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Boy, the gap from New Year to early spring where DW Lasengle suddenly realize they have to add new Servants in the lead-up to Golden Week sure makes for a nice holiday from the writing of modern magazines of the magus variety.

And despite that, I still procrastinated this thing all week, yay!

Okay to be fair, I was kind of holding out on the hope that the Welfare would be revealed in the earlier story updates, but it seems like they’re going to be a complete Irisviel case and only be added at the end of the event story. Phooey.

In any case, I may as well focus on the Servants before me.

Trung Sisters Banner
NA Release Date: 04/2024

Go on, get all your Pokemon jokes out of your system now. I’ll wait, even if I’m not a big Donphan of them.

…Oh no, it’s infected me, too.

Servant Data
Magic Resistance B

Increase your Debuff Resist by 17.5%.

Riding B

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 8%.

Divinity C

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +150).


If there’s anything that makes assessing an SSR Saber, it’s the sheer number of other Servants you need to compare them to. As much as we may love joking about all the variants of Saberface and just the class in general, it makes sorting through their numbers pretty difficult.

But with that in mind, the Trung Sisters’ base stats are still pretty much middle-of-the-road. With the 8th best Atk stat of their class and rarity, paired with the 8th best HP stat as well, they literally landed dead on average for both scores. Okay, slightly above dead-on average, since the number of SSR Sabers in the game is now even, but you get the jist. Their Attack is right where you would expect for how big their HP is, and vice versa, giving them a pretty respectable balance of bulk and offense.

Of course, offense is typically always better, but I’ve got to put some respect on that extra chunk of 1-1.5k HP.

The Trung Sisters’ passives, meanwhile, are far from few, but not interesting, either. B-rank Magic Resistance and Riding are typical of their class, granting a good chance of shrugging off debuffs, and bolstering their sole Quick card by a decent amount, meanwhile Divinity C (Wait, since when were these girls demigods? I’ve glanced over their wikipedia article once, I should know!) provides a small boost to card damage and a whole host of weaknesses / synergies.

Simply put, they’re not lacking in any area generally, but there’s nothing to wow me in their baseline.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So, how are the Trung Sisters in practice? On one hand, they can turn up their trunks in pride:

For an Arts ST Servant, the Trung Sisters have some of the best refund out there. With a very good sum of Arts boosts and NP gain boosts, as well as their own gauge charger, the duo can continually NP spam very dependably, as well as be more flexible with CE options compared to competitors without gauge chargers. With 3-turn buffs across the board, reasonably low skill cooldowns, and ramping NP damage, they have a lot going for them in CQ’s, even if their damage isn’t their selling point.

The Trung Sisters are one of those pseudo-supportive damage dealers who, while competent at their job, also provide a number of team benefits in the process. Their offensive buffs are mostly also team-wide, providing notable boosts to Arts cards and NP gain to their allies, as well as providing some long-term defensive aid in their Critical Resistance buff and HP regen, the latter of which will be frequently re-applied.

However, they also have some flaws that they can, sadly, never forget:

Damage output is the pillar to every offensive Servant, and sometimes no number of neat supportive perks can hide it when you’re behind the curve offensively. Hokusai Saber, via welfare privilege, massively out-damages the Trung Sisters, Dioscuri, while lacking in similar supportive tools, has the perk of Invincible/Defense pierce, as well as a similar amount of refund when they get rolling, and the Arts Berserkers of Galatea and Vlad simply outdo them in class advantage. That’s also ignoring that some of their competitors also have stargen/critical niches which further their damage output and NP gain outside of their NP refund, something the Trung Sisters lack.

While the Trung Sisters have a host of team defensive support, they equally have zero hard defensive options to their name. While that means little usually if glued to Castoria’s back, those clutch Evasion or Guts buffs tend to have their time in the sun one way or another, especially in high-difficulty content, and lacking one can often leave you high and dry. At the very least, all the competitors I’ve listed in this MMM have one or the other, so the Sisters stand out in lacking a hard defensive tool.

Ah, Servants like these are always the roughest to write conclusions for. The Trung Sisters have many perks going for them, things that heck, even I’ve sometimes wished for when using their primary competitors in difficult content. However, everything comes with a price, and when weighing the two against the multitude of solid options in the realm of Arts ST Sabers/Berserkers, I’m left unsure if they either stand as an equal, or in the shadow of Servants who will make the better choice most of the time.

But the thing I can say for sure is that they perform their role competently, and with niches that no other option offers, while equally in demand. The issue is that I can say the same for their competitors. I use Dioscuri absurdly frequently just because they’re the Invincible/Defense pierce ST Servants with the best performance, even if, for Arts ST Servants, they’re not that impressive. And likewise, Hokusai Saber does…a lot of damage. Like, a lot. It leaves me wondering if the healing and improved gauge charging (by proxy, from their Arts/NP gain buffs) for their supports is really worth the drawbacks.

What I can say, though, is if you lack any Arts ST Saber options to put to use, the Trung Sisters fill the role excellently. Simply because they’re not the best, doesn’t mean they won’t do it well. It just makes it a little harder when their key competition is a reasonably recent Welfare.

Ah well. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


Due to the more unique format of this event’s Servant release, it seems I’m not done with just this. Rest assured, I’ll also be reviewing the welfare for the event, it’s just there’s literally nothing to be found of them at the moment, whether in story or in datamining.

…and no, I’m pretty sure it isn’t construction hat Semiramis. As much as I wish it were.

Until next time, very shortly in the future!

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