Chocolate Screwdriver

ID 460
Cost 3
Base HP 0
Max HP 0
Base ATK 0
Max ATK 0


(Comes at max level)

Limit Break

Valentine's Chocolate from Tamamo-no-Mae (Lancer).
Increase Lancer Coin Choco drops by 2.
[Revival: Valentine's Event 2018 Lite Only]

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: ---

Crafted by the absolutely beautiful Tamamo Summer.

A summer cocktail of melted chocolates to enjoy by the beach.
It is said that it has ten times the sugar and elasticity of normal coffee and milk.
Delicious. But it's dangerous.

"You only faint because it's so delicious.
It's not because it has alcohol! Not one bit!"

...At least, that's what the splendid, white-hatted beauty tries to tell you.