Boss: Amakusa Shirou Ch15-3 (Shimousa)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1
Amakusa Shirou
Amakusa Shirou
Amakusa Shirou

Boss Statistics

Amakusa Shirou
Amakusa HP
NP Bar

NP Type
Up to 3 per turn
Male, Humanoid, Servant, Riding, Brynhild's Beloved, Weak to Enuma Elish
Active Buff 1 Mental Debuff Immune: Apply Mental Debuff Immunity to self. (Unremovable)
Break Superiority: Increase own Critical Rate (5 turns). Increase Critical Star Drop Rate of all enemies (5 turns). [Demerit]
Break Calm and Composed: Increase own NP Strength by 50% (5 turns). Increase Critical Star Drop Rate of all enemies (5 turns). [Demerit]
Skill 1 Revelation A: Increase own Critical Rate (3 turns).
Skill 2 Baptism Rite B+: Increase own NP Gauge by 1.
Skill 3 Divine Judgement C: Chance to apply Stun to a single enemy (1 turn).
NP Twin Arm - Big Crunch: Remove Buffs from all enemies. [Activates first] Deal heavy damage to all enemies. Decrease Critical Star Drop Rate for all enemies (1 turn).


  • After a long journey through Shimousa and many a duel beside Musashi, Masters face the final villain of the Singularity. 
  • Unlike all previous boss encounters Masters can finally select any support they like. Musashi is not a compulsory pick.
  • There are no gimmicks that truly alter the fight, instead, Masters must fight an Avenger Amakusa with Mental Debuff Immunity across 2 extra Break Bars. The true danger lies in Amakusa's famous NP which removes all buffs before dealing damage.
  • Masters cannot rely on Invincibility, Evasion or Defense Up to protect themselves.
  • Amakusa will deal around 10.000-13.000 damage per target with his NP (unbuffed). 
  • On First Break, Amakusa gain increased Critical Damage for 5 turns. On Second Break, Amakusa gains a 50% increased NP Damage for 5 turns.
  • Note: Amakusa's Break Bar buffs are removable.
  • Amakusa can stun a target at key moments or charge his NP at any time. Beware of sudden NPs or a stunned key support.
  • Fortunately, there are counters available that Masters can freely select. As such, this fight does not have to be particularly hard.

Team Recommendations

  • As long as Masters can survive Amakusa's NP once or twice, victory is usually within reach.
  • A sustainable way to deal with Amakusa is to Debuff his Attack or NP Damage. With no damage buffs of his own, Amakusa's NP will be far less lethal depending on the amount of reduced offense. 
  • Nightingale is basically one of the key counter Servants in this fight now that she has her Rank Up. Effectively reducing his damage by 75%(50% if he has his NP Damage buff), the 3000-ish damage that remains is mitigated by her NPs heal or any future healing. 
  • There are alternatives, such as Saber of Empireo, Asterios or Kid Gilgamesh's NP or simply multiple Attack Down debuffs followed by ample amount of Healing. 
  • Beware though, as Amakusa's basic (Critical) Attacks can kill Nightingale. Supporting her with Defense buffs as well as NP Charging inbetween NPs is ideal.
  • In terms of offense, BB is on release the only full class encounter. Moon Cancers receive half damage and can therefore tank an NP even without any help from allies. 
  • Otherwise, Single Target Berserkers are excellent to deal with Amakusa before he can unleash multiple NPs. 
  • A key element of randomness is Amakusa's ability to charge his NP. NP SealsNP DrainsStuns and Skill Seals all help to reduce any random element. In addition, they increase the turn count between NPs, buying either valuable extra time before the next dead Servants, or buying enough time to charge/recharge a debuffing NP/skill.
  • Taunts are also a decent option with which to protect Nightingale between NPs.
  • Craft Essences with Invincibility or Defense Up cannot be removed by Amakusa's NP. They can provide additional protection to go along with any debuff stacking.
  • Lastly, Masters can use Order Change to bring a key Servant to the backline before Amakusa NPs.

Bonus Bond Points Advice

  • With the freedom to select a support, Masters can either borrow a class advantaged DPS, or borrow Nightingale to protect their team from Amakusa's NP. 
  • There are however, a few options in the Knight class that can protect the team, especially if Masters complement either Saber of Empireo or Kid Gilgamesh with additional Attack Downs from Servants such as Orion, Euryale, and Robin Hood.
  • Without class advantage to fall back on, Anti-trait (anti-male especially) delivers excellent damage. 
  • As long as Masters can sustain the team long enough between NPs, Amakusa should fall.
  • NP Drains are also highly effective if masters have access to them, as they increase the period between NPs. Altria (Archer)OrionEmiya (Alter) are all excellent Single target options.

Video Links

Note that these videos are not affiliated with GamePress, but showcase some lineups that are effective in clearing the final challenge. These can serve as a good reference for how to rotate skills during this quest or simply to have a look at the encounter before diving in.

Quick Servant Suggestions

DPS Options (ST)
Attack Down Support
NP Drain Support
Taunt Support

Knight Support Options (for Bond Bonus)

Umu Tier
(Best General Support in Knight Class)
DavidTristan (Teamwide Evasion)
Strong Offensive Support (skills)
Elisabeth Bathory(60% Attack Up Female)
Tamamo-no-Mae (Lancer) (50% Attack Up, etc.)
Minamoto no Raikou (Lancer)(40% Buster + 20% Attack Up)
Gaius Julius Caesar(16% Attack, 18% NP and 40% Critical Up)
Altria Pendragon (Archer)(18% Attack UP + 20% Defense Up)
Shinjuku (Archer)(40% Attack Up Evil)
Ishtar(20% Attack/Critical Up)
Critical Star Generation
Lancelot (Saber)(Instant + Passive)
Vlad III (EXTRA)(Passive + Taunt)
Taunt Servants
Chevalier d'Eon(3-turn Taunt)
Leonidas(Taunt + 25% Buster Buff)
Vlad III (EXTRA)(Taunt + Passive)
Musashibou Benkei(Taunt + Seals)
NP Chargers
Helena Blavatsky (Archer)(20% Teamwide)
Parvati(20% Target/10%+Teamwide on NP)