MMM - Callous Cupid Coerces Captivated Compliments, Conversely Crossgendered Cadet and Ceaselessly Cheery Calligropher Check In (Summer 2021 Gacha Part 2)

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Article by GamepressRath
MMM Summer 6 Part 2

The Modern Magus Magazine

They say there’s no such thing as too much booty. And by “they”, I mean Teach told me that. It was ambiguous if he meant treasure or the female posterior, but I agree nonetheless...until I’m writing for 7 separate new Servants in a 2 week period.

Your boy Rath’s got a life, and I suppose he’s committed to dedicating some part of it to assessing the quality of said booty. And I’ll give my verdict now:

Those ascension mats are pretty great.

Summer6 Part 2
NA Release Date: 09/2023

Leonardo Da Vinci (Ruler)


Curse you, past Rath! Your laziness has forced me to write for a Servant I could’ve done days ago. Truly he is my greatest enemy.

In other news, Da Vinci is being pursued in the Storm Border by Nintendo’s lawyers (yeah, they can even survive the Lost Belts) over copyright infringement. No idea why.

Servant Data


Max HP 11,756
HP Rank
Max ATK 9,157
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,526Base HP1,881
Max Atk 9,157 Max HP 11,756
Grail Atk 11,087 Grail HP 14,254
Riding EX

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 12%.

Item Construction A

Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 10%.

Magic Resistance B

Increase your Debuff Resist by 17.5%.


As only the 4th SR Ruler in the game, the selection to compare her statline to is sufficient to get an idea, but not as broad as one would expect after 6 years of this game. To avoid going on a tangent, I’ll get to the point.

Da Vinci Ruler has poor stats in relativity to her class and rarity. While her Attack and HP are by no means bad overall due to the Ruler class’s 1.1x Attack modifier and superb class resistances, she’s still pretty below the curve, with the worst Attack of the 4* Rulers available, and barely any HP in return to compensate. Astraea’s statline clearly shows what’s possible for Rulers, and Da Vinci hits well below it.

On the plus side, Da Vinci has a decent selection of Passives to work with. Her EX Riding provides a moderate boost to her sole Quick card, Item Construction A is a useful consistency boost for the debuffs in her kit, and her Magic Resistance, while poor for a Ruler, is still a useful passive boost to shrug off debuffs when it matters.

But on the whole, not much outstanding from her in this department.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So, how is Da Vinci on the whole? On one hand, she’s got all the moves, she’s just my type and she’s all but ready to evolve:

Da Vinci Ruler makes for a new, accessible offensive option to handle Mooncancers, with more than enough NP damage to work for said purpose. While Santa Quetz has always been around, she’s one of the more elusive welfares due to her lack of a rerun, and her NP is AOE on top of that. Plenty of people will be lacking another offensive Ruler to put to work in the places Mooncancer bosses show up, so having her around is just useful.

So far as off-meta supports go...Da Vinci Ruler isn’t bad at all. Putting her in direct comparison to Paracelsus on Arts, she provides 20% less NP gain up, but significantly more damage and a 20% gauge charge, while being somewhat competitive with Nero Bride’s buffs, providing +44% damage steroid and +56% NP gain to Bride’s +40% (potentially +82% if her Sky attribute buff is effective) and +50%. Bride’s gauge charger is 10% higher, but even being close to her means Da Vinci Ruler is a valuable battlesuit swap support option to supplement double Skadi/Castoria teams.

However, she’s also got some fatal weaknesses that’ll make her white out:

Outside of her supportive capabilities, Da Vinci Ruler is kind of just a NP on legs. Her kit has little to no utility to it, and most of her support is best just popped all out once so she can be swapped out via Battlesuit or Chen Gong “volunteering” her to death. Sure, she can be handy in the once in a while you just want a fairly hard hitting ST NP on a Ruler class body, but such situations don’t come up often. And even then, Astraea, while no Welfare, is an incredibly good Servant who easily has Ruler ST damage squared off, leaving Da Vinci Ruler little room to compete.

Da Vinci Lily, oddly enough, is the first welfare in a long time I could actually confidently call a support. Even with a damaging NP. While she can play herself like a mediocre Buster ST Servant, ultimately that’s a backup option for whenever you absolutely need Ruler offense or she ends up being cycled back onto the frontline after swapping her out.

Taking her buffs at face value for farming or efficient CQ purposes, Da Vinci Ruler is not bad at all. Depending on the overcharge bonus of the offensive Servant she’s aiding, she can provide some incredibly competitive offensive boosts to her support target, while being at the disposal of any player who just completes the Summer Event story - no NP5 needed.

With that in mind, she isn’t particularly game changing for people who already have Nero Bride in their possession, possibly except costing less to deploy, but hey, presumably those with Bride are a minority. All in all, she’s deserving of the Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Kama (Avenger)


For a character whose abilities as a Servant enables some of the scariest mind fuckery around in the series that would make Paradox Spiral look like a walk in the park, Kama sure is set up to be bullied.
Poor girl can’t even get a single confident line in in the shop without something undermining it. Her level of smugness even increases with each ascension form, setting up for an even more dramatic bulli.

Well, let’s hope she doesn’t deserve it, gameplay-wise.

Servant Data


Magic Resistance A

Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.

Riding A

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 10%.

Avenger B

Increase NP Gain when damaged by 18%.
Decrease Debuff Resist for all allies (including sub-members),
except yourself by 8%. [Demerit]

Oblivion Correction B

Increase your Critical Strength by 8%.

Self-Restoration (Magical Energy) A

Increase NP Gauge each turn by 3.8% for yourself.

Independent Manifestation E

Increase your Critical Strength by 2%
Increase your Mental Debuff Resist by 2%.
Increase your Death Resist by 2%.

Core of the Demon King (?) B

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +225).
Apply Charm Immune to self.


As an SSR Avenger, it goes without saying Kama will have a very high Attack stat, but even then she blows those expectations out the water. With an attack stat only a few dozen points under Jalter’s, Kama Avenger has the 2nd highest Attack stat in the game, with a pretty abysmal HP stat which matches, only a few dozen higher than Jalter in return.

Needless to say, with the Avenger 1.1x Attack modifier in play, Kama will hit incredibly hard as a baseline.

But with her passives in play, she only gets better. The sacred trio of Avenger class skills is naturally on her lineup, providing a +18% boost to her defensive NP gain, +8% Critical Damage Up, and 3.8% NP gauge every turn. These boosts alone are excellent, even if typical of her class.

Yet on top of that, Kama has another FOUR passives, which I believe makes her the record holder of most passives in the game (discounting those with no gameplay effects). Let’s run through them:

Independent Manifestation E is expectedly not particularly big, but it is a neat +2% to the critical damage boost from Oblivion Correction. A-rank Magic Resistance provides a fairly good passive resistance to debuffs, something to always be appreciated. Riding A is the first significant passive, handing Kama a +10% boost to her secondary card type. And last but not least, Core of the Demon King provides Kama with a Divinity-style damage up buff on her cards, as well as her iconic immunity to Charm.

As you might expect, both her bases and incredibly passive lineup make Kama one of the most robust Servants in the game just from what’s on the tin.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So, how is Kama Avenger on the whole? On one hand, she’s burning with the flames of love and refuses to smoulder:

As you can probably assess by now, Kama Avenger is a very solid universal farmer. Anyone who can even compare themselves to Space Ishtar fairly definitely falls under that banner. With a 50% gauge charger, sufficient damage output, and very good refund, she’ll only really struggle with abnormal wave layouts and high-level event nodes with no damage CE. There’s little more you can ask for.

Kama Avenger also has strong performance in CQ’s. With the ramping damage nature of both her Flame of Love debuffs and the defense down on her NP, she can bring home some serious damage even if fighting a single target. Combined with her defensive tool at her disposal in the form of Evasion and her AOE Charm, and Kama brings a fair bit to the table for difficult content.

But on the flipside, the brighter she burns, the quicker she turns to cinders:

While the comparison to Space Ishtar is apt, the Star Wars expy goddess is probably outclassing her on the whole. Wave 1 and 2 damage output is not to be overlooked, and Kama Avenger gets outdone pretty handily in that area, while Space Ishtar has the powerful option to just become a Buster farmer instead of Arts (or become a Buster NP just for the last wave) and reap the insanely powerful benefits of Oberon buffs, which Kama simply can’t do. Combined with her potential issues in landing her Charm debuff versus Servants for maximal damage output and she somehow has worse consistency issues than the Servant with 3 chance-based buffs on their gauge charger.

I feel like my bullet points have gotten much more compact of late. I’m not sure whether to call it laziness or recognition that I don’t need to point out basic defensive options as a plus every single Servant, but all I’ll say is the number of points don’t matter, it’s what’s in each.

Case in point, even second-best Arts universal farmer is still a very good title to have, and Kama Avenger provides pretty much everything you can look for in someone of her speciality, plus extra fun gimmicks like building up a bunch of Flame of Love buffs on a boss and obliterating them with crits.

To be frank, there’s not much more to say, as Kama Avenger is surprisingly...basic for a Summer SSR. In previous years I’ve had to analyze how kits come together pretty directly (Kiara), or how they don’t (Abbie), but Kama really just brought the sheer meat of how to be an Arts farmer to the table. And that’s more than enough to be worthwhile. Rath™ Seal of Approval with a recommendation.

Caenis (Rider)


I’ll admit it here and now, I’m not a huge Caenis fan. But I can appreciate those floppy ears of hers. And that aside, it’s only thanks to Goredolf that she’s here in a swimsuit form, so fans of her should be pouring out drinks to the Director.

Servant Data


Riding EX

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 12%.

Core of the Sea God B

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +225).
Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 8%.


Man, all those years later and Kintoki Rider is still kinda insurmountable for SR Riders…

Caenis Rider’s base statline is strongly offensively-oriented, With the 4th-highest Attack stat of her rarity in exchange for the 4th-worst HP stat. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. While that doesn’t put her in an exceptional position at all, she’s still got the attack points where it matters for an offensive Servant, so she’s starting from a good point.
Caenis doesn’t slack in the passive front, either. While she only has 2 passives, both are quite strong - EX Riding is something of a necessity when she’s riding a dragon subspecies (and they say FGO doesn’t respect the original lore...pfft), but also provides her with a sizeable +12% boost to her Quick card, while Posiedon’s Essence B provides the same benefits as it does for her vanilla form, granting a relatively big Damage Up boost and 8% Arts Up, a desirable bonus for her NP gain.

So while she’s not boasting anything over-the-top, Caenis Rider is certainly pulling a solid baseline around for her to work with.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Caenis’s summer form in general? On one hand, she’s catching some rad waves:

Caenis Summer makes for a very indomitable critical damage dealer. Using and abusing the Rider class’s perks to its fullest, she provides enough critical stars via her skills to not be troubled much by star supply, while also amplifying her own critical damage via her NP to insane levels. Add in the powerful critical support Buster supports can provide her, and you have more offensive might than you could possibly ask for, even if not versus her class advantage.

While her critical damage output is one thing, just the sheer might of Caenis’s NP isn’t to be underestimated. She already hits pretty hard over a 3-turn duration with her own buffs in the mix, but the ramping damage nature of her NP and the potential presence of an Oberon battlesuit swap can push her into overdrive at the right moment. And that’s something not many can do, as 3-turn NP Power Up buffs on NP aren’t that common.

However, she’s also bound to get wiped out:

While she does have boundless potential to perform in CQ scenarios, the fact of the matter is her presence for farming purposes is nonexistent. While even fellow Buster Riders like Drake can do some...admittedly respectable farming loops with Oberon and Koyanskaya’s presence, Caenis has nothing in the way of a 3-turn farm that doesn’t depend on throwing her Arts cards in a chain. Being great at one form of content is fine, but it’d be better to be apt at both.

It feels dirty saying it, but also the presence of Kintoki Rider in the same class and rarity leaves a lot of competition for Caenis. Naturally Caenis still blows him out of the water for critical damage output as well as peak performance when she pulls off her own 3-turn loop, but Kintoki presents a goliath of consistency and sheer dependable damage for the players who have him, and overcoming that can be rough.

Taking all factors into consideration, Caenis Rider would be a difficult Servant to justify using...if not for the presence of the new-age Buster support.

In a conventional sense, Caenis Rider is just a Buster NP and a bunch of crit buffs on wheels, something you pull out in a class-advantage CQ if you’re feeling spicy then otherwise just let her build bond points in the backrow for her lifespan. However, with her relatively unique potential to abuse the ramping damage of her NP with Oberon, she boasts some of the scariest damage output in both NP and Crit in the game, for an SR Servant at the very least.

While that does mean the strength of her kit is dependent on the presence of Merlin, Koyanskaya, and most of all Oberon in one’s collection, that hasn’t exactly stopped us from rating otherwise-mediocre Arts and Quick Servants highly because their tribal support makes them cracked, now has it? And most of all, spamming a Buster NP a bunch of times in a row on a CQ boss to then demolish them with a super-amped crit damage turn is And we all know something’s wrong when you’re having fun in a gacha game. Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Sei Shonagon (Berserker)


One word. Two syllables. Say it and I’m all yours.

What word, you ask? Why, it’s obvious - DO-JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

But in all seriousness Sei Shonagon is one of those Servants I like a lot despite her original form not being too great gameplay-wise. Maybe it’s the Gyaru-like aspect to her, maybe it’s the fact she’s friggen insane (even without Madness Enhancement), or maybe it’s Ai Farouz working her magic. In any case, let’s see if her Berserker form can match my expectations.

Servant Data


Madness Enhancement D

Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 4%.

Independent Action (Selfishness) D

Increase Critical Star Gather Rate of own Quick Cards by 4%.

Teachings that Drive to Enlightenment B

Increase own Charm Resist by 100%.


As you should probably expect from an author Servant turned into a non-Caster class, Sei Zerker doesn’t really have the best statline out there. Clocking in with the 7th worst Attack of her class and rarity as well as the tied worst HP, she’s actually one of the rare few Servants to have so poor a statline I have to list both her stats counting from worst instead of best.

At any rate, it’s not all that bad- her poor HP means little when all Berserkers are made of paper, and at the very least she ensured her Attack stat didn’t tank too hard, so she’ll still benefit from the raw offense of her class. Could certainly be better, though.

On the flipside, Sei Zerker gets some interesting perks out of her passives. As logic might indicate,you have to be slightly insane to throw out so many pet names on the fly, so she gets a neat little 4% Buster boost from Madness Enhancement. Independent Action (Selfishness) D, however, is a bit of a telling variant passive that enhances the Star Weight of her Quick cards by 4%...of 10.

You don’t need to be a math genius to know that 4% of 10 doesn’t even round to a whole number, so this passive actually does literally nothing. Nice.

Lastly, Dharma of the One Path is thankfully a useful passive, boosting her Charm Resistance to the point that she’s essentially immune, though it can technically be overcome with Debuff application rate / resistance effects.

On the whole, Sei Zerker has a bit of a shaky baseline, but nothing that will severely impact her viability.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how is Sei’s Berserker form on the whole? On one hand, she’s dope, based, and dare I say it, superlit:

Sei’s damage output potential, as well as how reasonable it is to achieve it, is pretty good. The odds of her hitting 1 of her 3 Trait bonuses when fighting any given Servant enemies is pretty good, and that much is enough to make her NP damage competitive, especially when she has the backing of double Skadi behind her. And that’s not factoring in her ability to pop all her crit skills and get +130% Critical Damage Up for a turn and unleash a devastating crit brave chain following her NP, also benefiting from the effective damage buffs. She’s got a bullet, and it punches real, real hard.

However, she’s also a millenia-old hag pretending to be some 17 year-old boomer and (for this event at least) riding on a pirate ship:

As good as that bullet is, having only one of it simply isn’t good enough. Sei Zerker’s critical damage boosts only really last for the one turn, and her refund simply isn’t good enough to enable consistent NP’s in a row short of just NP charging her to hell and back like a Buster Servant. And there are plenty of Buster Servants who can punch harder than her if given the chance.

Even as powerful as Sei Zerker’s crit turn can be, even that is kind of lacklustre compared to some competitors. Even just Caenis Rider in this same gacha has some pretty crazy critical damage output potential while also being more conductive to present CQ meta. Once you throw in the other Berserkers out there who can pull a more deadly critical damage game, the flaws in Sei’s own kit really begin to show.

Well, I suppose this is karma for getting my hopes up. While Sei’s Berserker form really does try her hardest to provide something competent, the power of her kit is more or less undertuned compared to what she has to compete with, and even then older Berserkers in the same niche such as Atalante Alter still offer some tough competition to overcome.

Seeing those big damage numbers pop up will still be fun to watch, I’m sure, but big numbers doesn’t necessarily mean better Servant, and the way the game is means good damage that you can output consistently is better than great damage you can do once. Hey, it’s why I’ve used Dioscuri ten times more than I’ve used Musashi over the past year.

Stick to writing ye olde Japanese top 10 lists, girl.


It’s over, it’s...done.

Another year, another summer, and surprisingly not much mind-melding complexity to the Servants in this year’s event. Maybe they wanted to cut us a break after all the intriguing LB6 Servants? In any case, I’ll appreciate what should be a pretty long gap between now and the next Servant introduction.

Until then, do your best to plunder some booty. Got to make Blackbeard proud of you, one way or another. I’ll leave how to do it to your own interpretation. Later.

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