FGO US Tour | Part 5: Going to a Panel

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FGO US Tour | Part 5: Going to a Panel

So there were panels. Lots of panels!

The U.S.A. Tour Celebration Event took place on Saturday evening, greeting everyone and introducing Albert Kao and Satoshi Tsuruoka to the crowd!


Guarding the stage were Okita and Nobunaga!


Before the panel began, I was fortunate enough to take a seat at the front as a Press member to document everything!


Absolute Demonic Front Special Panel introduces a slew of well known characters to the big screen! Below is one of the many posters showcasing the release.

Unfortunately, no photography or recording was permitted during the panels. We do have a lot of it transcribed and hope to have more in the future too!

Click here to check out what happened at the Babylonia Panel too!

Demonic Front Special Panel

Editor's Note: There were a couple other panels over the two day event, but we weren't able to get them transcribed for everyone! So sorry! Some day, we may be able to provide our notes and a synopsis of everything that happened - if we do, I'll be sure to update them here and in our Panel section below!

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