MMM - Intrepid Treasure-Trouvers Traverse Trecherous Tropics, Tailed by Tarrasque and Thaumaturgic Tag-Alongs (Summer 2021 Part 1 Gacha)

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Article by GamepressRath
MMM Summer 6 Pt1

The Modern Magus Magazine

Boy, does it really settle in how big LB6 was when it caused this year’s Summer event to get delayed into Autumn. But hey, we got a seasonal event this year in Autumn to replace Halloween, aren’t you all happy?

In any case, this event features many new additions fans of the game have demanded for ages - More freedom to customize your support lineup, lootboxes, and giving Blackbeard an extra pair of abs. There’s something for everyone!

Summer Adventure 1
NA Release Date: 09/2023

Okita Souji (Saber Alter)


Boy is Rengoku (Okitan’s sword, and the shota accompanying her) adorable. And putting that aside, her NP is so.. Visceral.

I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan personally of any of the Servants in this first gacha, but Okitan is definitely my favourite of the bunch. But the thing I fear most is when Musashi Swimsuit catches wind of Okitan’s new form and we’ll have the greatest showdown over a shota.

...and maybe Musashi’s NP Seal on Sabers will actually be relevant for once.

Servant Data


Max HP 13,635
HP Rank
Max ATK 12,465
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,926Base HP1,999
Max Atk 12,465 Max HP 13,635
Grail Atk 13,645 Grail HP 14,938
Magic Resistance A

Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.

Independent Action A

Increase your Critical Strength by 10%.


Okita Alter’s Saber form accomplishes the feat of entirely outclassing her original form in base stats, possessing the tied 2nd best atk of any 5* Saber, but having slightly sub-par HP in return.

Though I say that, it’s slightly hard to judge, as Arthur, Sigurd, and Altera all have kind of absurd stattlines that might be throwing the average off. In any case, her base attack is great for a Saber, and her HP is typical, though not impressive either way.

Breaking the rules (that honestly, should be the exception) of SSR Summer Servants, Okitan’s Saber self doesn’t have anything too overwhelming in her passive lineup. Her A-rank Magic Resistance is welcome to aid her resilience, and likewise her A-rank Independent Action bolsters her critical damage a little, something that she’s bound to appreciate as a Quick-focused Saber.

On the whole, she’s built incredibly solidly, but has nothing outstanding to keep your eyes on thus far.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So, how is Okita Alter’s Swimsuit form?

On one hand, I can’t name a more iconic duo than her and Rengoku:

So far as Quick farmers go in the present meta, Okitan hits a pretty vital niche in terms of class. The Saber options for farming until recently in general have been pretty poor, with Muramasa being the only good option until Koyanskaya’s release, and now plenty are strong options. But for Quick specifically, Okitan ensures we won’t have to suffer with Lakshmi as the main “technically viable” option any longer. She does passable damage, and her refund is great. That’s more than enough.

Okitan is a solid performer for CQ content in Quick teams. With her critical-focused buffs built into her kit and superb stargen (including an absolute star-nuke from her NP which I failed to mention till now), Okitan only really needs Skadi’s huge Quick card crit buff to crush bosses offensively, and Skadi can easily oblige. Her NP’s defensive buff removal is also handy for difficult content, as is her hit-based Invincible buff.

But on the other hand, she and her blade are a duo destined for disaster:

As much as Okitan is a good Quick farmer, that still makes her a mediocre farmer compared to the performances of the big names in the new Koyanskaya/Oberon farming meta. She can’t consistently meet damage benchmarks without class advantage, while universal farmers like Space Ishtar and Melusine are out-damaging her even when she has class advantage. While it’s true Okitan’s farming setups will require fewer actions than the ones involving double Koyanskaya and Oberon switch-in, the point stands that she’ll never be capable of the same feats without a new Quick support.

The bullet points are pretty concise this time around, but it’s mostly because Okitan is a very focused Servant. She’s very clearly built entirely toward farming, with a slight side-focus on Challenge Quests should you feel up for it.

Her downfall just entirely falls in how the standard for farming has risen immensely in the recent months, meaning being a capable farmer for your class advantage isn’t really a huge sell anymore. Why load up on 7 different Quick farmers and Skadi when 1 farmer, Koyanskaya, and Oberon does the trick, while also requiring far less fuss and refund calculations?

To be clear, this doesn’t mean Okitan’s Saber form isn’t good. On the contrary, she’s one of the best Quick farmers available in the game - it’s just that isn’t a very high standard any more. She’s more than serviceable for her main purpose, and makes a side-option for CQ’s to keep your eye on, but the waves she makes are less than they would be years ago, or even just after Muramasa’s release. Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Anastasia & Viy (Archer)


I don’t think anyone doubted for a second that DW would invite Kadoc to a livestream and not include Anastasia’s Summer form in it.

And boy is that art gorgeous. It’s enough to make a man cry. I also find it funny they felt the need to specifically list Viy in her Servant name for this form.

Servant Data


Independent Action (With Viy) EX

Increase your Critical Strength by 10%.
Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 10%.

Fae Contract B+

Increase own Debuff Resistance by 9.5%.
Increase own Debuff Success Rate by 9.5%.


So far as her base stats go, Anastasia is a prime case of an offensively-focused SR Archer being overshadowed by the juiced-up competitors in the same class tier. With the 9th best Attack stat of her rarity, she’s moderately good offensively, but is relatively poor on the HP front, with the 7th worst HP stat.

While she doesn’t particularly stand out on that front, her Passives are more notable - Independent Action (With Viy) is a pseudo-unique passive that gives her both the typical critical damage boost of Independent Action and a minor boost to her stargen, meanwhile Fae Contract gives her a solid boost to her Debuff Application Rate and Resistance.

Anastasia doesn’t boast anything overwhelming in her bases with everything in consideration, but she’s not particularly gimped in any area, either.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Anastasia’s Summer form overall? On one hand, she’s one cool cucumber:

So far as Arts crit Archers go, Anastasia is a solid competitor. The only true competition is Chiron, who being wholly fair is a very good SR Servant in his own right, and I can’t exactly call one explicitly better than the other. She has all the tools necessary to function as a critical damage dealer even if her support options help in no way (looking at you, Castoria), on top of being very self-sufficient defensively. She may lack the sheer punch other critical damage dealers can output, but she plays to Arts’ specialty of consistency quite nicely, so I can let it pass.

Anastasia is just generally very...robust? Having a 50% gauge charger is a 1-way ticket to reliability, whether for those rare single-target farming nodes or in difficult content, and her near-permanent critical damage buffs, Sure Hit, and ability to ignore Buff Removal are all superb perks to have in her back pocket.

However, she’s also not hot enough to match her tanned competition:

Unfortunately for Anastasia, she’s fighting for a niche that a welfare already has cornered pretty handedly. Kuro out-damages Anastasia’s own NP, has similar capability for Arts ST NP spam, also has a 50% gauge charger, and most importantly is free so long as you ever caught her event. That free NP5 is just that crazy. When there’s realistically little practical advantage to one over the other, you may as well take the one which won’t cost you Quartz to obtain.

Just on principle, there’s nothing wrong with Anastasia - she has an incredibly competent, and for lack of diversifying my vocabulary more, robust kit that can tackle a diverse range of content decently, but she steps on the toes of an existing welfare’s niche a little too hard, which can ultimately be a death sentence for viability in real terms. It’s like if an SSR Shielder was released who functionally didn’t do more than Mashu.

I know that may not be an apt comparison as Mashu is absolutely available to all, while Kuro is only theoretically available to all, which is why I naturally want to put this here for anyone just scrolling straight to the conclusion - Summer Anastasia is more than worthwhile for an Arts Archer if you don’t have Kuro, I’m just assuming a large chunk of the playerbase does.

That’s all, really. Feel free to roll for her if you love Anastasia or don’t have her niche filled, but in most circumstances she won’t provide anything worth the Quartz cost. Or I’m severely overestimating how many modern FGO players have Kuro. Either works.

Charlotte Corday (Caster)


Rounding up our gacha this time is a lady whose first trick is living in a 2D plane!

Now I’ll admit it’s rather cruel to mock art, but I still kind of like the cute simplicity of Corday’s art. It just looks funny juxtaposed against the very detailed and dynamic poses of the other 2 girls in this gacha. And on the plus side, Corday getting a swimsuit form was so out of left field I don’t think anyone anticipated it. She’ll make a fun-looking duo with Amakusa’s Phantom Thief outfit, at the very least.

Servant Data


Max HP 11,882
HP Rank
Max ATK 8,417
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,402Base HP1,901
Max Atk 8,417 Max HP 11,882
Grail Atk 10,191 Grail HP 14,407
Magic Show Field EX

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 5%.
Increase your Arts Card Critical Strength by 10%.

Magic Goods Creator C+

Increase your Debuff Success Rate by 6%.
Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 10%.


I can’t really make fun of her for this, considering Corday’s entire deal is being a statistically weak Servant with nigh-perfect Presence Concealment, but Corday’s base stats are pretty abysmal, even for a Caster.

With the 5th worst Attack and 10th best HP for a Caster of her rarity, Corday is hardly impressive on the offensive side of things, and gets barely any compensation in return. Such is just the life of a Caster with an offensive kit, but it still presents a hurdle which impacts her performance.

She gets a better hand dealt for her passives, however. Magic Show Field is her unique replacement for Territory Creation, providing both a minute 5% boost to her Arts cards and a more notable increase to her Arts critical damage, while Magic Goods Creator is the counterpart for Item Creation, providing a minute boost to her Debuff Application Rate and Star Generation.

While it’s debatable whether she’d be better off with full-power versions of the original Caster class skills, there’s no doubt those two crit-focused boosts help her retain her Assassin identity even in a different class.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Corday’s tricky summer form in reality? Well on one hand, she’s pulling every trick in the book out of her hat:

Corday somehow manages to make a competent ST Arts option in spite of her very...set back statline. While she is dependent on slapping Skill Seal on her target for her biggest damage output, which can only be done once on demand, the damage when she does is more than enough to be sufficient with the support of Castoria and class advantage. And in CQ scenarios, her Confusion debuff can assist in keeping up that special damage amplifier, even if it will do so inconsistently. The bottom line is, her refund and damage output is good enough to make it work.

For farming purposes, Corday is also in a good spot. Her 60% gauge charger is a huge boon to her, when the ST Caster farming competition amounts to...Circe. Wait, Circe is actually unironically a serious competitor with double Konyanskaya now. Yeesh, that’s hard to beat - she can consistently do triple NP’s at a decent damage output with double Konyanskaya and Atlas Academy Mystic Code. Okay, so maybe she isn’t super competitive, but she’s still the premier option for Arts, and it doesn’t take too much effort to have her 3-turn loop provided her damage meets the benchmark.

As usual, I have to provide a shoutout to important team support when I see it in an offense-focused Servant. Corday’s team Evasion may be the most budget hard defensive option out there, but it is one nonetheless. It’s hard to imagine it coming in handy when you have 2 Castoria likely plastered to her at all times, but who knows what could happen? It still negates 1 attack for each Servant on the turn, even if not used on a NP.

However, she’s also all smoke and mirrors:

Her kit’s dependency on Skill Seal for decent damage output is a serious hamper to her viability in some cases. If an enemy is flat-out debuff immune or just has a good enough passive resistance, like, let’s say, Kama, then Corday loses an immense part of her NP’s damage. And with only one on-demand source of the debuff in her own kit, she can’t do her NP’s respectable damage output every wave.

Even with Corday’s Caster competition out of the way, she also has to contend with other ST farming options, and she kind of comes up short. While Galatea and Vlad III are the big names for universal ST farming, even welfare options like Hokusai Saber are competitive with her damage output, and boast better looping potential on the whole. Such is the reality of being a Caster - your attack stat largely mitigates the benefits of class advantage. And that’s ignoring that Sanzang and Ilya are now big names for consistent ST farming in Koyanskaya / Oberon setups. Things are rough, in other words.

In conclusion, while Corday is a pretty good example from DW of how to make a Servant focus on a gimmick but still make them somewhat competitive in spite of it, she sadly doesn’t really push out enough power in the present meta to make herself a premier option as a ST Arts looper. While she can push out the damage and refund necessary to function, she can meet consistency problems and simply requires more effort than other options out there.

And really, the true shame is she’d be a lot more usable if her kit’s focus debuff were anything but Skill Seal. Even Curse, Burn, or Poison effectively can contribute to a NP turn’s damage output if they’re big enough numbers, then again actually notable debuffs in CQ scenarios like NP Seal, stat debuffs, or Stun. Meanwhile the small part of her kit trying to make her a critical damage dealer doesn’t really go anywhere, just leaving the girl in an awkward spot.

...At least she’s a targeted 30% gauge charge option if you really need one of those?


There you have it folks, the first half of the year’s most compressed Servant delivery. In true procrastinator fashion, I’m leaving Da Vinci’s welfare form for the 2nd gacha MMM because Future Rath might be more motivated to deal with her.

Now I’m not someone to use the phrase often, but “bait” is certainly a good descriptor for how I feel about this Part’s gacha. So far as characters go, the 3 remaining are much more tempting to me, and as you’ve probably learnt from my evaluations, there’s nothing nuts to go over gameplay-wise, either.

So let’s wait and see...

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