Agartha - New Ascension Item Farming Nodes

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Ascension Farming

(Last Updated 06/25)

Agartha introduces a new Ascension Item: Mysterious Divine Wine. Only one Free Quest in Agartha has a chance to drop them, but unless Masters are in a hurry, it is best to slowly accumulate them during events. 

In addition, the materials listed below all have their new best direct farming location in Agartha. Finally, we can farm Phoenix Feather at our own leisure at decent rates.

Item Farm Location Quest Name APD

Great Underground River
Jungle Voyage 70

Peach Blossom Shangri-La
Village of Dreams 52

Chasm in the Earth
Valley of Diamonds 56

Dragon Palace
The Castle in the Lake 161

Camping Ground
Warriors' Hunting Ground 86

Northern Cliffs
Criminal Disposal 103
Mixed Ascension Item Farming

An aspect of farming that often goes a little unnoticed, is how farming the best drop location in the long run is not always the most AP-efficient way to gather Ascension items.

Some Free Quests with multiple materials are a more efficient way to gather Ascension items if a Master needs both. Considering just how many items are needed for each Servant, it's usually a matter of time until Masters run out of inventory. The more patient Masters will often have a larger amount of materials than the impatient Master. 

Most mixed Free Quests are still fairly bad - but some mixed nodes stand out. It is always good practice to check the top 3 nodes for an Ascension Item and see what other drops can be acquired while farming. For example, Master may still want to grind their Octuplet Twin Crystals at Ideal City in Camelot if they need all 3 of its Ascension Items. 

The mixed Ascension Item drop locations listed below offer a pretty good return on your AP provided a Masters needs all of the listed Ascension Items, but will not be featured as the best location for any of its dropped Ascension Items.

Item Farm Location Quest Name APD
Claw of Chaos
Dragon Fang

Underground Plains
Moss-Illuminated Fields 96
Chain of Fools
Void's Dust

Nightless City
Sleepless City 54
Seed of Yggdrassil
Phoenix Feather

Riverside Town
Amazons' Banquet 50
Dragon Fang
Seed of Yggdrassil
Phoenix Feather

Foothills Jungle
Jungle Hiking 42