MMM - Alabaster Adolescent Accompanies Akihabara Appointment, Annihilates Adversaries (Akihabara Explosion)

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How’s it hangin’ everyone? It’s been a pretty long time since we’ve done one of these, and it’s only a solo Servant banner at that. I won’t complain about the long holiday DW has provided to me, though if we don’t get a new story chapter soon I may go stir crazy.

At any rate, our “tower” event is back this year, and Akihabara is not looking as tower-like as I would imagine. Well, with the big C around this is the closest many weebs are gonna get to visit otaku paradise, so may as well enjoy it. Possibly alongside the first waifu figure in human history?

Yes, in case you were wondering, that’s 100% why Galatea was introduced in this event, and I won’t hear any evidence otherwise.

Akihabara Explosion Banner
NA Release Date: 03/2023

Welcome to relatively obscure Greek mythological figures who sound somewhat familiar because you played Fire Emblem: Three Houses recently. Yes, this happens more than you’d expect. Only Crests you’ll see around here are command seals, though.

Servant Data


Madness Enhancement EX

Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 12%.

Magic Resistance B

Increase your Debuff Resist by 17.5%.


This feels like an abnormality in itself by now, but Galatea’s statline is...exceedingly average. With the 3rd best HP of SSR Berserkers and the 3rd worst Attacks, she has no excessively over-specced stats, and said statline even places her right alongside her fellow Arts ST Berserker on the ‘zerker list, Vlad III.

Galatea is also very normal on the passive side of things. Her EX Madness Enhancement is certainly welcoming, as it means she can probably have a personality and also get a huge boost to her Buster cards, which she’s packing three of. Notable is her also carrying B-rank Magic Resistance, something you don’t normally see on Berserkers. Better resistance to debuffs is always nice to see, especially since Berserkers are usually sitting ducks to them.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how good is Galatea in practice? On one hand, (and I apologize in advance) she makes us rock hard:

Durable and Berserker are usually listed as antonyms in the dictionary, but Galatea manages it somehow. With passive Magic Resistance, Buff Removal Resistance, a uniquely absurd Defense buff, stackable Guts, a powerful team heal, and repeating self-Debuff Cleans, there’s practically nothing that can touch Galatea on her own, then again with 2 supportive teammates. Hell, run double Tamamo with her instead of Casturia if you hate the meta for some reason - Galatea can still live most NP’s no problem.

As with most Arts Servants in the present environment, Galatea is offensively nuts. While her first NP in a loop isn’t too exceptional, it ramps up fast thanks to her NP damage buffs, and she can score consistent loops in CQ scenarios much like Vlad before her. Or rather, better than Vlad before her. You may even be able to use her as a universal farmer for the level 90+ 1-2-2 waves and similar DW likes throwing out lately. She has more than enough damage and refund to just pop some mooks one after the other.

Galatea does have some supportive positives to her. Her team heal is pretty good, and when paired with the NP gauge drain on her NP, she somehow manages to cover up for most of Casturia’s notable flaws. While obviously she’s not going to be anywhere close to a situational support option like some, but she does support her own preferred supports quite well, which makes a unique and satisfying balance.

But on the other hand, she could crumble at any moment:

Galatea is fairly dependent on double Casturia. While for 3-turn loops alone it’s still sufficient to go support Casturia and 2 of Paracelsus/Tamamo/Nero Bride/Lanling with her, in CQ scenarios specifically 2 Casturia is her only composition option that provides consistent loops without battlesuiting someone in. While she remains very strong, and frankly fairly support-independent (by Berserker standards) without the Casturia option, she may not put in as much work as alternative options without a Casturia in the collection.

Like many Berserkers and Extra class options, Galatea often loses out to specific class advantage alternatives. This only applies in a more universal sense to the Saber and Archer classes, as Dioscuri, Summer Hokusai, Orion, and Summer Arturia are all very high-refund, high-damage Servants with at least a good enough niche to equal Galatea: Dioscuri has absolute penetration, Hokusai has some of the craziest damage output available to Arts, and Orion and Summer Arturia both match the NP drain tie-in on NP.

When I saw that Galatea was an Arts ST Servant, I had pretty high hopes for her. While he’s somewhat fallen out of favour, Vlad III’s crazy ST looping was a favourite comp of mine, and as I had hoped, Galatea manages to outdo her predecessor in that field magnificently.

She’s durable, she has utility against CQ gimmicks, she loops consistently with the meta support, she punches more than hard enough to be sufficient, and she even compensates for some of Casturia’s own downfalls in her supportive tools. While she can still be outdone versus specific classes (and doesn’t check Foreigners, naturally), she is by all means a strong ST offensive option for Arts teams. if only she produced a bunch of stars on NP and had huge crit buffs, too. A man can dream. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


With a single Servant, I thankfully don’t have to work myself ragged to Casturia levels to get this MMM out, which also means a speedy delivery for you readers. And saying that, it speaks for how centralized my focus on the current meta support is when I mention Casturia half as much as the actual Servant being assessed in the MMM.

But hey, it was the same for Merlin and Skadi. I don’t control what’s good, I just say what’s good.

With that in mind, time to spend time instead of AP grinding this event, and consistently make myself realize I never use half the maxed out Servants I have raised in content. Yes, Stheno, your Divinity Charisma was useful for my Achilles the one time, but I’m not letting you out of the basement.

...See you all next time.

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