MMM - Fanciful Fae Form Fantastical Fens Filled Frivilously Full of Falsified Fighters (LB6 Part 1 Gacha)

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Article by GamepressRath
MMM Lostbelt 6 P1

The Modern Magus Magazine

Picture it - a land isolated from the remainder of the world, inhabited by fantastical and terrifying creatures, driven toward chaos and annihilation due to the whims of its ruler - seated on their throne due to a contradiction that shouldn’t exist in this world, while a small few fight their hardest to undo the calamity encroaching on the land. The British Isles have much to fear. Lost Belt? Tree of Fantasy? I’m talking about the UK under Brexit.

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NA Release Date: 06/2023



Mordred’s mom has got it goin’ on...but honestly might as well say her dad has got it goin’ on, since sameface is practically a genetic disease.

And a Berserker, huh. It’d be hard to tell with how dispassionate she is, but her “step on me” energy is too great for me to doubt it. Also a navel tattoo. Hits all the buttons.

Servant Data


Madness Enhancement B

Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 8%.

Magic Resistance A

Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.

Item Construction EX

Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 12%.

Territory Creation B

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 8%.

Fae Eyes A

Increase your Critical Chance Resist by 20%


Morgan leaps into the SSR Berserker lineup with a statline reaching a range that hasn’t really been explored much for Berserkers of her rarity- somewhat in line with Hijikata’s. Bearing the 4th best attack stat and 5th worst HP stat, she isn’t a huge outlier on her BST, but she definitely leans the direction a Berserker (or at least, ones not named Nightingale) want to go. More than enough attack to provide competitive offense, for sure.

On the passive side of things, Morgan boasts an impressive lineup of 5 - Madness Enhancement, Magic Resistance, Item Creation, Territory Creation, and a new passive in Fae Gaze, giving her 20% passive critical resistance. Whew, might as well call it “Critical immunity except versus lucky Assassins and Spriggans”. Without buffs, most enemy critical rates won’t get over 20%, essentially making Morgan immune to crits. Naturally, that’s a very good perk to have on a Berserker.

The other passives aren’t to be overlooked either. Her Madness Enhancement and Territory Creation grant her 8% and 12% bonuses respectively to her primary card types, while Magic Resistance furthers her passive durability, and lastly Item Creation ensures the debuffs in her (admittedly, very debuff heavy kit) will land consistently.

Frankly it’s hard to imagine a better setup for your basic stats, outside of throwing Cu Alter’s statline on her.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Morgan on the whole? On one hand, she’s weaved up a web of machinations to place herself on top:

Morgan blows out existing Berserker AOE options pretty hard. The non-Summer Musashi ones, at least. Regardless of whether Arjuna Alter can do better damage per-NP, or if Raiko has a deadlier 1-turn crit burst, in present meta 3-turn loop farming is the most important point, and Morgan manages it fine. Her limitation to Battlesuit swap gauge charge setups doesn’t make her the best option out there, especially since her selection of offensive boosts from said gauge charge Servants are limited (curse you, Merlin, and your one flaw!), but being a poor, consistent universal farmer is still a consistent universal farmer.

For CQ content Morgan has a lot to offer. Without having the worry of the defense down part of her Charisma fading from clearing a wave, Morgan has pretty vicious offense on her regular cards, having similar crit damage output to Raiko, except her buffs last for a full 3 turns instead of Raiko’s 1 turn (assuming you blow all her critical damage boosts on a single chain). That’s not even factoring in the situational benefits of her NP’s effective damage boosts, opening room for some very impactful Brave chains on the right bosses that may or may not appear in LB6. I mean, there can’t *not* be faeries or Knights of the Round there, right?

Morgan comes packing with a good sum of support, even if it mostly helps herself. Her 20% gauge charger is targetable, her hefty damage boost from Charisma helps the whole team, her NP has a formidable benefit that bolsters the biggest support NP’s in the game, and her sole defensive tool also conveys its benefits to the party. There will sometimes be cases where fights are decided on how long your supports can manage, rather than how vicious your damage output is, and Morgan can lend to those fights quite nicely.

However, she’s also a liar, a fraud, a cheat, and she doesn’t have that sexy veil from Apocrypha that made her feel so much more seductive (I’m desperate for it, sue me):

Morgan’s mediocre damage output when not hitting effective damage is sure to bite her. For daily quest farming and most free quests she can likely manage, but the requirements for events are vicious, especially when lacking damage bonus (whether by being an event Servant or CE’s), and Morgan certainly won’t make the cut in those cases. As a result, her farming ability is relatively limited.

Beating a dead horse here, but Buster isn’t the greatest in the present meta. Her good support options specific to her card type are limited to Merlin, and he can’t assist her in farming situations, making building around Morgan somewhat awkward. While in comparison, an Arts Berserker like Musashi can make good CQ and Farming setups from a pool of 6 or so Arts supports, on top of outclassing Morgan in a number of conventional metrics.

Morgan ultimately for me feels like that underdog protagonist in an anime who won’t ever beat the main antagonist in the fight, but might show up in a major moment to prevent said antagonist from dealing a fatal blow, or take out a henchmen who’s been proven to be a serious threat until that point. The main protagonist being Casturia, of course.

She has a lot of very good points to her name, but her focus on Buster cards severely hampers how effectively she can be used in the present meta. Like, even if her NP had no refund whatsoever she’d still be in a much better position from utilizing Casturia’s Arts booster for damage instead of coasting on double Reines in farming. But thankfully, her versatile team support options and effective damage niche being relatively common means she can have her time to shine every now and then, and she’s likely to be one of the better CQ options out there for an AOE Servant who needs some hefty single-target damage via crits. Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Barghest (Fae Knight Gawain)


Ah yes, one of the many minions of the Demon God Heca- ah wait, wrong series.

I hope you’re all enjoying the Nasuverse primer into fairy creatures, though I suppose there was already some of that in the series with Fou being called Cath Pulag. The only thing you need to know about Barghests is that they’re good doggos.

And that this Servant was born because Gawain wished to have a huge pair of honkers in arm’s reach on a monkey’s paw.

Servant Data


Magic Resistance C

Increase your Debuff Resist by 15%.

Madness Enhancement A+

Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 11%.


So far as Sabers of her rarity go, Barghest is a chunky girl. Boasting the 3rd highest HP total and 4th Worst attack (though Lily is kind of forming an outlier there), she joins the Siegfried club of being absurdly durable for no good reason. So while going by just her bases she can eat an extra hit or two compared to more aggressive Sabers, Barghest isn’t going to pulling out particularly dangerous offense from the get-go.

Barghest’s passives do a decent job to mitigate that, though. Her Magic Resistance is relatively poor for a Saber, though still appreciated, and her A+ Madness Enhancement provides a notable boost to her primary card type since, shocker, someone calling themselves Gawain is a Buster Gorilla.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how’s Barghest in practice? On one hand, she’s a good girl who needs copious headpats, rather than wherever else you want to put your hands:

Barghest is pretty hard to take down, provided she has support to protect from NP’s. The healing (and flat damage, I suppose) from Wild Rule combined with her technically-healing off her NP and team damage cut allows her to make mockery of regular card damage, while constantly replenishing her HP pool.

Barghest makes pretty effective support for her own supports, with her damage cut and NP gauge charging providing greatly-appreciated defense and faster NP deployment for her chosen support crew. And that, in turn, boosts Barghest’s own performance.

The ability Bargest has to constantly reduce her own skill cooldowns and loop the powerful effects of her skills on repeat makes her offensive prowess much more impressive than at first glance. She has the chance to double-stack some of her offensive buffs, and put her damage cut skill on a much shorter rotation than the cooldown would suggest. It’s largely a gimmick, since the offensive payoff isn’t great, but it is really fun to mess with.

But on the other hand, she really needs to reconsider her choice of dress before FGO gets R-rated:

Barghest’s offensive might isn’t very impressive, even with the shenanigans off her skill cd reduction factored in. Her class advantage only acts as a mitigating factor to the low damage output of her NP, and the same goes for running Double Merlin with her. While she can pack pretty fearsome Buster Brave chains to compensate for it, the bottom line is there are plenty of other AOE Sabers, even Buster ones like Suzuka, who hit harder while also having more devastating chain damage.

Sigh ...obligatory Buster Servant demerit. There are options out there who deal more damage with easier looping and synergize with a wider range of largely better supports. It’s the same deal as with Morgan. Unlike Morgan, it’s not so bad as Barghest is entirely unsuited for farming, so she can just rock with Merlins in CQ’s and enjoy herself, but she’s still washed out entirely by Muramasa or any Berserker/Avenger AOE servant built for looping.

It’s funny how even with similar thematics, I can have a drastically different opinion between OG Gawain and his fairy equivalent. Barghest simply has a fun bag of tricks at her disposal, and an interesting gimmick that will make her exciting to pull out in CQ’s or for casual content just as a fun choice, while Gawain just gives me depression while pondering if DW will ever throw CQ’s where DoT damage is supreme any time soon. No, the years-old crab CQ doesn’t count.

In any case, Barghest is an AOE Saber who largely trades off offensive might for team support and incredible durability, and it mostly works out. She’s not going to be a premier pick for most situations calling her class type, but just her ability to hyper-charge a pair of Merlins into overtime alone is crazy enough to pull her up into the niche of “use her if you like having a fun time”.

...get your minds out of the gutter. Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Baobhan Sith (Fae Knight Tristan)


As much as I like the folklore, this name doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as Barghest, and just calling her Sith overlaps with other faeries like Cait Sith, or Star Wars. And I’m not brave enough for politics. So Babbie it is.

Might as well get it out now, blood-sucking or not, supposedly horrifying or not, anything with Tristan’s name on it is my jam. I love the dude.

Servant Data


Magic Resistance EX

Increase your Debuff Resist by 25%.

Riding A

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 10%.

Territory Creation A

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 10%.


For her statline, Babbie has a middle-of-the-road attack stat paired with a high stat total in general, placing her 10th best (or 9th worst, your pick) attack but 6th best HP of the 4* Archers. Meaning she has a pretty solid balance between bulk and offensive might.

As per usual with the Faeries thus far, she gets a good hand in the passive department. EX rank Magic Resistance is one big draw, making her very resistant to debuffs, but paired with A rank Riding and Territory Creation she has a notable boost to both her primary card types off the bat.

Nothing crazy, but she’s definitely got a great baseline to work with.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So, how is our faker Vampiress? On one hand, she’s bloody great:

Having powerful defensive options on offensively-oriented Servants is rare, and anyone with Babbie’s ability to guard the entire team and herself from an AOE NP is great to have around. Paired with her NP Seal and NP drain on her skills, she provides a good sum of defensive support to her team without specializing too hard into it.

With the intensely powerful curse amplifier off her NP and at least some capability to land successive NP’s, Babbie can rip out some pretty nasty DoT damage in CQ scenarios with little effort. If you successfully set her up for multiple NP’s with the NP chain Overcharge’ll really begin to hurt.

However, she also kind of sucks:

Despite her excellent gauge chargers, Babbie fails to pull out sufficient NP refund to be a proper NP spamming ST Servant, nor the single NP damage output to be a solid option for a disposable ST NP option in cases where you need it for farming or just a big initial turn in a CQ. As a result she’s in a weird limbo of usefulness despite having a pretty great gauge charger combo on paper.

Apologies if the bullet points seem few this time, but really Babbie can be surmised fairly easily. She has some scary damage output when she manages to NP successively over time, but she can struggle to NP more than twice in a row, while her skillset is most notable for packing defensive and stall options which in turn doesn’t make her the best offensive option for a 4* Archer.

Not to say she’s bad in any real sense. After all, I would call Tristan good, and they have fairly similar end results in their kits. It’s just there’s room for Babbie to be an incredibly dangerous DoT-building ST Servant, and instead it’s more like she has a bonus sting on her back-to-back NP with a long recharge time. If she were in a better NP gain situation (or, really, just made Arts instead, but I won’t go down that path) she would have the room to be really incredible, but instead she’s largely an average, more than usable Quick ST Servant with a few rare advantages which make her worth considering if you lack a similar Servant already.

But if you have Tristan, Fujino, Ashwatthama, EMIYA Alter, the listgoes on, then there’s likely not gonna be a gameplay reason to use Baobhan Sith in their stead outside of for the fun of it. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


I was tempted to make this a continuation of the opening joke, but at that point I’d be asking for one of my countrymen to hunt me down and shank me. Not everyone enjoys living in a Lostbelt, and this Bri’ish one will likely have real consequences for the future.

And I said I wasn’t brave enough for politics.

In any case, this Lostbelt (the actual one) is far from over, and I’ll have more Knights-turned-Fae (or Fae-turned-Knights?) to cover in the future. And the smollest girl alive trying to make support Riders a thing, if Reines hadn’t kind of done that already. Fun, fun, fun.

It makes a good thing too, that I can follow the story of a world where the history went to shit because a Dragon refused to leave, instead of reality where I feel my world’s falling apart because a Dragon is leaving.


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