"Skill Up & Ascension Material"
Ice that does not melt, even at room temperature.
Some see a lovely crystalline flower, but those with no appreciation of beauty see only a piece of ice.

Best Drop Location(s)

Quest APD
Frontier Village
Anastasia - Yaga Demensk - Lostbelt 1: Anastasia
A Church Numbed by Cold
Anastasia - Yaga Tula - Lostbelt 1: Anastasia
Mammoth Footprints
Anastasia - Crushed Village - Lostbelt 1: Anastasia
The Sleeping Capital
Anastasia - Yaga Moscow - Lostbelt 1: Anastasia
Ruptured Frozen Earth
Anastasia - Base of the Great Tree - Lostbelt 1: Anastasia
Prison Ruins
Anastasia - Yaga Ryazan - Lostbelt 1: Anastasia

Servant Ascension/Skill Requirements

2nd Ascension

Servant Amount
Jeanne d'Arc (Archer) x8

4th Skill Enhancement

Servant Amount
Scathach-Skadi x5

5th Skill Enhancement

6th Skill Enhancement

Servant Amount
Jeanne d'Arc (Archer) x5

5th Append Skill Enhancement

Servant Amount
Katsushika Hokusai x12
Voyager x12
Kama (Avenger) x12

Total (Ascension)

Servant Amount

Total (Skill)

Servant Amount

Total (Asc. + Skill)

Servant Amount

Total (Append)

Servant Amount

Total (All)

Servant Amount