Main Interlude: SE.RA.PH - Detour Quests

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Article by NorseFTX
Main Interlude: SE.RA.PH - Detour Quests
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  • Detour Quests are a new set of 10 quests introduced during the SE.RA.PH rerun.
  • The first Detour Quest will unlock after completing Act I (5/6) from the Main Quest line.
  • Completing a Detour Quest will unlock the next Detour Quest.
  • All enemy Servants in Detour Quests (except the final one) are Shadow Servants, with their NP charge move being a single target Extra Attack.
  • At the end of the Detour Questline, a Holy Grail will be awarded. If Masters already received a Holy Grail from the Detour Questline during the rerun of SERAPH, a Crystallized Lore will be awarded instead.

Detour Quests

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