Fate/Requiem Collab - Culdpoly Quests

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  • "Culdpoly Quests" can be accessed by moving around the Culdpoly board using various dice obtained from Free Quests, with each numbered square having up to 5 quests available. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase properties or buy houses on each space, nor force other players to pay you rental for landing on said spaces, but alas.
    • Exceptions to the 5-quest rule are the below spaces:
    • Space 1: "GO" forces the player to stop on this space when they land here (even if the die roll allowed for more movement), ONLY for the first 3 times. A quest is also available for the first three times that they land here.
    • Space 11: Has only 3 quests total.
    • Space 6 and 16: Does not have quests, but instead teleports the player's marker to Space 11. Players as a result can get stuck between Space 11 and 16 if unlucky; save your weighted dice for these situations.
Space 1
Space 2
Space 3
Space 4
Space 5
Space 7
Space 8
Space 9
Space 10
Space 11
Space 12
Space 13
Space 14
Space 15
Space 17
Space 18
Space 19
Space 20
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