MMM - Cosmic Crusaders and Canadian-Characteristic Creatures Collab Cross Counter-Centric Competition (Fate/ Requiem Collab Gacha)

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MMM Requiem
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Bon Voyage, my fellow interstellar explorers! After a slight delay due to a global bout of cabin fever, it seems we’re back in course for humanity to breach the final frontier - the become the greatest sailors amongst the stars, and board games. Forget Voyager, are we sure the Little Prince’s true name isn’t Tet?

At any rate, it seems the stress and rage from Gacha wasn’t enough, so we’re playing Monopoly in FGO, too. Either this will go down as the best or worst event in the game’s history. No inbetween.

Fate Requiem Collab
NA Release Date: 05/06/2022



I always believed that space probes are our adorable, hard-working boys who deserve to be praised over galactic communication that takes years to reach them. A Servant is somehow a little less far-out to reach, but boy is he still adorable. And he gets bomber jacket fashion in his 3rd Ascension. Remember to thank NASA VAUC the first chance you get. Whatever that is.

Servant Data


Entity of the Outer Realm C

Gain 2 Critical Stars per turn.
Increase your Debuff Resist by 6%.

Independent Voyage A

Increase your Critical Strength by 8%.
Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 8%.

Contact with Civilization D

Increase own Buff Removal Resist by 10%.


Voyager is the first male addition to the Foreigner roster, and also refreshing in the sense that he’s the first Quick-focused Foreigner too. The Skadi-looping goober in me is already salivating, but I’ll hold that off for now.

In terms of base stats, Voyager shows us that, yes, Foreigners CAN have a mediocre attack stat. In exchange, though, he gives himself a colossal hp stat that numbers 10th highest in the game. Relative to his HP stat, his attack is still fairly weak, though, but it’s the same for all Foreigners. It’s just nicer to have poor hp for a solid attack score than the other way round. At any rate, he’s durable.

Adding onto his bases, Voyager has the Foreigner standard skill, granting 2 stars each turn and a small boost to Magic Resistance. On top of that, he has the passives Solo Voyage A and Civilization Contact D, giving him a solid boost to Arts cards and crit damage, and a small passive Buff Removal Resistance boost respectively. Compared to most Foreigners, it’s a pretty solid passive lineup that aids his otherwise-mediocre offensive prowess. Not sure a 1/10 chance to ignore buff removal will come in handy often, though.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Voyager in the broader sense? On one hand, he’s going where no man has gone before:

I feel the need to restate how easy Voyager’s looping is. Having both a 50% gauge charger and solid refund is like being a Quick-focused Space Ishtar, minus the nutty NP damage. The suggestion I made of running him with Waver and/or Reines isn’t even a gimmick - he can 3-turn loop using any combination of both, while also having excellent challenge quest performance. While the SR and lower rarity Servants are going to remain the constants for Skadi loop farming, it’s so damn easy to make Voyager work you could probably figure out a loop comp using him, Hans and your free SSR Waver. It’s that simple.

Of all the Foreigners thus far, Voyager is actually the only one to really put the Archer-like star weight of the class to use. With his passive 8% bonus crit damage and Blessing from the End of the World (Cosmos), he has a respectable crit game, and the means to generate stars for it from his NP, first skill, and general Quick focus. If all else fails, throwing Fragments of 2030 on his supports works too. He won’t be putting out spectacular damage output, but it works so well with his basic game plan of NP looping that it’s pretty much all extra credit on top of a strong niche.

Voyager is pretty durable, and even aids his own team, too. While his high HP pool and Evasion skill are self-evident, the team critical resistance buff is also a very welcome tool to keep teammates safe. For most enemies, crit rates lie around 10-20% and will deal 200% damage, meaning denying a crit is like a flat out 10-20% damage reduction, but with fewer surprises. And unlike every other critical rate reduction in the game, it persists regardless of how many enemies you kill, which can be helpful for challenge quests with endless waves of mooks, or something similar.

However, he’s also somewhat lost in space:

Especially if compared to Servants with typical class advantage, Voyager’s damage output is very underwhelming. Even putting single-target situations aside, Zerkerlot and Atalanta will be outstripping Voyager when they have class advantage by a huge margin, on top of many competing Quick loopers, and even Arts ones. While in most cases I could say “doing enough damage to kill is enough”, having excess damage means excess overkill, which means the harder-to-set-up Servants close the gap on Voyager’s ease of use by having better refund. And for challenge quests...let’s just say Voyager won’t trivialize the Apocrypha challenge quest like Zerkerlot did, provided they’re not Sky-attribute Berserkers. Speaking of whom, looks like Arjuna Alter is one of those...I’ll keep my Voyager in store for the inevitable Part 2 memorial quests on Anniversary…

While it’s usually almost a given you use farm Servants with farm supports, in the bizarre situation that you lack Skadi, Waver, Reines, or Nero Bride...well, Voyager still works, but he may require more Support shuffling than you’d like. There is sadly no single Servant to tie up a farming comp nor is there any singular hyper welfare-friendly farm Servant, and statistically Voyager provides 110% of the 300% NP gauge needed to do a triple loop. If you lack any Kaleidoscopes, you need to provide the missing 140% from somewhere, factoring in a 50% gauge CE. And for that missing 140%, a singular support Waver or Skadi usually isn’t enough. Thankfully, the free SSR ticket means every FGO player short of some very unfortunate newcomers should have access to Waver, making Voyager a consistent farmer so long as you can net Skadi supports. Long story short, like every other farmer in the game, he still needs a support from the ‘Big Three’.

In conclusion, Voyager is a farming-focused Quick Servant with some neat quirks tied to him. While his Foreigner class may hold him down in some aspects, it makes him extremely versatile in others, making him a very reliable farming option for anyone with access to Skadi, and still good for those lacking her. Combined with his minor niches in dealing with Sky-attribute Servants and Quick crit damage, he makes a handy Servant to have, even if he’s not an overwhelming staple Servant. Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Kijyo Koyo


Welp, there’s another Jojo reference Servant to add to the pile, right alongside Raiko and Sanzang’s team in Summer 2, Summer BB in general, every single Servant with a punchy NP, and apparently the multiple times the dialogue has used that JP-only “Kakyoin.” meme.

But yes, if you like 「SCARY MONSTERS」, then this lady’s the girl for you. Get yourself a girl who’s Oni on the streets, and prehistoric in the sheets.


Servant Data


Madness Enhancement A

Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 10%.

Magic Resistance C

Increase your Debuff Resist by 15%.


As is tradition, Japanese Servants don’t tend to have the most overwhelming statlines, but Koyo seems to get away with it a little - at the very least, she’s not Chacha. With the second-highest HP for a Berserker of her rarity, but the third-lowest attack, Koyo is pretty clearly leaning defensively, a specification which doesn’t really lend to Berserker’s universal class weakness making that extra HP feel like a futile effort against the high-damage hits she’ll be taking versus most opponents.

Well, at least the plus side is that even a “bad” attack stat for a Berserker is very good for every other class, due to the class’s attack modifier of 1.1 and the fact their attack stats are just generally high to begin with.

Like most Berserkers, she doesn’t have a particularly long list of passives, but her Madness Enhancement gives her the class standard bump-up to Buster cards, and she’s also a rarity in the class, possessing Magic Resistance. Having a Berserker who isn’t a complete sitting duck to debuffs can be handy, from time to time. But on the whole, nothing game-changing.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Koyo in practice? On one hand, she’s a millenniums-old marvel:

Offensively, she’s pretty solid. The Berserker class and her card set combined with the offensive boosts from both her skills and NP lets her bring the hurt, and she can even manage to attract stars in a pinch using her Morph for a crit chain, if she wants. While her damage output doesn’t blow anyone out the water, she’s definitely punching above the belt for a single-target Servant.

Unexpectedly, she has some useful supportive utility. Nine-Headed Dragon’s Lightning can bump up the overcharge level of a support NP, which can often provide handy boosts to staple supportive NP’s like Merlin’s or Skadi’s, while Thread of Life is plainly a solid team heal skill, with debuff removal, which can often be handy in a pinch.

On the other hand, she’s an outdated fossil:

Despite her access to a defensive skill, Koyo is still as frail as any other Berserker. She’s still prone to dying to a stray crit or just unfortunate enemy focus as Morph’s defense boost isn’t that strong, and she still lacks a means of enduring NP’s without team support.

While having supportive utility is nice in places, she’s simply trying to mix a niche into a class that doesn’t work for it. Koyo is far too vulnerable to function as a supportive aid for the team if you require Thread of Life in a quest, and even then there are dedicated support options who can provide a similar role with far more security, such as Medea Lily or Martha. This game in general lends itself better to a team composed of specialists over generalists, so Koyo simply ends up being half the Berserker of her competitors, rather than divided between her offensive might and a support role.

All in all, Koyo might be an amazing Servant to just watch as she pummels and shreds the enemy with her gaping jaw and muscular dino-arms (seriously though, those arms are thick as heck), but she doesn’t provide much gameplay-wise to entice it. If you want a Buster-focused Berserker with strong offense and (somewhat) reliable durability, Jalter Berserker outclasses Koyo in pretty much every aspect, but especially her NP damage. Meanwhile, ‘ol reliable Heracles will simply do better for a Berserker who can endure, even if he lacks the same supportive options. That’s still ignoring Penthesilia, Nobu Zerker, and even lower-rarity hitters like Lu Bu, who all also outclass her in one aspect or another.

And speaking of supportive options, the one niche Koyo might have is just invalided by Skadi’s NP. Frankly, it’s a huge shame. She’d have a better chance at being gameplay viable if her name were read ‘Momiji’ instead of Koyo, so she can ride the Touhou meme curtails. Awoo.


Now, this is normally where I’d have Elice’s (No, I’m not using Erice even if it’s on Type-moon wiki. Kawasumi clearly pronounced it as an “L”, and since she’s had to deal with introducing herself with “Arturia” for an eternity, I think she knows best) page, but as it turns out, she’s not implemented in the game currently. That gives me some nostalgia. I think the last time an event had half-implemented Servants until they were officially added was Summer 1.

A Servant completely not added to the game despite it being their own event? Pretty new. But hey, it means you get MMM twice as often for this event, right? Rejoice, boys and girls. Just ignore that to keep up with the writing I might have to take a double dose of Asacoc-

Ah crap, almost injected my hobbies into the outro again. Who am I kidding, I did. At least Dinosaurs and Dragons are somewhat similar, right? See you all in like, a week. And don’t stick your dick in scalies.

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