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Article by Hakurai


Today on Learning with GamePress, we're going over how to write an attractive profile message. First, never settle. "Looking for a Merlin, 10/10/10, max fou, level 100 with MLB 2030 and shiny with perfect IV's." My god, I'll put that friend on lock.

Senpai, that doesn't even fit. Aren't your standards too high?

What would you write, message master Mash?

Writing a message is kinda embarrassing, you know…? I don't want to alienate my nice friends…

They're not even IRL friends, just some random whales. I'm your only friend. Speaking of which, Solomon is coming soon. Given that I won't be able to roll Merlin, what should I do?


Let's look at some proper preparation. First, make sure that the strong servants you'll be using have as high a bond level as possible. Servants at bond 5 and beyond get a damage buff increasing with bond level up to 100%. I also get the 100% damage buff.

You mean I can finally take Liz out of the bond level 10 room? Quick, where'res the bond level quests when I need them?

Although those quests are gone, we do have a guide for the best places to farm bond! Additionally, if the 30 SQ campaign for finishing everything isn't incentive enough, you can only participate if you've finished Babylonia. So finish all the singularities! Unfortunately, if you're reading this when the event started, it's too late. Maybe next time!

So I should just skip through the story scenes, then. I can always read it later. (Or tell myself that and not actually do so…)

During the Raid

This event will have a raid component to it, with completion based on how many times people beat the quest. Bosses in seats II-VII need to be beaten 2 million times collectively across all players, while seat X will take 6 million times. All the raids must be completed to fight Solomon.

2 Million times? What's point in saving the world then? Can't we just get some hardcore grinder to save the world for us?

The Demon Pillars drop a good amount of QP and materials. Especially Barbatos, who drops hearts AND pages. In fact, these quests might not last long at all, so take advantage of them before they're gone! Make sure to bring a strong Single Target servant to beat the quests as soon as possible.

Free mats? QP? I'm in! Wait a minute, what's this I see about each pillar providing a raid-wide buff/debuff benefitting the other pillars? Isn't that ganging up on us? That's unfair! That's hypocritical you say? Well, it's only fair when we do it!

Don't worry, senpai. Each pillar is responsible for a buff, but once they're defeated it removes their buff from the other raid quests. Additionally, pillars won't cast their own debuff when fighting them. Here is the raid farming guide:

Big Bad Boss

Hold up! This guide is being hijacked by the Guda Guda Gang!

I hear the final quest can be pretty hard. Why do we need to be the ones saving the world? The requirements for Guda Guda 2 are simply clearing Fuyuki, so I presume that we'll live anyway?

She's got a point! I can just take part in the raids and sit on the last quest until I can use some new, OP servant to steamroll him!

There's two reasons. One is that future events, like Guda Guda 3, will begin to require beating Solomon.

Did you hear that Nobbu? Quick, let's beat that boss!

And the second… I'm not too comfortable talking about it...

Showing up when insensitive convenient clairvoyant exposition is needed! Not showing up when you dump $500 into the gacha! It's Magical Ma--Merlin!

So I peered into the future (*cough* JP server *cough*), and the stage 12-1 quest has the most severe servant restriction I've seen. Until you beat this chapter, you cannot use eggplant servants in ANY quest, not just in this singularity! So complete this chapter as soon as possible~

What kind of quest restriction would stand in the way of me and my beloved Mash? I'll burn them down! What's the best servants to make them pay?

Because the person in charge of the restriction (boss) is beast class, Cavalry classes will do double damage to him, so Single Target Cavalry servants are a great choice! Alternatively, Avengers will resist him, so they're another strong pick.

Is there anything else I should know before I go charging in blind?

On the first turn of 12-2, the boss will cast a buff that grants Invincibility Pierce and 300% NP damage up, and a full NP gauge. You can prevent the former effects with a buff block skill/NP, or NP Seal. You might also want to save your command seals for the final stretch.

All right. Sounds good. Mash, I'm coming to save you, because VR Mash just isn't the same! There's also a convenient Solomon Boss Guide, but who has time for that when Mash needs saving?


Man, I just got out of a long and drawn court battle. I'll just send the lawyer bill to Chaldea. What did I miss?

Not much, just the raids. Post event, the singularity and Main Quests will still persist for you. This also means you still need to beat the big bad boss.

Wow. I'm still in America, is that ok?

Are you serious, man? You'll never be able to meme with others about how you took part in the Great Barbatos Extermination of '18! Quick, finish your singularities!

**heavy grinding later…**

Yo, I just grinded the raids with Astolfo, beat the boss, and now I don't know what to do with my life.

Well, there's a few things you could do:

- Erect a shrine to Barbatos. (Or pour out a glass to our comrades)
- Subscribe to Magical Mari.
- Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.

It's ok to cry. But even with tears in your eyes, never lose sight of the future you're fighting for.

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