Boss Guide: Ch16-2 (SIN)

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Enemy Layout

Grand Battle 1/1
Qin Shi Huang
Qin Shi Huang
Qin Shi Huang

Boss Statistics

Note: Master Skills are sealed for the first five turns!
Qin Shi Huang
Qin HP
Class Ruler
NP Bar
NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Humanoid, Servant, King, Weak to Enuma Elish, Lawful Good
Passive Stun Nullification: Apply Stun and Pig Immune to self [Unremovable].
Battle Start 1 Supreme World: Increase own Critical Rate by 30% [Permanent, Unremovable]. Recover own HP by 10,000 each turn [Permanent, Unremovable]. Increase Quick, Arts, and Buster Card effectiveness for all enemies (the player's Servants) by 50% [Permanent, Unremovable].
Break Golden Horizon: Apply Debuff Immune to self (5 turns). Increase own NP Gauge to MAX.
Break Intellect's Farthest Limit: Remove all buffs from all enemies. Increase own NP Gauge to MAX.
Skill 1 Scripts Should be Burned A: Decrease NP Gauge for all enemies. Decrease DEF for all enemies (3 turns).
Skill 2 Confucianism Should be Suppressed A: 70% Chance to inflict Stun on all enemies (1 turn). Increase own ATK (3 turns).
Skill 3 Eternal Reign A: Increase own NP Gauge by 1. Remove own Debuffs. Recover own HP.
NP The Domination Beginning: Apply Invincible for yourself (1 turn). Apply Target Focus status for yourself (1 turn). Increase your Critical Strength (3 turns). Increase your Critical Rate (3 turns). Increase your ATK (3 turns).


  • Moderate Difficulty – Qin Shi Huang is a Ruler that resist all the normal Classes except for Berserker. Avenger class is ideal, with both offensive and defensive class advantage, although Alter Ego deals neutral damage and is somewhat passable, while Berserkers can also work if they are protected.
  • Stun Immune + Crit Rate and HP Regen buffs – the boss is permanently Stun (and Pig) Immune, and starts with increased Critical Rate and will Recover 10,000 HP each turn. Dealing damage to bring the boss down quickly is ideal.
  • Break 1: MAX NP Gauge + Debuff Immunity - The boss will charge their NP to maximum upon break, as well as granting themselves a 5-turn debuff immunity. Their NP massively buffs their own ATK, critical rate, and critical strength, giving their normal attacks deadly power. It is highly suggested to have taunt of some sort up to absorb the hits.
  • Break 2: MAX NP Gauge + Buff Removal from party - The boss will once again fill their NP Gauge fully, and this time remove all buffs from enemies in the process. Thankfully, CE taunt effects count as unremovable (as well as the round start Arts/Buster/Quick buffs).
  • Can Stun all enemies – One of their skills has a chance of stunning AoE, while increasing their own ATK.
  • Can Decrease NP Gauge and DEF of all enemies – Another skill can decrease the NP Gauge of all party members, as well as decreasing DEF for three turns.
  • Can Charge own NP Gauge – The boss may randomly increase their own NP Gauge by 1, which makes 3/4 NP bars full a risky prospect. However, as breaking the boss's HP bar will also fill their NP Gauge fully, it can be a bit easier to time the boss's NPs based on when bars are broken.
  • NP grants Invincible and Massive Damage – The boss’s NP grants himself 1 turn of invincibility, and greatly increases ATK, Critical Strength, and Critical Rate. Afterwards, expect a Servant to fall if unprotected; their attacks will hit hard!

Team Recommendations

  • Taunt CEs such as GUDAGUDA Poster Girl are great for Support Servants to redirect the damaging hits and criticals from the boss.
  • Ignore Invincible CEs such as Sweet Crystal are an excellent option for the DPS, allowing them to ignore the boss's NP Invincibility effect and end the battle more quickly.
  • Avenger DPS is the primary go-to choice against Ruler enemies, with ST options being the best. Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) stands out in the bunch with her highly potent damage output. JAlter is capable of soloing the encounter, so those having trouble with the encounter can consider bringing a friend Support Jeanne Alter and bringing low-leveled taunt support.
  • Alter Ego DPS is also an alternative, Meltryllis bringing excellent utility with her buff removal on NP.
  • Taunt Support is essential to the stability of this fight, helping to eliminate the randomness of who the boss will choose to target after their NP. It also has the added bonus of ending the enemy's turn prematurely if the target with Taunt active falls before the boss finishes all three of their actions per turn.
  • Damage and NP Gauge Support as always will greatly speed up the encounter. Placing a Taunt CE on one of the Supports and burning all of their skills before sending them on their way can also help swap in backline Support Servants to further buff up the DPS. As usual, Merlin, Zhuge Liang, and Skadi are all excellent choices.

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Quick Servant Suggestions

- Recommended
Avenger ST DPS
Alter Ego ST DPS
Taunt Support
Offensive Support
Ignore Invincible CEs
Taunt CEs
3 Turns
1 Turn