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Event Overview

Ascension materials grind wearing you down?

Fear not, NERO FEST is here!

Hosted by the most umu Roman Emperor Nero Claudius, this 9 day event will challenge you. If you succeed, her majesty would shower you in ascension and skill up materials!

  • Complete each event quest once for their guaranteed rewards.
  • Collect bronze, silver, gold medals for exchange in the event shop.
  • Event quests also drop ascension materials and the Craft Eseence Nightless Rose.

Stage Start Times

Each stage starts at midnight Eastern, 9 PM Pacific.

Stage Start End
Qualifier 7/25 4:00 UTC 7/28 4:00 UTC
Main Event 7/28 4:00 UTC 7/31 4:00 UTC
Final Match 7/31 4:00 UTC 8/3 4:00 UTC
Grand Final 8/1 9:00 UTC 8/3 4:00 UTC

Medals totals for clear out the Event Shop:

Reward Bronze Silver Gold
Materials 200 100 700
Experience 100 100 n/a
Nightless Rose n/a 200 400
QP n/a n/a unlimited
Total 300 400 1100

Estimated Drop Rates per attempt:

Quest Bronze Silver Gold
Novice (5 AP) 6 1 0
Intermediate (10 AP) 1 5 0.5
Advanced (20 AP) 2 2.5 3
Expert (30 AP) 0 1.5 6
Grand Finals (40 AP) 0 0 12

Drop rate research conducted by the Grand Order Subreddit.

You'll want to spend most of your APs on the event quests during the event. Focus your efforts on buying out out the ascension materials your Servants need first.

Event Summoning

Event Summoning

Of course, who to feature for limited event summoning but Nero and friends? Nero Claudius will be made available to all players, regardless of story mode progression.

Nero Fest Event Summoning

Rarity Servant Rate Up
5* Altera
4* Nero Claudius
3* Gaius Julius Caesar, Romulus

Give the Nero Banner a shot, If you're looking to add a strong Saber to your Servant lineup. Otherwise, consider saving your Saint Quartz and save for future events.

Rate Up Duration

Time Zone Start End
UTC 7/25 4:00 08/03 3:59
Eastern Time 7/25 0:00 AM 8/2 11:59 PM
Pacific Time 7/24 9:00 PM 8/2 8:59 PM

Event Shop

Bronze Medals

Exchange Item Quantity Medals
Meteor Horseshoe 10 10
Eternal Gear 10 10
★3 ALL EXP Card 20 5
Nero Medal [Silver] Unlimited 10

Silver Medals

Exchange Item Quantity Medals
Forbidden Page 10 10
Nightless Rose 1 200
★4 ALL EXP Card 20 5
Nero Medal [Gold] Unlimited 10

Gold Medals

Exchange Item Quantity Medals
Homunculus Baby 10 10
Crystallized Lore 3 200
Nightless Rose 2 200
100,000 QP Unlimited 10

New Event CE: Nightless Rose

Name Nightless Rose
Rarity 5*
Effect Apply Guts 1 time, revives with 500 HP.
Limit Break Effect Apply Guts 1 time, revives with 1,000 HP.
Attack 0 to 0 max
HP 500 to 2,000 max


Make sure you have strong Support Servants to call upon by pruning and adding your Friend List as needed. Useful Support Servants for this event include:

Of course, level up your main lineup. If you have the numbers for it, put together a Buster-focused Berserker team. Their powerful Buster-chains are devastating in this event.

Some common servants are particularly useful in this event:

  • Ushiwakamaru: Excellent against Zhuge Liang in the Prelims - Expert stage.
  • Robin Hood: Powerful single target NP against the many Saber opponents in this tournament.
  • Arash: Powerful area effect NP, great for the intermediate quests. (note: Arash's NP is an suicide attack)
  • Hans Christian Andersen: Great support unit for long fights.
  • Cu Chulainn: Your last line of defense with cockroach-like ability to cheat death, especially after first ascension.

Make sure you have full AP going in to the starting time, and consider overflowing by planning a Master level up as the event approaches. In order to get all the Gold Medals necessary to buy out the Event Shop, you'll need to play multiple times a day to avoid wasting AP. This event is a marathon, so rest well and pace yourself.

You'll need 200 Bronze and 100 Silver Medals for event shop ascension materials. For that, you'll need to spend some APs on a novice quest. Check the drop tables below and decide which stage has the drop you value the most, and plan accordingly.

Nero Fest: Qualifier

Nero Fest: Qualifier

Drop rate research conducted by the Grand Order Subreddit.

  • Beat each stage once.
  • If you need more Talons, grind Expert. Focus fire on Zhuge Liang first.
  • Otherwise, grind Advanced for Gold Medals.

Nero Fest: Main Event

Nero Fest: Main Event

Drop rate research conducted by the Grand Order Subreddit.

  • Beat each stage once.
  • If you need Seeds or Plumes, grind Advanced.
  • If you need Crystals, grind Expert. Use a Altria Pendragon (Alter) support for quick work of last wave.

Nero Fest: Finals

Nero Fest: Finals

Drop rate research conducted by the Grand Order Subreddit.

  • Beat each stage once. Use class affinities to your advantage: Riders beat Casters, Archers beat Sabers.
  • Grind each stage as needed for shop purchases, apply gold apples as needed.
  • Altria Pendragon (Alter), or any non-Berserker aoe servant, can make quick work of the Berserkers in Expert stage.

Grand Finale

Grand Finale

As every class is represented in this fight, consider a Berserker line-up for abusing Buster Chains.

Lancelot or Tamamo Cat support with Kaleidoscope is excellent here and can quickly shorten the second wave. If not available, focus fire on Cu Chulainn (Prototype) first.

If you run into trouble, don't forget about your Command Seals (top-right of battle screen). Worse comes to worst, use Jeanne d'Arc support and grind out a tough victory.