VA-11 HALL-A x Girls' Frontline Collaboration Pre-Info


A few months back, Mica-team and Sukeban Games announced that there would be a collaboration between their two decently popular games. We didn’t have much information regarding this, until now. The following is all the information we’ve been able to gather, and we’ll continue to update this page as more information comes out:

Note: This information is gathered via translations of the GFL KR announcements and various datamines, and in-game info from the Chinese servers. This Page is subject to change should any nerfs or buffs happen before they officially come out to KR, EN, and JP.

Collab Dolls

The VA-11 HALL-A Collaboration will feature 6 new Extra Rarity T-Dolls;

Jill Stingray - An HG

Dana Zane - An SG

Alma Armas - An MG

Dorothy Haze - An SMG

Sei Asagiri - An HG

Stella Hoshii - An RF

Additionally, each of them have their own Skin. Besides Dorothy's Mega Santa, all of them are acquired via a resupply gacha.

Of these, Jill and Dana are acquired by completing certain maps in the Collab, Alma and Dorothy can be bought through the event shop, and Sei and Stella are drops from certain maps in the Collab. Below is the art for the T-Dolls and any additional information found out about them:

Unless specified, they buff what is typical of their Class.

Jill Stingray

Class - HG
Stats - 80 HP, 30 DMG, 53 ACC, 96 EVA, 55 RoF
Buff Tiles:
Legend: X is the T-Doll, O is affected Tiles.


40% Damage, 40% Accuracy

Special Equipment

adelhyde ammo
adelhyde sight

2 Variants of Adelhyde - Ammo and Sight


Flanergide - Sight

Powdered Delta

Powdered Delta - Auxiliary

Bronson Extract

Bronson Extract - Ammo

Karmotrine Ammo
Karmotrine Sight
Karmotrine Aux

3 Variants of Karmotrine - Ammo, Sight, and Auxiliary
Each of her equipment gives her +15 Evasion.
(All 8 are obtained simultaneously with her.)

Skill: Time to Mix Drinks (6 Second Initial Cooldown, 16 Second Cooldown)

Serves a Drink after a 3 Second Cast Time

Passive: Receives +1% cooldown reduction per 1 default damage, up to max 30% CDR. Does not affect initial cooldown.

Possible Recipes from her equipped Special Equipment:

A = Adelhyde
B = Bronson extract
D = Powdered Delta
F = Flanergide
K = Karmotrine

BFK: Big Beer: (SG only) Armor 20%, DMG 30%, ACC 30%, 8s Duration.
AAD: Brandtini: (MG only) DMG 25%, ACC 25%, 8s Duration.
ABK: Piano Woman: (T-Dolls in Frontmost Column) EVA 60% (all others) DMG 20%, 8s Duration.
AAK: Moonblast: (all) RoF 22%, 8s Duration.
BDF: Bleeding Jane: (ARs and RFs only) Critical Chance 25%, additional Crit Chance over 100% bestows equal Crit Damage increase, 8s Duration.
3K: Fringe Weaver: (all) DMG 35%, duration 5s. After 5s they'll be considered ‘drunk’ and receive a 15% DMG and ACC penalty, 8s Duration.
No match: Sugar Rush: (all) DMG 18%, 8s Duration.

Certain T-Dolls from VA-11 HALL-A have preferred drinks that will give them additional bonuses:

Preferred Drinks
Alma - Brandtini
Dana - Big Beer
Sei - Moonblast
Dorothy - Piano Woman
Stella - Bleeding Jane

Normal Art


Magical Girl Julianne

Dana Zane

Class - SG
Stats - 269 HP, 38 DMG, 15 ACC, 13 EVA, 26 RoF, 22 Armor, 1 Round
Buff tiles:

O - -
O - X
O - -

15% DMG, 15% ACC

Special Equipment

Dana's Arm

Dana’s Prosthetic Arm - Auxiliary
-3~-2 Evasion, +2~+6(8 fully enhanced) Damage, +6~8(11 fully enhanced) Armor.

Skill: Red Geyser (8 Second Initial Cooldown, 18 Second Cooldown)

Jumps up and smashes the ground, causing a large explosion dealing 0.6x damage and knockback to enemies within a radius of 2 units. Increase damage of the skill by 1% for every 1 armor Dana has.
Favourite Drink Effect: Gain an additional 0.5 armor for every 1 armor Dana has.
Passive: Normal attacks fire an exploding rocket fist. Can only attack 1 enemy, dealing 1.8x damage and has a 10% chance of knockback. (Does not stack with Slugs)

Normal Art


Red Comet

Red Comet_N
Red Comet_D
Alma Armas

Class - MG
Stats - 195 HP, 89 DMG, 31 ACC, 23 EVA, 129 RoF, 9 Rounds
Buff tiles:

- - O
X - O
- - -

15% DMG, 15% Armor

Special Equipment

Alma's False Hands

Alma’s Cybernetic Hands - Auxiliary
+2~4(6 fully enhanced) Damage, +3~4(6 fully enhanced) Rounds, -3~2 Evasion.

Skill: Love & Dreams (8 Second Initial Cooldown, 18 Second Cooldown)
Summons an additional 2 drones to attack. Drones deal 40% of Alma’s damage. Lasts for 4 seconds.
Favourite Drink Effect: Increase the duration of the drones by 1 second.
Initial CD 8s, Cooldown 18s

Normal Art


School Adventure

Alma JK_N
Alma JK_D
Dorothy Haze

Class - SMG
Stats - 176 HP, 28 DMG, 15 ACC, 87 EVA, 79 RoF
Buff tiles:

O - -
- X -
O - -

15% DMG, 25% ACC

Special Equipment

Dorothy's Bullets

MIRD5 Class Bullets - Ammo
+12~15(22 fully enhanced) Damage, -10~-7 Armor Penetration.

Skill: Secret Modification (1 Second Initial Cooldown, 2 Second Cooldown)
Toggle to switch between MIRD113 and Nano-camouflage modes.
MIRD113: Increase own damage by 100%, reduce the accuracy of allies in the same row by 40% but increase evasion by 80%. Buffs in the same row cannot activate Python's passive.
Nano-camouflage: Increase own evasion by 100%, reduce the evasion of allies in the same row by 40% but increase accuracy by 80%. Buffs in the same row cannot activate Python's passive.
Defaults to Nano-camouflage if Dorothy is in the middle row, otherwise she will use MIRD113.
Favourite Drink Effect: Reduce the negative effects of her skill by 50%.

Normal Art


Mega Santa

Sei Asagiri

Class - HG
Stats - 85 HP, 30 DMG, 59 ACC, 77 EVA, 53 RoF
Buff tiles:

O O -
- X O
O O -

30% DMG, 20% EVA

Special Equipment

Sei Armor

White Knight's Armor - Auxiliary
+15~20(34 fully enhanced) Evasion.

Skill: White Knight's Shield (6 Second Initial Cooldown, 10 Second Cooldown)
Grants a 32 HP shield to all allied SG, SMG and HGs. The lower the HP of the target, the higher the HP of the shield, ranging from 0.8x to 1.8x of the base value. Lasts 5 seconds.
Passive: When Stella is present, Sei's attacks are counted for her passive.
Favourite Drink Effect: Shield scaling based on HP doubles.

Normal Art


Friend of the Year

Stella Hoshii

Class - RF
Stats - 90 HP, 117 DMG, 84 ACC, 36 EVA, 35 RoF
Buff tiles:

- - O
- X -
- - O


Special Equipment

Stella Eye

Stella’s Prosthetic Eye - Auxiliary
+15%~+20%(30% fully enhanced) Critical Damage, -3 Move Speed, +2~+4 Rate of Fire.

Skill: Puppet Mask (6 Second Initial Cooldown, 8 Second Cooldown)
Increase own damage by 50% for 5 seconds.
Passive: When the Stella attacks 16 times, the next round of attacks will have +50% Critical Damage.
When Sei is present, grant 10% cooldown reduction to Sei.
Favourite Drink Effect: Passive requirement reduces to 10 attacks.

Normal Art


Friend’s Armor


Completion Rewards

Note: Exact rewards from exact maps will be put in once they are confirmed.

Dana Zane Icon

Dana Zane - Map: E1-1


500 of each Resource - Map: E1-2

Battery Icon

100 Batteries - Map: E1-3

Fore Icon

Fore (Dorm Pet) - Map: E1-4

BasicData Icon

500 Basic Combat Data - Map: E1-5


100 Combat Reports - Map: E1-6


100 Heavy Ordnance Corps Combat Data Changed to 15 Cores for EN - Map: E1-7

Jill Icon

Jill Stingray and her Special Equipments - Map: E1-8

Maps and Map Drops

E1-1: Didgeridoo Tutorial
E1-2: Adolesence
E1-3: Pioneer
E1-4: Sonic Boom
E1-5: Chicken Breast
E1-6: Fear of Public Speaking
E1-7: Truth or Dare
E1-8: The Last Rain in the World
E1-9EX: Habanera

Stella Hoshii
Sei Asagiri

Event Shop

150 Shards
Dorothy Icon

Dorothy Haze

Alma Icon

Alma Armas

80 Shards
Rad Shibe

Rad Shibe (Pet)

Anna Graem

Anna Graem Fairy (Stats further Below) (3 Count)

70 Shards

All Special Equipment minus Jill's mentioned in the T-Dolls section.
50 Shards
ID Background

ID Background

20 Shards

(All of these are ID Icons)

G28 ID

A Wave of Beer

Dana ID

Grand Slam Punch

Dorothy ID

Bakey, whom I love


Cat, Friends Forever

Jill ID

For This Horrible World

Shorty ID

Super-Shorty Captain

2 Shards (Each)

(The first two are unique Affection items.)

Mulan Tea

Mulan Tea (20 Count)

Cheap Beer

Jill’s Budget Beer (20 Count)

HOC Data

Heavy Ordnance Corps Combat Data (20 Count)

Changed to Battery x 6 (20 count) for EN

Anna Graem Fairy Details
Anna Rank 1
Anna Rank 2
Anna Rank 3

Stat Buffs at Level 100
25% DMG
30% ACC
65% EVA
8% Armor

Skill (No Cooldown):
Lvl 1:
Frontmost doll receives 10% Evasion and loses 10% Damage.
Rest receive 10% Damage and lose 10% Evasion.

Lvl 10:
Frontmost doll receives 30% Evasion and loses 20% Damage.
Rest receive 30% Damage and lose 20% Evasion.

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