All the Statesmen! Learning with Manga: The History of the American Frontier

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6/6 00:00 - 6/20/2019 16:59 PDT


  • Complete Fuyuki to participate!

General Information

All the Statesmen! Learning with Manga: The History of the American Frontier is a simple and straightforward mini-Event that only features a story & Main Quest portion compared to regular Events. 

By completing the story Masters can pick up the free Welfare Servant, Paul Bunyan (Berserker) 1, as well as a Learning With Manga 4★ CE!

Paul Bunyan is only available during this event and the rerun next year (during 3rd Anniversary), so make sure to complete the Main Quest in time. 


Browser Mini-Game

Image of the start screen of the game

It seems the localization team put together a small browser mini-game for Paul Bunyan, which includes a bunch of rewards based on our progress filling Paul Bunyan's hungry stomach. It's a straightforward slingshot-type game where we have to catapult what can be best be described as American food into her mouth.

Either click the image above to head to the game, or use this link:

Gameplay image of the promotional mini-game for the Bunyan Event



The game is very straightforward: we have to shoot as much food into her mouth as possible. Depending on how well we do as a community, we get rewarded with various in-game rewards. As per usual, as long as the community hits the required benchmarks, we all receive the benefits in-game. 

The game can only be played once, unless a Master shares the game on Twitter or Facebook. If you think all Social Media is the spawn of the devil, then you can fool the game quite easily by going incognito if your browser allows it, deleting cookies, and so forth. 

The slingshot has to be drawn back to fire, and Masters can change the angle with which they shoot by dragging the leather to either side. The angle correction is fairly strong, so one only has to adjust it slightly.

Honestly, the game is a lot easier on a mobile phone, the controls are a bit clunky on desktop from my (brief) experience. Meanwhile, portrait mode was a breeze, and changing the angle at which the slingshot fires is much more intuitive compared to a mouse. 

Anyway, since all Masters want more summon materials, see the image below for all the rewards. Masters will receive these rewards (if we feed Bunyan enough) after July 15 21:00 PDT (Requires Furuki cleared). Better get shootin'.


  • The Main Story is unfortunately time-gated. A new section will be available every day from the 3rd of July until the 7th of July. 
  • The event can be completed by beginners just fine through the help of Story/Friend Supports.
  • Section 4/5 may be a tad more difficult for Masters just out of Fuyuki, for that reason we have included a small bit of advice on their quest pages. 
  • While later Main Quests are visible in the Event Overview, Masters must complete the Main Quests in a linear fashion to unlock the next section.
Release Date Quests Unlocked
2019-07-03 21:00 PDT Prologue, Section 1
2019-07-04 21:00 PDT Section 2
2019-07-05 21:00 PDT Section 3
2019-07-06 21:00 PDT Section 4
2019-07-07 21:00 PDT Section 5, Epilogue
Section 1: A Giant and a Forest AP - 5

Paul Bunyan Tier Placement & Explanation

Placed into Tier 2

Paul Bunyan thrives in the highly competitive AoE Berserker Servant list. With nice Buster team support, low costs in raising and fielding, and an Ultra fast NP (yeeees!), Paul Bunyan can be used for almost any sort of content.

The options for strong offensive support are often limited among 1-3* Servants, and the 3-turn duration of Bunyan's buffs can make her a more powerful option at times than even the likes of Shakespeare. Of course, many Masters will cherish her for her farming potential alone.

Either way, we believe her mixture of support and farming is powerful enough to warrant a place in Tier 2

Tier List Explanation

The explanation button on the Tier List brings up a personalized explanation on why we placed a Servant in the Tier that they are in. For Paul bunyan we added the following Tier List Explantions:

With an incredibly fast Noble Phantasm animation, Paul Bunyan is a staple for Buster farming compositions. Yet, unlike her many of her AoE Berserker peers, Paul Bunyan provides more value than just her farming alone.

The impressive amount of Buster team support built into her kit makes Paul Bunyan an excellent budget support as well, capable of providing new Masters with cheap-to-level support for use during more challenging content or the more difficult farming quests. Her fragile nature can even be a boon in the right circumstance, allowing her to function as a strategic suicidal support who can make room for a Servant with fresh, new skills. 

Still, her damage output is a fair bit lower than her peers who often have stronger personal steroids, an NP Upgrade or simply much higher base stats.

Either way, Paul Bunyan does everything a low rarity Servant ought to do. It's a shame therefore that her availability is limited to Masters who have cleared her event during either July 2019 or July 2020.