FGO 2021 4th Anniversary - Memorial Quests

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Article by NorseFTX
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  • Memorial Quests are available for a limited time during the 4th Anniversary Campaign!
  • Each Quest features a memorable encounter during the various Singularity/Pseudosingularity/Lostbelt chapters featured!
  • Note that the previous Memorial Quest must be cleared before the next one can be attempted, for Lostbelt Memorial Quests in particular. Pseudosingularity Memorial Quests and only Lostbelt No.1 will unlock after clearing Singularity F's Memorial Quest.
  • In order to unlock each Memorial Quest, the associated Main Chapter must first be cleared.
  • Limited CE Exchange Tickets and a new Command Code are available as rewards from the Memorial Quests!
Memorial Quest Information
Quest Requirements Reward
Singularity F: Memorial Quest Clear Singularity F: Fuyuki FGO Fes 2021 Exchange Ticket x1
Pseudosingularity I: Memorial Quest Clear Pseudosingularity I: Shinjuku Summon Ticket x1
Pseudosingularity II: Memorial Quest Clear Pseudosingularity II: Agartha Summon Ticket x1
Pseudosingularity III: Memorial Quest Clear Pseudosingularity III: Shimousa Summon Ticket x1
Pseudosingularity IV: Memorial Quest Clear Pseudosingularity IV: Salem Summon Ticket x1
Lostbelt No.1: Memorial Quest Clear Lostbelt No.1 FGO Fes 2021 Exchange Ticket x1
Lostbelt No.2: Memorial Quest Clear Lostbelt No.2 Summon Ticket x1
Lostbelt No.3: Memorial Quest Clear Lostbelt No.3 Summon Ticket x1
Lostbelt No.4 Prelude: Memorial Quest Clear Lostbelt No.3 Jeweled Birds Coat of Arms x1
Lostbelt No.4: Memorial Quest Clear Lostbelt No.4 Summon Ticket x1

Memorial Quests

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