CCC SE.RA.PH Quick Farming Guide

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  • For specific explanations or for mission completion please visit any of the other guide pages or the enemy locator page
  • Depending on how much bonus was used during Main Quest completion, Masters can expect to be done with most of the shop once all missions are cleared. 
  • For Masters with leftover AP, there are a few nodes with excellent drop rates that also convert to QP pretty well. 
  • Ideally, Masters leave their separate unless they receive a few extra copies. Some nodes only require 2 bonus spawn CEs. 
  • For a full breakdown of what the drop rates are with your bonus CEs, please see the Event Calculator below!

Main Farming Nodes

  • Masters can immediately start farming the best Sakura Chip node as soon as Act 4 unlocks. 
  • Sakura Chips can be converted to QP at a good rate with max bonus, being only a bit less efficient than QP dailies, while Masters grind Ascension Materials at the same time.
  • The true drawback of farming this event is the sheer time it takes to farm a quest with max bonus. 
  • Farming the bronze materials is highly discouraged; the drop rate may seem high, but the value per AP spent is not great in comparison.
Best Sakura Chip Node
Item Node Note Enemies
Sakura Chip Lu Bu Fengxian
Weakness Ear
The ultimate Sakura Chip node as it can be run with 2 MLB , while the remaining slots can be filled with 4 Lu Bu Fengxian
Sakura Bot x4
Sakura Handler x4
Best Material Drop Nodes Available With Act 4
Item Node Note Enemies
Phoenix FeatherOctuplet Twin Crystals Lu Bu Fengxian
Weakness Ear
Max Phoenix Feather drop rate: 50%.
Max Octuplet Twin Crystals drop rate: 55%.

Gacha-reliant? No
Lu Bu Fengxian
Sakura Bot x4
Sakura Handler x4
Serpent Jewel Cu Chulainn (Alter)
Cruel Thenar
Max Serpent Jewel drop rate: 83%.
Gacha-reliant? Yes, both and required.
Cu Chulainn (Alter)
Shapeshifter I x3 I
Shapeshifter II x3 II
Shapeshifter III x2 III
Best Material Drop Nodes Available With Encore
Item Node Note Enemies
Octuplet Twin CrystalsTearstone of Blood Tawara Touta
Slipped Knee
Max Octuplet Twin Crystals drop rate: 83%.
Static Tearstone of Blood drop rate: 20%.

Gacha-reliant? No
Tawara Touta
Sakura Bot x6
Phoenix FeatherWarhorse's Young Horn Cu Chulainn (Prototype)
Last Step
Max Phoenix Feather drop rate: 76%.
Static Warhorse's Young Horn drop rate: 19%

Gacha-reliant? No.
Cu Chulainn (Prototype)
Sakura Handler x6
Serpent JewelHeart of the Foreign God Nursery Rhyme
Lover's Squeeze
Max Serpent Jewel drop rate: 68%.
Static Heart of the Foreign God drop rate: 16%

Gacha-reliant? yes, required!
Nursery Rhyme
Shapeshifter Type III x6 III
Serpent JewelCursed Beast GallstoneVoid's Dust Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Only Heart
Max Serpent Jewel drop rate: 69%.
Static Cursed Beast Gallstone drop rate: 16%
Static Void's Dust drop rate: 41%

Gacha-reliant? Yes, both and required!
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
x5 I

Sakura Chip to QP Converter

Sakura Chip

Your Event Bonuses

Event Currency & Ascension Material Drop Rates

Click column headers to sort by drop rate!

Quest Locations

Drop By Enemy

Enemy Sakura Chip x3 Sakura Chip x4 Sakura Chip x5 Ascension
Material Drop Rate

Sakura Worm
128.9% 0% 0%
Chain of Fools

Sakura Bot
0% 166.0% 0%
Octuplet Twin Crystals

Sakura Handler
0% 100.0% 59.2%
Phoenix Feather

Eater TYPE I
113.8% 0% 0%
Deadly Poisonous Needle

0% 175.0% 0%
Deadly Poisonous Needle

0% 100.0% 80.6%
Deadly Poisonous Needle

Eater TYPE X
120.0% 0% 0%
Deadly Poisonous Needle

Shapeshifter TYPE I
131.8% 0% 0%
Serpent Jewel

Shapeshifter TYPE II
0% 165.0% 0%
Serpent Jewel

Shapeshifter TYPE III
0% 99.3% 78.4%
Serpent Jewel

Event Bonus Servants

Class Servants Event Bonus
Gold Saber Sakura Chip+2
Gold Mooncancer
Gold Alter Ego
Gold Saber Sakura Chip+1
Gold Archer
Gold Lancer
Gold Rider
Gold Caster
Gold Berserker

Event Bonus CEs

CE Enemy Type CE Effect Equip To
Sakura enemy spawn +20% (MLB: +50%)
Eater enemy spawn +20% (MLB: +50%)
Shapeshifter enemy spawn +20% (MLB: +50%)
Type I enemy spawn +20% (MLB: +50%)
Sakura Chip +1 Currency (MLB: +2) Any
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