The Queen Witch's Barley Drink



ID 60
Rarity 4★
Illustrator logA


Inflict Poison (3 turns, 1000 damage per turn) on the enemy when attacking with the engraved card. Restore 300 HP for the enemy when attacking with the engraved card. [Demerit]

Acquisition Method

Available for a limited time during the Chaldea Boys Collection 2022 Event.


"The Kykeon Detective Agency is now open!!!

Huh? You already have a detective? Come on, don't be such a wet blanket. This place doesn't just do any old detective work! It is, in fact, humanity's very first detective agency specializing in kykeon! Activities include investigation, shadowing, stakeouts, infiltration, mediation, intervention, escort, handling disputes, recipe suggestions, giving both heartfelt and astute advice... We can handle it all as long as it involves kykeon!

And then...heh heh a long-term goal, I'm actively considering handling cases of infidelity! No matter how hard the case, the wise and beautiful kykeon detective can solve anything as fast as you can say 'o-kaykeon!'
What do you think? Don't all you Medeas think that's wonderful!?"

"I suppose."
"Pancakes sure are the best!"

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