5 Star Tier List

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5* Tier List Explanation All 5* Servants are excellent! Their performance often vastly outpaces those of lower rarities and each of them is worth investing in. The tier list is therefore just a comparison tool to judge these Servants by their relative performance. The tier placement is primarily based on a Servant’s current performance, and their placement will often shift with future Interludes and Rank Ups, new competition, and the changing state of the game.
Assumptions: SSR Servants are assumed to be at NP1, 10/10/10 Skills. Double Servant compositions are considered.

Tier EX

The best of the best, these Servants can be put into any team and will vastly improve team performance by a significant margin. Their team support is so powerful that the most powerful teams revolve around them.

Zhuge’s ability to fill teammates’ NP bar on demand, combined with the powerful values on his buffs, make him extremely versatile and potent on every team archetype possible. Including Zhuge in any team reduces the difficulty dramatically and he should always be one of the first names on a team for any event or challenge.
Merlin is the biggest contender for the title “Best Servant in the Game”. Bringing a plethora of absurdly overpowered team support effects, Merlin raises the performance of all Buster-centric Servants by several levels and allows many team setups to reach unmatched heights. Damage, teamwide NP generation, teamwide protection, sustain, and even passive Star Generation, there is almost nothing this fluffy wizard can’t do. While his kit is not quite as efficient for farming as Zhuge Liang or Skadi once released, Merlin’s value in high difficulty content is unparalleled, being able to function flawlessly in both short-term and long-term battles, in both Arts- and Buster-centric teams.

Tier EX-

Servants in this tier are extremely enabling and drastically improve the performance for many teams, although their usage is slightly more restricted and less widely applicable, being slightly more specialized than those in EX tier.

Tamamo does not work nearly as well outside of Arts teams, but she is a staple for dedicated Arts teams. Her unique combination of cooldown reduction, team NP charge, party heal and a targetable Art’s performance up buff is unmatched in the current state of the game. Tamamo allows any Arts team to either stall their way to victory, or chain offensive Noble Phantasms endlessly in quick succession.
Skadi arguably introduces a new meta change, greatly increasing the viability of Quick Servants across the board with her targetable 50% Quick buff and Quick Card Critical Damage boost. The Quick boost also increases NP Gain, and in turn, NP refund for Quick-type NPs, which enables 3-turn loop setups. She also comes with a targetable 50% NP Gauge boost, which any Servant would find useful. Her remaining skill provides a 3-turn DEF debuff against all enemies that also reduces their Critical Rate. Her Arts Support NP provides a 1-time Evade to all allies, along with a Critical Damage boost, a small Damage Cut, and an Instant Death Immunity effect. If she has a weakness, it is that among the Support Servants, she is likely the least durable, as her NP is her only means of mitigating damage. However, true to her name as the premiere Quick Support, she can oftentimes end encounters so quickly that her lack of durability is not much of an issue.

Tier A+

These Servants are among the best at their role. They either perform well in any team, or have access to a powerful specialization for the current state of the game.

Jack the Ripper
With some of the best Star Generation and NP Generation in the game, Jack the Ripper not only works fantastically as a standalone damage dealer, but also as a premier Critical Star generator for the team. Her bonus damage against female enemies and targetable buff removal are also extremely useful, as the game has no shortage of bosses who are female or like to spam buffs.
Cu Chulainn Alter is a Berserker with high attack stats combined with the ability to do Buster Brave Chains while having an overwhelmingly potent kit for survival. These traits make him a fantastic addition to any team. While he does not have a particularly powerful niche, his performance independent of team setup and his consistency in both surviving and dealing damage land him a well-deserved spot in Tier 1.
One of the best Art Damage Dealers in the game, Summer Altria’s claim to fame is her extraordinary NP refund. Thanks to a combination of Excalibur Vivian’s high hit counts and overcharge effect, Summer Altria can use multiple Noble Phantasm in rapid succession. On top of that she has an excellent supportive skill set to further bolster any Art team’s survivability. Once this lovely King of Knights get going, she is simply unstoppable.
Ozymandias’s ability to support his team with two team-wide buffs is both extremely unique and powerful at the same time. Furthermore, the combination between Protection of the Sun God and Imperial Privilege makes him a fantastic damage dealer with consistently high damage output and durability.

Tier A

Powerful Servants that are among the top in performing their role in the current state of the game. They are often self-sufficient, or their outstanding performance in specific setups lends them high desirability.

Gilgamesh specializes at two very useful niches. First, he has a powerful AoE Noble Phantasm well suited for both farming and single target damage due to the majority of bosses in the game being Servants. Additionally, he performs well as a Buster Critical Damage Dealer thanks to a combination of on-demand Critical Absorption, high natural Critical Damage, high base stats and the ability to do Buster Brave Chains.
Miyamoto Musashi
It is not an exaggeration to say Musashi has incredible damage potential among Sabers. Thanks to her extremely unique and potent first skill, Fifth Force, Musashi can reliably charge her NP and have surprisingly good Star Generation despite having a triple Buster deck. Add in the steroids from her second skill and Noble Phantasm, and we get one of the best Single Target damage dealers in the game, particularly when accompanied by Servants like Merlin. Considering she also packs great team utility with her ability to clear enemy buffs and having great survivability with debuff clear and invulnerability, Musashi is fantastic in many single target Challenge Quests. However, due to being highly dependent on certain cards and card chains, Musashi can be frustratingly inconsistent when things don’t go her way. In addition, her use outside of Challenge Quests is rather limited given how tricky it is to fully charge her NP from scratch.
An AoE Quick Rider with an NP battery, strong survivability, and team utility, Achilles is a fantastic Servant with a clear and effective gameplan. His baseline performance can already give most of his Rider peers a run for their money, but he becomes truly ridiculous when properly supported, capable of looping his Noble Phantasm with proper support.

Hokusai's overall performance is strong enough that even outside her Foreigner niche, her potential as a cornerstone to any Arts AoE NP spamming team is downright impressive. Even outside of difficult content, or any poor Berserker enemies, her ability to refund and charge her NP can even land her a spot during farming sessions. Sadly, at NP1, this farming potential is often hard to access.

Yet, she suffers from the general problem most Extra class Servants have: a frequent lack of class advantage. Even against Berserkers she still competes against all other classes, if durability is not an issue. 

Still, Hokusai's potential damage (especially against Human attribute opponents) makes her a very strong pick for most mixed class (Challenge) Quests, as all her steroids will then provide enough damage potential to offset any lack of class advantage.


This sadistic Alter Ego is a classic case of how one’s class can tremendously elevate or hinder a Servant’s potential. Meltryllis is not lacking in most aspects, possessing good NP and Star Generation, decent utility, strong sustained damage and better survivability than most. However, her Alter Ego class means her damage is rarely, if ever, the best against certain enemies. Unfortunately, specialization is generally better over the long run as a Master's roster grows ever larger.

Yet, Meltryllis does become more relevant in the future thanks to a combination of a Rank Up that makes her Melt Virus much easier to use, and the existence of better support for Quick Servants. For now, she remains a strong Servant, but one that is still biding her time. 

With a fantastic skill set across the board and heavy frontal burst damage, Quetzalcoatl is easily one of the best Riders in the game. She is easy to use and set up, and particularly effective at what she does, making her a prime candidate for quickly killing Berserker or Caster bosses. Furthermore, her utility is also fantastic, offering a strong teamwide attack buff, targetable Buster and Guts, and NP seal on her Noble Phantasm. Her Buster-centric kit allows her to stay relevant for a long time with the release of Merlin.
Ishtar is easily one of the best farming Archers in the game. Boasting a whopping 50% instant NP charge, extraordinary base stats, three steroids jammed into her kit and an AoE Buster Noble Phantasm, Ishtar has everything she needs to make herself useful for farming events. The Queen of Heaven’s kit does have a couple of weak points, as her only survivability tool has but a 80% chance to proc, and her massive attack buff can be tricky to fully utilize for less experienced players. Nonetheless, Ishtar is a very valuable Archer whose usefulness only goes up over time, and is a massive life-saver for any contents requiring powerful AoE Archers.

There is no denying that MHXA becomes a good Servant down the road, but much of her strength is absent on her initial release. Her access to a strong Quick steroid greatly boosts her performance, but with her low base Attack and a lack of access to powerful Quick supports, she still does not have enough firepower to compete with the current upper tier Berserkers in term of raw damage output, even with her fantastic NP generation rate and decent Star generation rate.

Furthermore, while she has a high HP base and a self-heal, MHXA still suffers from the same survivability problems that plague most Berserkers with paper thin durability. Her Anti-Saber niche grants her some use, as she can potentially outdamage most Archers, but she lacks their defensive benefits against Sabers. All in all, MHXA is by no means a terrible Servant, but at this point in time, she does not have all the necessary tools to show her true strength just yet.  

Being a versatile attacker with strong single target and AoE damage at the same time, it is not surprising to see Raikou at the top of the damage dealers’ echelon. Her bonus damage against a vast array of enemies and Buster Critical Damage centric kit ensure that she never falls out of favor and remains consistent for a long time.
Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki holds the very rare niche of being the one of the few Berserkers in the game who can unleash his Noble Phantasm immediately without being overly reliant on a Craft Essence and teammates’ support. His raw damage is incredibly high and terrific for one-shotting small bosses, but it is offset by his extremely poor survivability.

Shuten has the rare niche of being an AoE Arts Assassin with a plethora of debuffs. She also has good base stats, and strong NP & Critical Star generation. Her problems lie in her poor base Noble Phantasm damage, the low values on each of her individual debuffs and her lackluster skillset. She also does not function particularly well outside of Arts teams, and even in Arts teams her performance is not strong enough to elevate her to the next tier.
A devastating skillset that fixes all Avenger weaknesses, along with the best Attack stat in the game, propel Jeanne Alter to the throne of one of the top Buster Critical Damage Dealers. There’s little that needs to be said about Jeanne Alter, as her absurdly high raw damage is so strong it overshadows her relatively poor class advantage and mediocre bulk.
Edmond Dantes
By virtue of being an Avenger, Dantes has an extremely high Attack stat. His skillset is also by no means bad, but he is highly held back by the un-upgraded modifier on his Noble Phantasm, a lack of a Critical Star gathering buff, and the lack of Ruler enemies in general to make use of his class advantage.

Nero Bride is a strong hybrid attacker/buffer that performs well both independently and in specific setups. Often used in Arts-centric teams, Nero Bride is fantastic at helping a teammate’s NP spamming capacity, while also being capable of dishing out notable damage thanks to her own high NP generation rate and strong Noble Phantasm after her Interlude. Because of her well-roundedness, Nero Bride is also a good backline member to bring out when a frontliner fall in battle, as she can fulfill either Support and/or DPS duty in their stead.

However, her versatility is also her downfall, as Nero Bride is neither the best Arts support nor DPS, and thus can be replaced by Servants with more specialized skill sets in optimal Arts teams.

Okita Souji
Okita draws many similarities to Jack the Ripper. Her high NP generation and Star Generation makes her a consistent and reliable single target damage dealer and Critical Star generator. However, her card deck being Quick-oriented hurts her current viability as it lowers her potential damage output before Skadi arrives. Furthermore, Okita does not offer any unique niche to the team to propel her to the next level.
Francis Drake
Drake is easily one of the best farming Servants in the game thanks to her fantastic self-sufficient kit and the ability to chain her AoE Noble Phantasm in quick succession. Drake, however, is not that fantastic at dealing single target damage, as she lacks strong self-buffs as well as any form of bonus damage against certain enemy types to distinguish herself from other AoE Riders.
Jeanne d'Arc (Archer) makes for an extremely solid AoE Arts Archer, with a kit of all-around solid buffs from all three flavors of Arts, NP damage, and ATK buffs. She also provides an ATK buff for all allies that further boosts Good-aligned Servants (up to 40% value), making her a notable support in specific compositions. Her 40% NP charge also enables her to NP more quickly (or more times), and she has a bit of survival built in with her 2-time, 3 turn invincibility skill. Fans of Jeanne d'Arc,dolphins, whales, and other aquatic mammals alike will find her an asset to any Arts team.

Tier B

Strong Servants with great potential. Typically they have some weaknesses that can be readily compensated for by supports. Against the right opponents or with the right composition, their specializations will outperform higher tier Servants.

Altria Pendragon
Altria’s base skill set is rather vanilla, being quite similar to Iskander in terms of skills and stats, except her skills are all slightly worse value-wise. However, Altria does have access to the most damaging AoE NP among all Sabers. With access to a 30% charge from her Rank Up on her third skill, she provides quick access to Excalibur for Masters in need of a powerful farmer / wave clearer.
Cleopatra is easily among the best AoE Assassins in the game. She is extremely self-sufficient with fantastic NP generation and Star generation rates. She also has a plethora of buffs and has amazing survivability thanks to both healing and Invulnerability on demand. However, the Egyptian Queen has some noticeable flaws that keep her away from the top tiers. For starters, her chance-based Imperial Privilege is heavily dependent on RNG, making her performance less consistent. Furthermore, the lack of an Interlude for her Noble Phantasm results in a somewhat underwhelming damage output per NP activation. Nonetheless, Cleopatra is still among the most premium AoE Assassins that the game offers and Tier 2 is a well-deserved placement for her.
BB (Summer)
With serious style and a serious tan, BB (Summer) is the first Moon Cancer Servant available from the Gacha. Her AoE Buster NP offers some stalling utility by decreasing enemy NP charge up to twice each use, and is bolstered by her own Buster and NP Strength buffs, each of which last 3 turns. She also comes with an ever handy 50% NP Charge, giving her quicker access to her NP. She has a nice self critical damage and star gathering buff, with 2 stars per turn passively from her class skill and additional stars from her third skill. The most unique aspect of BB (Summer) is her Faceless Moon skill, which will lock the currently dealt Command Cards for the next 3 turns. However, it should be noted that the support viability of this skill in most cases is not worth sacrificing a true support slot, as BB (Summer) has no other means of support aside from the card lock and Critical Star generation. Another unique trait of BB (Summer)'s is that she is immune to Burn, which is rather niche but still nice. Her kit is solid, and her uniqueness in class and utility combine to make her a solid Servant.
Ivan the Terrible is a highly solid AoE Rider option by all metrics. He comes with effectively two Buster Performance boosts, an NP Gain boost, critical star generation, and the utility of both a self debuff cleanse and AoE buff removal. His Buster cards are sure to deliver heavy blows to his opponents. While his lack of NP Charge lessens his potential as a farming unit, the damage and utility the Emperor of Lightning provides are more than enough to make up for it.
Illya possesses the highest NP damage value of all Casters currently in the game, and by some margin. Her burst damage is impressive, and she is remarkably durable given her access to both a guts and an Invincibility. Her NP Gain is problematic, although fortunately a double dose of NP Gain buffs help to combat the worst of it. Sadly, her Caster class does reduce her overall damage performance by quite a bit, especially if she gets debuffed by her own NP. Nonetheless, if something needs a large beam to the face, Illya is one of the best for the job.
Fantastic NP, Critical Star Generation, and a useful overcharge effect on her single-target Noble Phantasm land Summer Tamamo a spot in many teams dedicated to killing bosses. While her skill set has some amazing effects combined together, their demerits can be quite annoying to fully utilize her skill set, especially for inexperienced players. Nonetheless, Summer Tamamo is a force to be reckoned with, and can easily take over the Lancer spot for many players.

Nero Claudius(Caster) is strong overall Servant, but excells especially in her role as farming Servant. With a 50% NP Charge, a powerful targetable steroid, 2 Buster cards, high NP Gain, and multiple steroids to buff herself with, Nero Claudius has all the essential components for an ideal farming Servant. However, even outside of farming her performance is strong, with nice defenses against counter-class enemies, Pierce Invincibility on NP and two exceedingly powerful Arts cards to charge her NP Gauge with.

Still, her unsynced cooldown limit her a bit, while her overall survability competes with applying her steroids for offense. In addition, her damage ceiling does suffer from being placed in the relative offense-unfriendly Caster class. Regardless, Nero Claudius (Caster) adds great quality of life to any Master.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes provides a powerful mixture of Critical Damage, Offensive Team Support and situational Defense-Piercing Utility. With his flexible and durable Ruler class further augmented by an Evasion, Sherlock is great pick for almost any challenging content. Indeed, if supplied with Critical Stars, Sherlock's high NP Gain allows him to rather easily trigger back-to-back NPs, all the while he demolishes the enemy with his own critical hits. 

Yet, while Sherlock offers a significant amount of support on his NP, his skills are largely selfish and mostly serve to help him gain access to his NP. Meanwhile, his Ruler class leaves him without class advantage for most of the content, often making his damage and support inferior to full class encounters. This lack of class advantage and his non-damaging NP also make his use outside of challenging content rather limited.

Having a quite unique playstyle amongst Lancers, the dearest friend of the King of Heroes has a lot of tricks to his game. From a powerful single-target Noble Phantasm, strong Star and NP generation to one of the best self-heal skills in the game, Enkidu can fulfill multiple roles in the party to a good degree. However, they lack a true specialization to propel them to the top of the Lancer ladder. While they are a good generalist, and are quite self-sufficient, in most circumstances they get overshadowed by other premium Lancers who specialize in one thing.
Jeanne d'Arc
While Jeanne’s skills are mediocre, if not somewhat weak, her bulk and Noble Phantasm make her an amazing tank that can protect teammates and can fit well in any stall team. With her Interlude available, Jeanne's biggest weakness has been removed and she becomes a powerhouse for any stalling team. Her use outside of the most challenging content remains limited however, and any quests where damage is key remains Jeanne's largest weakness.
The genius painter might not be a force to be reckoned with, but her farming ability is definitely above average. The combination of Pioneer of the Stars and Golden Rule (Body) allows Da Vinci-chan to easily charge her NP gauge compared to most of her competition. Regrettably, she does not have much to offer to the team due to her lackluster Caster damage output and a lack of teamwide utilities on her skills.
Xuanzang Sanzang
Sanzang is currently the best offensive Caster with some nice supportive skills. Her ability to instantly charge her NP bar also makes her fantastic at doing frontal burst damage, especially with her NP Upgrade Rank Up. However, her lack of strong offensive self-buffs severely does hamper her damage output over the course of a battle and she has to rely on her Supports and CEs to compensate for that.
Brynhild is a good hybrid between damage dealer and support. Her ability to grant allies Critical Absorption is quite unique and her upgraded Noble Phantasm offers strong extra damage coverage. Her Buster nature and good generation performance makes her a consistently strong pick as a primary Lancer even if her anti-trait doesn't cover as many Servants as her direct peers. She does lack a strong survivability tool though, which hampers her ability to stay on the field over time. Will receive a skill upgrade in the future, granting her access to a particularly powerful targetable Star Gathering buff.
Karna’s kit combines the strong aspects of many Servants without being overly specialized, making him a great jack of all trades Servant. He fares best as a Buster Critical Damage Dealer thanks to his powerful steroids and high Attack stat, while his bonus damage against Divine enemies make him a great pick in many circumstances. Karna’s downsides are his lack of survival tools as well as the lack of any means to reliably gather Critical Stars for himself.
Nikola Tesla
Tesla is a fantastic farming Servant thanks to his instant NP charge and high damage AoE Noble Phantasm. Furthermore, his Noble Phantasm has fantastic coverage as it does extra damage to a wide array of Servants, allowing him to fare very well in many boss battles. However, he is rather reliant on his Noble Phantasm to deal meaningful damage, and his skill set isn’t quite powerful enough to make Tier 1.
Mordred is a great farmer thanks to the ability to instantly charge her Noble Phantasm with Secret of Pedigree and her strong upgraded Noble Phantasm. Her base stats are also decent for a Saber, but both her generation stats and her skillset are extremely vanilla and often do not offer her prolonged effectiveness on the battlefield. Furthermore, her Noble Phantasm’s overcharge effect is very niche, and rarely finds use throughout the game.
Scathach has great coverage against Undead and Divine enemies, who commonly appear in the game, and which include a lot of Archers and Berserkers. Her Noble Phantasm is also fantastic against bosses thanks to its high damage and guaranteed stun, making her a prominent boss killer. Scathach, however, suffers from the inconsistency of her NP generation rate and the RNG on her first skill, making her hard to fully utilize. Many high profile Archers in the game also possess Divinity, which pushes her damage against those targets through the roof.
Sitonai is the less common Alter Ego class, and primarily is a single-target Arts damage dealer. She comes with a 30% NP Gauge charge at max skill level, which will help her quickly unleash her Noble Phantasm to remove an unwanted Cavalry or Foreigner-class enemy. Her NP has bonus effects of decreasing DEF and Critical Rate, along with decrease NP Charge for [Dragon] trait enemies, providing a bit of situational stall utility. In addition, she can increase her own Attack and provide Stars (albeit chance-based), increase her own Arts Card effectiveness and grant herself Debuff Immunity (not chance-based). Finally, she has a hard survival option in the form of 1 turn of Invincibility, and a bonus minor Damage Cut effect for all allies. Taken together, she has a decent kit, hampered mainly by her class typing, which ends up making her less than optimal for most situations aside from Foreigner class enemies, as the Alter Ego damage multiplier against Cavalry is only x1.5 rather than x2.

Tier C

The workhorses, Servants with good performance who will shine with the right team and against the right opponents. They typically have a solid niche of their own and can carry a team to victory even against the most difficult opponents.

Vlad III
Vlad draws many similarities to Orion. He is a fantastic Arts Damage Dealer with strong damage output and consistent performance when the team is built around him. He excels particularly in heavy Arts teams during Challenge Quests where his NP can be used liberally and defense buffs can be stacked. Outside of Arts teams and for general farming, Vlad is much less powerful. His poor NP generation becomes far more noticeable and detrimental outside of Arts teams in particular.
Orion is one of the best male killers in the game alongside Euryale. This grants her plenty of opportunities to shine, particularly in Challenge Quests with strong male bosses. Her highly defensive skills and the powerful secondary effects on her Noble Phantasm are particularly consistent with her role. Unfortunately, Orion is, quite frankly, much weaker outside of Arts teams. Her reliance on an AQQ chain to generate NP, poor Attack stat and lack of powerful skills make her not worth including in generic teams most of the time.
Amakusa Shirou
Amakusa Shirou distinguishes himself through his Noble Phantasm’s AoE enemy buff clear, making him a very potent choice for boss fights. His Ruler class also makes him exceptionally tanky against most enemies and also grants him a good base neutral damage output, but his skillset heavily hampers his offensive capability.
Nightingale possesses a good supportive skillset, being able to keep her teammates alive, provide a powerful targetable Buster buff, and also being able to contribute offensively with her Berserker class. However, the frailty from being a Berserker is often more troublesome than it is worth, as it makes Nightingale a frustratingly inconsistent Servant in most stall teams and relegates her to the short-term buff bot role. Her Noble Phantasm has been much improved, but remains vulnerable to enemy self-buffs all the while even with all debuffs active their damage can prove lethal.
Sessyoin Kiara

At first sight, Kiara has some standout skills with a wide array of strong effects tacked on and several amazing passives. However, she is severely hamstrung by her poor damage output and the high cooldown on all of her skills. Being an Arts Alter Ego with wide coverage, Kiara is a decent alternative for Masters with limited Servant rosters and a preference for Arts Servants, but her value diminishes as more options are available. One primary advantage is her strong NP charge opening up some nice farming opportunities via Arts refunding.

Kiara is definitely not a terrible Servant even in her initial state, but her lack of focus on a specialization means she is rarely if ever the best choice for a task. Luckily for this Devilish Bodhisattva, her usefulness will increase notably in the future with two Rank Up quests.

Hijikata Toshizo

The Demon Commander of the Shinsengumi is a prime example of a glass cannon, packing some of the highest damage potential in the game alongside equally poor survivability. Hijikata’s damage comes from two main sources that scale harder the lower his HP gets: his single target Noble Phantasm and his third skill, Law of the Shinsengumi, which grants a strong Critical Damage boost on top of Star Absorption for three turns. He fits incredibly well into modern Buster-centric teams, working as a focal point for the team to support around.

Hijikata, however, is as frail as a Berserker can get, both lacking hard survivability and having a lackluster HP stat for a 5 Star Servant. While this does play into his own niche by helping him reaching critical levels of HP easier to bring out his best offensive capacity, he is extremely prone to getting one-shotted, especially against stray critical hits.

Trading her signature Excalibur for her divine spear, Altria Pendragon’s performance has definitely improved. While an instant 50% NP gauge charge is incredibly useful for farming, it is not enough to propel her to even higher tiers. Her skillset is still fairly one dimensional and as a result, she offers little to the team after launching her Rhongomyniad.
First Hassan
King Hassan is certainly a peculiar Assassin amidst the pool of wacky Quick and Arts murderers. Packing three Buster cards, two strong steroids, a Buster single target Noble Phantasm and the appearance of a Dark Souls boss, one could call him a Berserker in disguise. He is one of the strongest solo Servant in the game thanks to a combination of good damage and fantastic survivability, and can also serve the role of the last man for any challenge quest. However, while his deck heavily improves his capacity for destruction, his Star gen and NP gen take a hit, even with his monstrously high NP gain per hit. Essentially, it makes King Hassan heavily reliant on teammates and getting the right card chains to build up NP charge. Furthermore, his skill set does not provide any relevant form of utility, which is problematic when his class’s damage potential reduces his damage potential.. Ultimately, King Hassan suffers from being a low-utility dedicated damage dealer in a class not very suited for pure damage.
Abigail Williams

As one of the few Servants with the Foreigner class, Abigail is a welcome Berserker counter for any Master who dreads their otherwise universal class advantage. Packing a strong Single Target Buster NP, NP Charging over time, heavy team support and stalling utility, as well as Amakusa’s buff removal before her NP activates, Abigail should have all the essential ingredients for a remarkable performance. 

Yet, Abigail suffers from an utterly incomprehensible low base NP Gain, practically destroying how quickly she can charge her NP. As such, she is dependent on Arts chains and team support to (re-)charge her NP, as her own skills also carry a significant cooldown. Nonetheless, her performance is still rather strong especially against any unfortunate Berserkers who see their 1.5x class advantage fall to a 0.5x class disadvantage against Abigail.


Ereshkigal dips her toes in a bit of everything with a stat budget leaning towards heavily favoring HP. It is a testament to the strength of her skills, NP Gain and sheer survivability that Ereshkigal can still perform very admirably as a main DPS or a defensive hybrid in Challenge Quests, or farm well with her 50% NP Charge as part of a 3-turn farming composition.

Yet, her lack of just sheer Attack stats makes her a second best solution in a game where all-out offense is often more rewarding. She cannot farm as well as her main Lancer competition, she cannot support as well as a full support nor can she handle the role of main DPS as strongly for any fast-paced Challenge Quest. Nevertheless, her flexibility will generally allow her to patch up any hole in a Master's roster with little difficulty.

A mix of mostly wave clearing and some Debuff-centric Support, Anastasia is a versatile Caster that can fit well in almost any type of Arts set up. Her primary use as a farmer comes from her powerful and rare 50% NP Charge, her strong Arts steroid, and high NP refund potential. Outside of farming, Anastasia’s plethora of debuffs, her Charisma and her Stun make her a good main damage dealer in AoE fights especially when supports can provide the sustained damage and survival she is meaning.

Yet, Anastasia does have some major drawbacks, namely her lackluster damage output and poor survivability. Farming multiple waves especially can be tricky if the enemies have high HP numbers, as her Arts Effectiveness buff only lasts a single turn. Nonetheless, her versatility, Arts compatibility, and farming efficiency make her a desirable Servant for many a roster.

A strong AoE Buster Archer by all means, Napoleon brings a healthy dosage of damage steroids for both himself and his party, providing both Attack and NP Strength boosts to the party. He also comes with a 30% NP Gauge charge move that also provides stars and a Crit Star Drop Rate buff, making him an effective farmer. However, he lacks any sort of survival options, and has a rather low HP pool for his rarity. His NP has an Ignore Invincibility buff, which is always handy, and also has a unique Ignore DEF effect as a buff rather than a built-in NP effect, which allows his post-NP Cards to also ignore DEF. He functions as a very straightforward, damage focused AoE Buster Servant in a class with steep competition.
Xiang Yu
Xiang Yu is a Berserker-class Quick type AoE damage delaer, with a straightforward kit consisting of selfish Quick/Buster/Crit Strength buffs, the ability to Ignore Invincible and generate Stars per turn, and a 1-turn Evade with a further Crit Strength boost. He can notably reach +100% Critical Damage buffs (or +150% post-upgrade), although he also lacks any way to increase his own Star Gather Rate, which works poorly with his base Berserker class star weight. Having a Quick AoE NP is also attractive for owners of Skadi, however he has trouble looping reliably without extra setup, and his card deck only has a single Quick card aside from his NP, making it somewhat more difficult to take full advantage of Quick support. Even so, being an AoE Berserker means he will likely decimate the battlefield of most any type of enemy aside from Foreigners, and makes for an effective wave-clearer who is applicable to many situations.

Tier D

Solid Servants, who often require more support to fully make use of. They typically face stronger competition in their role, lack the support necessary to show their true potential, or have a distinct weakness in their kit. Regardless, they will easily outperform most lower rarity Servants.

Altera is a heavy statstick with amazing Attack stats and good skills. What separates Altera from her counterparts, Mordred and Altria, who are quite similar, is that Altera is not just simply an AoE farmer thanks to her strong basic card damage. Once she gets a Strengthening Quest for her second skill, Altera can also perform decently as a Buster Critical Damage Dealer.
Arjuna has a relatively poorly optimized kit. His card layout, short steroid, and generation stats are less than ideal for his damage role, while his strongest skill, Hero of the Endowed, is gated by a high cooldown. Arjuna does possess good base stats and a decently strong AoE Noble Phantasm, enough to fulfill the role of a farmer very well. His long-lasting debuff Immunity after his second Interlude will make him more useful for some debuff heavy challenging encounters.
MHX’s strong base stats and fantastic NP and Star Generation are let down by her lackluster skill set, as well as an extremely limited niche in killing Saberface enemies. She is a good statstick of an Assassin who would do quite well against Rider enemies most of the time, but her downsides are noticeable compared to other available counterparts.
AoE Instant Death is not an amazing niche, but it can be quite useful from time to time, especially for farming. Ryougi Shiki’s offense is not top tier, but on the other hand she makes up for it with her extreme bulk, capable of surviving for a long time on the field and continuing to use her Noble Phantasm.
Queen Medb
Queen Medb's performance shifts over time, and with her NP Upgrade she has already gained much more power. While her Anti-Male attribute grants her a good niche, her low Attack and middling skill set ultimately hold her back in terms of general performance. She does have one more Skill Upgrade to look forward to, which helps to shore up her offensive performance in particular.
Iskander is a cannon that often can shoot only once, but hits with a truckload of cannon fire. His skills are all short-term buffs and his stats are nothing extraordinary to help carry his weight. He is often used solely as a farmer who is done most of the time after using his extremely damaging Noble Phantasm, as his lack of NP generation puts a big dent in his overall sustained firepower. However, with an upgrade to Tactics in the future, his sustained damage performance will certainly improve.

Archer of Shinjuku has many tools in his arsenal. Packing exceptional ST Noble Phantasm damage thanks to multiple steroids, strong teamwide offensive utility, and a kit well-suited for Critical teams, this dandy shooter is a versatile Archer that can work in different teams.

However, versatility can be both a virtue and a vice in Fate/Grand Order, and Archer of Shinjuku is a fantastic example of that conundrum. He can work as either an NP spamming Servant with his triple Arts deck and NP battery, or as a Critical Damage Dealer, but he does not particularly excel at either role. Furthermore, his access to only a single Buster card reduces his direct damage potential as well as making it more difficult to choose a right teammate for him. The lack of any form of survivability is also an issue, and without protection from teammates, he can be taken out quickly in tougher missions. As a result, he tends to get sidelined for Archers who excel better at particular niches.

Regardless, Archer of Shinjuku is a solid Archer who can consistently give a passable performance in most scenarios, but does not have enough of a true niche to shine above his more specialized competitors.

With what can only be described as ludicrous speed damage potential on her NP, Maid Alter's single target NP Damage stands amongst the highest of all Servants outside of anti-trait shenanigans. In addition, she packs rare targetable cooldown reduction and some Quick support for her allies, while her critical capability is rather decent given her passives. 

It's a good thing she criticals easily, as her NP Gain is rather middling, with her Quick cards being rather weak. Her sustained damage is likewise on the weaker side, relying on her NP to do the heavy lifting. Along with her lack of survival, Maid Alter is thus difficult to support properly, especially without Skadi to improve her performance. Yet, her placement may yet improve when Quick supports become more readily available. 


Despite being overshadowed by stronger supports, Masters who lack any of those (NP Charging) supports will find Osakabehime rather useful during Raid Event or combating Rider bosses. With an NP Charge, hefty Defense Down, and Buff Removal, Osakabehime also thrives with the Chaldea Combat Uniform’s Order Change. Furthermore, her own damage and survival potential is not to be underestimated as she is quite capable of soloing her fair share of difficult Rider bosses.

Naturally, her double dose of upgrades will noticeably improve her performance, expanding her support to Buster Servants in addition to her Quick support, as well as grant her a large teamwide Critical Damage buff on a short cooldown.

Semiramis is an Assassin-class Buster-type AoE damage dealer. She touts a non-standard Assassin deck with three Arts cards, allowing her to form Arts chains readily. However, this also indirectly reduces her damage potential, as she cannot NP-B-B chain. She does provide a very potent Buster Resist Down debuff, although this also comes at the cost of 8 Critical Stars. A rare trait is her ability to eliminate her weakness against Caster enemies, making her an Assassin that can stand up decently versus Casters. In the end, however, Masters may often prefer to select a Rider with full class advantage against Casters. She requires specific setups to use correctly, and is not always the best pick for an encounter, so she does not quite make the higher tiers in her current form.
Okita Souji (Alter) provides a decent source of anti-Cavalry damage with her AoE Buster NP and myriad of self buffs, with a very handy 30% self NP charge. Her entire kit is focused around enhancing her own damage, with an added 1-time Evade for some survivability, and some critical star gather capability. However, she suffers from her Alter Ego typing, making her a generally suboptimal choice for damage (despite it being her specialty), particularly against mono-class waves. She would be the more optimal choice during Events where she has a damage bonus, or against waves of multiple Foreigner class enemies, which are unfortunately very rare at this time.
A single target Buster Saber with an anti-Dragon niche, Sigurd offers solid Critical damage capabilities in his kit, with a notable +100% Critical Strength boost as well as a targetable Star Drop Rate buff. His ability to give Debuff Immunity to an ally of choice us useful in some situations. He also has a Buster steroid that comes with a Guts effect. His inability to boost his Star Gather also hurts his performance as a critical damage dealer, however. In practice, his damage outside of his niche tends to be mediocre, and given his niche is relatively rare, particularly for cases in which he can also utilize class advantage, in most situations Sigurd may not be the ideal damage pick.

Tier E

Servants who either have competition too strong for their specialization or who lack a strong specialization. Often they have a future upgrade to look forward to that shifts their placement. They will perform decently nonetheless and still put up a great performance with the right support.

This lady-killer version of King Arthur shares many similar traits in terms of gameplay with the original Altria Pendragon. While he packs incredible base stats compared to most Sabers in the game, his skill set is altogether quite simplistic in an increasingly competitive roster. His third skill, Giant Beast Slaying, is what sets him apart from most of his competitors, offering a small NP battery skill and an unusual niche against Giant enemies. As a result, he is quite useful for day-to-day and event farming.

However, it is not enough to offset his otherwise average skill set and relatively low Saber AoE NP Damage. Only after his massive buff to Intuition (ETA: June 2021), will he incorporate a more distinct identity as a Buster Critical Saber. 

Amongst the populated AoE Caster role, Caster of the Nightless City does hold a specific niche in countering enemies with the “King” trait. Coupled with her strong NP refund potential and Challenge Quest-focused skill set, she is supposed to handle AoE Challenge Quests especially well. Unfortunately, at release, her pitiful base stats and poorly fit together skill set drag her usability down immensely in general situations, as her damage is simply too poor to make use of her NP refund while her utility does not hold together well yet.

All is not lost for this thanatophobic Caster, as she receives Interludes and Rank Ups that improve her NP damage as well as provide her with a unique niche ability to provide Guts to the entire party tied to a skill. Although this is a rare ability among the cast, and has usage in a select few encounters, it is not quite enough to push her to the higher tiers.


: Tier placement will move down at least 1 Tier in the future.

: Tier placement will move up at least 1 Tier in the future.