Boss Guide: Ch11-3 (Olympus)

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Enemy Layout

Evil of Humanity Hoard 1/1
"Beast of Taming"
"Beast of Taming"
"Beast of Taming"
"Beast of Taming"

Boss Statistics

NPC Support: Miyamoto Musashi
Lv90 NP5 10/10/10
Passive Ares Klironomia: Increase own ATK by 20% and Grant 500 Damage Cut to self. [Permanent, Unremovable].
Start of 3rd Turn Void: Grants NPC Miyamoto Musashi Sure Hit status and Increase her Critical Damage by 20% [Permanent, Unremovable].
Mash Kyrielight
If selected, comes with the following skill:
Passive Athena Klironomia: Increase own Quick, Buster and Arts cards effectiveness by 15%, DEF by 20%, and Guts (1 time, 1,000 HP Revival). [Permanent, Unremovable].
"Beast of Taming"
Beast HP
Class Beast
NP Bar
NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Demonic, Divine, Super Giant
Note Normal attacks are AoE; critical hits are ST.
Passive 1 Nega-Weapon: Grant self Offensive Class Advantage against [Hominidae] Trait Servants and Defense Class Disadvantage against [Demonic Beast] Servants. [Permanent, Unremovable].
Passive 2 Blurry, Darkness: Increase own NP Damage Resist by 80% (3 turns, Unremovable) and Critical Damage Resist by 60% (3 turns, Unremovable).
Battle Start 1 Permafrost Koyanskaya: Increase own NP Bar by 1 each turn (3 turns). Increase own Critical Rate by 30% (3 turns). Apply Invincible to self (1 turn). Decrease ATK by 30% for all enemies. (3 turns).
Break Icy Fire Century Koyanskaya: Increase own Critical Strength by 50% (3 turns). Increase NP Bar to MAX. Decrease all enemies' DEF by 30% (3 turns) and Critical Star Drop Rate by 30% (3 turns).
Break Perma-Nation Tayunskapon: Decrease own NP Bar by 1. Decrease own DEF by 30% (3 turns). Inflict Stun status (1 turn) to self. Increase all enemies' ATK by 30% (3 turns) and NP Gauge by 20%. Remove 1 debuff on all enemies and restore their HP by 2,000.
Break Saṃsāra Koyanskaya: Increase own ATK by 30% (3 turns). Apply 50% Special ATK vs [Debuffed] to self (3 turns). Increase own NP Bar by 1. Apply Guts to self (1 time, Revive with 120,000 HP). Recover own HP by 5,000 every turn (5 turns).
Skill 1 Curse, Swell: Inflict Curse on all enemies (10 turns, 400 dmg/turn).
Skill 2 Haze, Dazzle: Apply 80% Chance to Evade to self (5 times, 2 turns). Increase own Critical Rate by 50% (1 turn).
Skill 3 Fear, Revere: Inflict Terror on all enemies (1 time, 3 turns: 50% Chance to Stun each turn) and a Death Trigger Debuff (3 turns, Unremovable): Restore own HP by 50,000 and increase ATK by 50% (3 turns).
* Usually will be used during the first turn.
NP Ominous Star: Deal damage to all enemies. Inflict Curse Damage Up by 100% (3 turns).


  • A large Beast-class boss with four HP bars, this battle can technically be soloed by multiple Servants (see video section). Note the boss's normal attacks hit AoE, while its critical hits are single target.
  • The Boss is Beast IV class, and has advantage against [Hominidae] Trait Servants (2.0x damage) and Defense Class Disadvantage against [Demonic Beast] Servants (2.0x damage). Otherwise, they also deal 0.5x damage to Caster Class.
  • The Boss has a large 80% NP Damage / 60% Crit Damage Resistance for the first three turns, so it can be difficult to deal damage to the boss in the initial turns.
  • At battle start, the boss gains Crit Rate, Invincible, 1 extra NP Charge per turn, and debuffs ATK for the frontline. Note these are removable buffs.
  • Curse and Curse Damage Up effects can be inflicted by the boss's Skills and NP, and can stack.
  • The Boss can inflict Terror (chance of Stun each turn), along with an On-death debuff that will heal the boss by 50k / give it an ATK buff when the debuffed Servant dies.
  • The Boss also has a 5-time, 2 turn Evade skill with 80% chance success, which can be randomly used as a skill during its turn.
  • 1st Break: Charges NP to max, buffs its own Crit Damage, and debuffs the party's DEF and Star Drop Rate.
  • 2nd Break: The boss Stuns itself for a turn, loses 1 NP bar, gets a DEF debuff, while the party gains an ATK buff, 20% NP Gauge, 1 debuff cleared, and 20k HP recovered.
  • 3rd Break: Gains 1-time 120k HP Guts, charges NP bar by 1, an ATK buff, bonus damage against Debuffed enemies, and 5k HP recovery per turn.

Team Recommendations

  • Damage Dealers with [Demonic Beast] trait have Class Advantage for this encounter; they are a solid choice if available in the roster. On the other hand, avoid bringing Human attribute Servants unless the party is prepared for them to perish quickly.
  • Debuff Clear Support is extremely useful in this encounter to remove the Stun and Curse effects that the boss can use, along with any other deleterious debuffs.
  • Buff Removal can also be helpful, with Avenger of Shinjuku being a notable option, having Buff Removal as well as Class Advantage against the boss.
  • Evade/Invincibility Support can help the party survive the boss's AoE NP, particularly after the boss gains a full bar after 1st break.
  • Damage / NP Support is useful in helping the damage dealer quickly bring down the Boss's multiple break bars. Depending on the damage dealer's card color of choice, Skadi, Merlin, Tamamo, or Waver are all good options.
  • Last Stand Servants such as Heracles (Bond CE), Cu Chulainn (Alter), or Cu Chulainn can also help clean up the last hits of the boss if they are available.

Video Links

Quick Servant Suggestions

- Recommended
Demonic Beast Servant DPS
Anti-Trait DPS
Debuff Clear Support
Offensive Support
Last Man / Solo Servant
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