Babylonia: New Best Farming Locations

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Ascension Items with Babylonia Farming Nodes

(Last Updated 12/08)

Babylonia presents several new farming locations for certain ascension items! Below is a list of ascension items whose new best farming location is found in Babylonia.

Notably, it is now possible to farm Reverse Dragon Scales outside of the daily quests. 

The APD numbers are rounded to the nearest full number.

Item Farm Location Quest Name APD

Field of Reeds
Prayer For A Good Harvest 34

The Traveler's Secret Path 39

Blood Fort
The Quickening Mountain 109

Mt. Ebih
Tremors of the Sacred Mountain 172

Fallen Babylon
The Lost Capital 40

The Entrance to the Underworld 54

Land Between Rivers 79

The Mother Sea 51

Knot of Heaven and Earth 161

Northern Hill
Battlefield Overlook 111