keenly Keeping Keel, Konversely, Koppuri's Killer Kinsmen Kowtows to Kill Kludge (GudaGuda 2021)

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Let me tell you, writing alliterations for words beginning with K is pretty hard. It’s worth 5 points in Scrabble for a reason. That’s why I cheated, though avoiding using clansmen or clan in the K variant was like dodging a minefield while coming up with it.

Back on topic, GudaGuda Final 3.1 Last Episode the End of Gudavelion is here, and unsurprisingly GudaGuda Honnouji is immortal. And so, too, is the endless stream of obscure Japanese Servants by the year.

Okay, they’re probably not obscure for the Japanese, but if any western fan claims they don’t use wikipedia to look up some of the Japanese Servants because they know everything about them already, they’re probably lying.

NA Release Date: 11/2023

Izumo no Okuni



Imagine you’re hearing whatever that sound like hitting wood blocks is.

Ah, Kabuki. One of the many Japanese art forms I know the name of but little about unless I’ve specifically watched the SoL anime about it.

Well, if you’ve seen any historical Japanese art you’ve probably seen depictions of Kabuki actors from the 17th and 18th century, they’re rather famous. Oh, and the suit of armor accompanying Okuni, Zanzaburo, is voiced by Mafia Kajita, aka the bald sunglasses guy who often hosts FGO’s streams.

Servant Data


Territory Creation (Kagura) C

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 4%.
Increase your Critical Strength by 4%.

Item Construction (Karakuri) C

Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 4%.
Increase your Critical Strength by 4%.

New Okuni Kabuki EX

Gain 2 Critical Stars per turn.
Increase your Critical Strength by 4%.


Okuni may be a member of the very homogenized SSR Caster stat lineup, but thankfully she’s at least somewhat interesting for her base stats - with the tied 2nd best Atk stat and tied 2nd worst HP stat of her class and rarity, she’s offensively-leaned and typically so, having an objectively weaker statline than Sanzang. But hey, she’s an offensive Caster and actually put in effort to have a high Attack stat, which can’t be said for some other women in her class.

Meanwhile on the passives front, Okuni modifies the typical Caster class passives with her own personal flair - Territory Creation (Kagura), named for the stages uses in Kabuki, provides her with a small Arts and Critical Damage boost apiece, Item Construction (Karakuri), named for the mechanical dolls in Japan which historically influenced Kabuki plays, provides a small boost to Debuff success rate and Critical Damage, also, and lastly New Okuni Kabuki EX is a unique passive, granting 2 critical stars each turn automatically, and further boosting her Critical Damage.

Since there’s nowhere else to really put it, and I should probably note it from now on when Servants have decent Append Skill attack bonuses, Okuni gets an attack boost versus Pretender class enemies from her Append Skill, which is pretty neat if you don’t have a good Foreigner around and want to bully Oberon.

As a result, Okuni comes out of the gate with a decent offensive statline and a notable 12% boost to Critical Damage, which probably gives you an idea of what she’s going to focus on.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Okuni in practice? Well on one hand, she’s set for stardom:

With the way her kit plays out, Okuni has some pretty respectable offensive output for CQ scenarios. Her stargen means she can set herself up for critical damage turns without outside assistance, and it goes without saying double Skadi supporting a Quick-focused offensive Servant enables very high critical damage, then again considering Okuni’s own buffs. Likewise, looping her NP over and over is fairly easy to set up, even if she can be fairly dependent on card luck to get the optimal damage output.

It may not exactly be blatant, but Okuni has some decent utility/supportive points to her. The star bomb and skill cooldown reduction on her 3rd skill can be used to someone else’s benefit, as her Caster star weight normally means she doesn’t take up stars easily, and simply having access to a defensive tool in her Evasion buff means she isn’t demanding defensive team support when it’s needed.

On the other hand, she’s just some shrine maiden dancing barefoot in a river:

Being a Caster is suffering. With both the relatively low base attack and 0.9x attack modifier of her class on top of Okuni’s already pretty poor offensive boosts, her damage output really isn’t up to snuff, especially when contrasted with other critical-focused ST damage dealers such as Kama. The issue of her only having Quick boosters for damage buffs can be resolved somewhat by CE choice and Skadi, but ultimately she’s still a leg down when contrasted with competitors.

Even when you break it down, Okuni has rough competition as a critical-focused Servant in general. Her 1-turn focus and damage buff really isn’t good enough when there are Servants like Kagekiyo walking around with 100% critical damage for 3 turns on top of a host of more modifiers and a vastly superior attack stat. She has strong damage output relative to the Caster class, but then she’s still competing with the rest of the Servant roster.

As a ST Servant without the refund necessary to eke out a farming niche and no outstanding supportive tools, Okuni isn’t exactly versatile, either. Her primary use will be in difficult content, and even then the points she will be ideal are limited to hitting her effective trait and specifically tackling Assassins when maybe a Berserker is too frail.

While having a Servant that is functionally Nagatoro-san and Mafia Kajita clowning on your opponents mid-battle is a hilarious concept, Okuni sadly doesn’t really do her own niche well enough, then again apply it to a broad enough range of content for her to be of use.

That doesn’t mean she’s dysfunctional, though. Okuni in a double Skadi setup can still lay down some serious punishment in CQ’s, it’s just she’s unlikely to be an optimal choice, even if you’re assuming the owner of said Okuni is in F2P hell and literally only has welfares and sporadic SR’s to work with. Atalante Alter is a strong competitor to her, for example, boasting more versatility and damage output in exchange for a lack of a gauge charger and frailty.

There’s also the novelty factor for what it’s worth - until now there’s been no “ideal” Caster to take for a quest if you wanted to support them with Skadi, which is an issue I’m pretty sure nobody has ever had. But with that in mind, Okuni’s performance as a Servant is ultimately just that - a Performance.

Mysterious Ranmaru X


Ah, Servantverse. How you never fail to amuse me in your absurd setups for characters. Ordinary Mori Ranmaru too boring? Just make them a chuuni with inherent laser beam powers and their background a battle royale between other Ranmarus where the winner gains the composite souls of all the others and becomes Mysterious Ranmaru X.

And people say normal Nasuverse lore is complex.

Servant Data


Max HP 10,241
HP Rank
Max ATK 9,872
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,645Base HP1,638
Max Atk 9,872 Max HP 10,241
Grail Atk 11,953 Grail HP 12,417
Avenger C

Increase the amount of NP you gain when damaged by 16%.
Decrease Debuff Resist for all allies (including sub-members)
except yourself by 6%. [Demerit]

Oblivion Correction E

Increase your Critical Strength by 2%.

Ranmanium EX

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 3%.
Increase NP Gauge each turn by 3% for yourself.

Entity of the Outer Realm D

Gain 2 Critical Stars per turn.
Increase your Debuff Resist by 4%.

Magic Resistance C

Increase your Debuff Resist by 15%.

Demon King's Affection EX

Grants self immunity to Burn.


Considering the age of the class, it’s weird that there’s only been 2 SR Avengers until this point, 3 with Ranmaru’s inclusion. As such, comparing the base stats can be a little rough.

Anyway, in terms of base stats Ranmaru has the worst Attack and best HP of their class and rarity, clearly designating them as a more defensively oriented Avenger in statline. In actuality, it just means they’re worse than the others - the difference in HP between them and Lobos / Gorgon is only 100-200 points, but the Attack gap is a more significant 800-900 points, which is exacerbated by the Avenger attack stat modifier of 1.1x.

So while I will make the disclaimer that Avenger statlines are inherently good anyway since they get a large sum of attack for their rarity in exchange for a mostly negligible loss in HP compared to other classes, Ranmaru definitely gets a worse deal than the others.

Like most Avengers, however, they do have a cracked passive lineup. Avenger and Oblivion Correction are both present as usual, providing Ranmaru with even more defensive NP gain and a minute boost to their Critical Damage, meanwhile Ranmaru packs another four passives:

  • Ranmanium EX acts as a replacement for Self-Replenishment (Magical Energy), granting them 3% NP gauge each turn and a tiny 3% Arts booster passively.
  • Entity of the Outer Realm is here because...aliens? In any case, extra debuff resistance and 2 stars per turn is neat.
  • Magic Resistance at C rank provides Ranmaru with another contribution to their debuff resistance, making them fairly durable to debuffs on the whole.
  • And lastly, Demon King’s Affection provides them an immunity to Burn, effectively stealing a niche from Summer BB. How dastardly.

And just quickly touching on Append Skills, Ranmaru only has anti-Caster attack bonus for their Append Skill, so nothing too exceptional to note there.

So Ranmaru may be gimped on their base Attack, they compensate for it quite nicely with a packed Passive lineup.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how good is Ranmaru in practice? On one hand, they’re a true champion to Ranmaru-kind:

Ranmaru, as you would hope, makes for a very strong welfare universal farmer. They can manage a multitude of setups for a 3-turn loop, and can only possibly have trouble with damage output if you lack a Black Grail. While the welfare farmer niche isn’t exactly as barren as it had once been with Habetrot being something of an ultra-welfare that isn’t locked to a time-limited event, and Sieg has been a pretty powerful farming choice ever since Castoria hit the game, having more class options is hardly a bad thing.

Ranmaru doesn’t make the worst AOE damage option in CQ’s out there. They can capitalize on the Avenger class’s good offensive potential with both their NP’s high stargen and low-cooldown crit skill, while also having decent utility to bring to the table from their debuff cleanse, AOE Charm, and defense-piercing NP. And I suppose that Burn immunity may come in handy somewhere down the line, too.

However, they’re also wrapped up in their own delusions, don’t let that eyepatch fool you:

While I might’ve framed it as insignificant, it is true that Ranmaru doesn’t exactly stand out as a farmer. She’s certainly a capable one, but “Capable of consistent 3-turn loops in Castoria battlesuit setups and needs Black Grail to meet damage benchmarks” describes most Arts farmers in the game, and the only real distinguishing trait Ranmaru has is their lack of a common class weakness, and welfare status. And even that isn’t too unique, with Habetrot largely covering the same ground, and Salieri being a fellow Arts Avenger that puts in very comparable performance in farming setups (Salieri has better refund, Ranmaru has better damage output and easier access to Mana Loading, that’s their main distinction). So it’s entirely plausible that Ranmaru won’t stand out compared to your existing farming lineup, especially if you have big names like Space Ishtar in it.

As much as I might curse the heavens when a Servant with goddawful regular card NP gain is added, I am forced to admit that it doesn’t matter much at all.

Ranmaru has a kit that is cleanly focused on being a competent farmer with some bonus fun tools to use in CQ’s or Story, and they manage that role pretty superbly. While they don’t have anything truly absurd or unique to stand out even when compared to some other welfare farming options out there, Ranmaru is a true universal farmer, and has enough performance and versatility to go with it that you won’t really be disappointed with them. It’s just that, in most cases, Ranmaru isn’t going to offer you more than what Habetrot does, while both are practically identically story-locked.

Rath™ Seal of Approval.


So, it may not have been the most exciting, but that’s all the Servants for this GudaGuda event do-

Hm? Oho! It appears that may not be all in store for us. While that does mean more work for me, I’m not going to say “no” to an event that shakes up the one-rateup formula. What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s just say Okuni having anti-Pretender Attack Up for her Append Skill isn’t a coincidence...

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