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Guide writer for Girls Frontline. KSG and G3 Propagandist. Writes the occasional fanfic.  

Feel free to send guide suggestions and feedback via DM on Discord or Reddit. You can also find me in the GFL section of the community discord. Also on twitter

Articles Worked On

Dual Randomness Event Clear Guides
Should You Farm: Dual Randomness Limited Drops
One Coin Short Farming Guide
Christmas 2022 Event Guides: "One Coin Short"
Christmas 2022 E1-4: Cherry Blossom Snowfall
Christmas 2022 E1-3: Buried Deception
Christmas 2022 E-2: Heavy Metal and Tender Wood
Christmas 2022 E-1: A Person's Struggle
Should you Farm: Christmas ReRerun
SWAP Prowler (Protocol Assimilation)
Alchemist (Protocol Assimilation)
Chapter 13 S-Rank Clear Guides
Monthly Roadmap: December 2021
SWAP Vespid (Protocol Assimilation)
Ouroboros (Protocol Assimilation)
Should You Farm: Jashin Collab Edition
GFL x Jashin-Chan "My Devil's Frontline" Guides & Event Info
Jashin Collab E1-5EX: Destruction Regeneration
Jashin Collab E1-4EX: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide
Jashin Collab E1-3EX: Breakneck Pursuit
Jashin Collab E1-2EX: Frozen
Jashin Collab E1-1EX: Enter the Witch
Jashin Collab E1-5: Destruction Regeneration
Jashin Collab E1-4: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide
Jashin Collab E1-3: Breakneck Pursuit
Jashin Collab E1-2: Frozen
Jashin Collab E1-1: Enter the Witch
Monthly Roadmap: November 2021
Costume Shilling #11: Tacticool at Last
SWAP Ripper (Protocol Assimilation)
Architect (Protocol Assimilation)
Butterfly in a Cocoon Normal Farming
Butterfly in a Cocoon EX Farming
Costume Shilling #10.5: Medieval Throwback
2021 Halloween "Butterfly in a Cocoon" Guides & Event Info
Should you Farm: Butterfly in a Cocoon
Butterfly in a Cocoon E1-3: Broken Echoes EX
Butterfly in a Cocoon E1-2: No More Omens EX
Butterfly in a Cocoon E1-1: Midnight Pursuit EX
Butterfly in a Cocoon E1-3: Broken Echoes
Butterfly in a Cocoon E1-2: No More Omens
Butterfly in a Cocoon E1-1: Midnight Pursuit
Monthly Roadmap: October 2021
Jaguar (Protocol Assimilation)
SWAP Guard (Protocol Assimilation)
Destroyer (Protocol Assimilation)
Monthly Roadmap: September 2021
Costume Shilling #9: It's a Matter of Trust
Dinergate (Protocol Assimilation)
Tarantula (Protocol Assimilation)
Intruder (Protocol Assimilation)
Costume Shilling #Mars: SHARKIFUN
Costume Shilling #8: Cheek-y JS 9
GFL x DJMax Collab "Glory Day" Event Guides
Monthly Roadmap: August 2021
Nemeum (Protocol Assimilation)
Manticore (Protocol Assimilation)
Hunter (Protocol Assimilation)
Costume Shilling #Error: A Summer with Ceia?
Costume Shilling #7: Loli Gaming 2: Electric Boogaloo
Brute (Protocol Assimilation)
Dragoon (Protocol Assimilation)
Striker (Protocol Assimilation)
Guard (Protocol Assimilation)
Jaeger (Protocol Assimilation)
Vespid (Protocol Assimilation)
Ripper (Protocol Assimilation)
Prowler (Protocol Assimilation)
Aegis (Protocol Assimilation)
Executioner (Protocol Assimilation)
Polarized Light: Escape Acceleration EX-1 (Ranking Map 2 EX)
Scout (Protocol Assimilation)
Scarecrow (Protocol Assimilation)
Waifu Wars #4: Practical Applications
Costume Shilling #5 Part 1: "M4 Team"
Waifu Wars #3: HGs and Leftovers
Waifu Wars Polarized Light #2: Rifles
Costume Shilling #Bonus: Shilling Anniversary
Polarized Light E4-7: Cutting II
Polarized Light Event Clear Guides
Polarized Light EX 4: Challenge IV
Polarized Light EX 3: Challenge III
Polarized Light EX 5: Annealing
Polarized Light EX 2: Vacuum Tube
Polarized Light EX 1: Critical Angle I + II
Polarized Light E5-2: Light Cone Frame of Reference II
Polarized Light E5-4: Escape Acceleration II
Polarized Light E5-3: Blackbody Radiation II
Polarized Light E5-1: Observable Limits III
Polarized Light E4-9: Silvering III
Should you Farm: Polarized Light Limited Drops
Polarized Light E4-8: Silvering II
Polarized Light E4-6: Tempering II
Polarized Light E4-5: Annealing III
Polarized Light E4-4: Annealing I
Polarized Light E4-3: Foam Stabilization II
Polarized Light E4-2: Preheating II
Polarized Light E4-1: Milling II
Polarized Light E3-4: Asymmetric Induction II
Polarized Light E3-3: Shattered Plane of Polarization III
Polarized Light E3-2: Recrystallization Resolution III
Polarized Light E3-1: Enantiomer Overload III
Polarized Light E2-5: Spectrometer II
Polarized Light E2-4: Interferometer II
Polarized Light E2-3: Waveguide II
Polarized Light E2-2: Polarizer III
Polarized Light E2-1: Polarizer II
Polarized Light E1-6: Reversibility II
Polarized Light E1-5: Total Internal Reflection II
Polarized Light E1-4: Reflector III
Polarized Light E1-3: Reflector II
Polarized Light E1-2: Critical Angle II
Polarized Light E1-1: Propagation II
April Fools - 'Fractured Connexion' Girls Frontline x Arknight Collab Should You Farm?
April Fools - 'Fractured Connexion': GFL x Arknights Collboration Event
Mk 153 'SMAW'
2021 White Day Infinity Farming Map Guide
2021 White Day "The Photo Studio Mystery" Guides & Event Info
Costume Shilling #2: Chinese New Year
Division Collab E1-5 EX: Extraction Point EX
Division Collab Farming 5.2: OTs-14
Division Collab Farming 5: OTs-14
Should you Farm: The Division Collab "Bounty Feast"
Division Collab Farming 4: DSR-50
Division Collab Farming 3: JS 9
Division Minigame
Division Collab Farming 2: UMP40
Division Collab Farming 1: KSVK
Chapter 12-1E: Morning Conference I
Division Collab E1-5: Extraction Point
Division Collab E1-4: Dark Zone
Division Collab E1-3: Grand Central Terminal
Division Collab E1-2: New York Library
The Division Collab "Bounty Feast" Event Guides
Division Collab E1-1: Hudson Refugee Camp
Division Collab E1-4 EX: Dark Zone EX
Division Collab E1-3 EX: Grand Central Terminal EX
Division Collab E1-2 EX: New York Library EX
Division Collab: Grenade Farming!
Division Collab E1-1 EX: Hudson Refugee Camp EX
Chapter 12 S-Rank Clear Guides
Chapter 12-4E: Morning Conference IV
Chapter 12-3E: Morning Conference III
Chapter 12-2E: Morning Conference II
Chapter 12-1E: Morning Conference I(old)
Chapter 12-6: Goodbye, Daybreak
Chapter 12-5: Ephemeral Memories
Chapter 12-4: Smoke Signal
Chapter 12-3: The Philosophy of Killing
Chapter 12-2: Chasing Phantoms
Chapter 12-1: Rein Buckle
Theater Teambuilding Guide (2021)
Christmas 2020 Event Guides: "A Snowy Night Capriccio" Rerun
Shattered Connexion Event Clear Guides
Should You Farm: Shattered Connexion Limited Drops?
Shattered Connexion E5-7 EX: Farewell Tallinn I-2 EX
Shattered Connexion E5-6 EX: Farewell Tallinn I-1 EX
Shattered Connexion E5-4 EX: Operation Defang II EX
Shattered Connexion E5-3 EX: Operation Defang I-2 EX
Shattered Connexion E5-2 EX: Operation Defang I-1 EX
Shattered Connexion E5-1 EX: A Rock and A Hard Place EX
Shattered Connexion E4-4 EX: Isomer II EX
Shattered Connexion E4-3 EX: Subsurface Homecoming III EX
Shattered Connexion E4-2 EX: Isomer I EX
Shattered Connexion E4-1 EX: Subsurface Homecoming II EX
Shattered Connexion E3-3 EX: Fractured Cognition III EX
Shattered Connexion E3-2 EX: Fractured Cognition II EX
Shattered Connexion E3-1 EX: Fractured Cognition I EX
Shattered Connexion E2-4 EX: Nameless Exiles II EX
Shattered Connexion E2-3 EX: Nameless Exiles EX
Shattered Connexion E2-2 EX: Intangible Sigh I EX
Shattered Connexion E2-1 EX: Bound Spirit II EX
Shattered Connexion E5-7: Farewell Tallinn I-2
Shattered Connexion E5-6: Farewell Tallinn I-1
Shattered Connexion E5-4: Operation Defang II
Shattered Connexion E5-3: Operation Defang I-2
Shattered Connexion E5-2: Operation Defang I-1
Shattered Connexion E5-1: A Rock and A Hard Place
Shattered Connexion E4-4: Isomer II
Shattered Connexion E4-3: Subsurface Homecoming III
Shattered Connexion E4-2: Isomer I
Shattered Connexion E4-1: Subsurface Homecoming II
Shattered Connexion E3-3: Fractured Cognition III
Shattered Connexion E3-2: Fractured Cognition II
Shattered Connexion E3-1: Fractured Cognition I
Shattered Connexion E2-4: Nameless Exiles II
Shattered Connexion E2-3: Nameless Exiles
Shattered Connexion E2-2: Intangible Sigh I
Shattered Connexion E2-1: Bound Spirit II
Shattered Connexion E1-3EX: Bound Spirit I EX
Shattered Connexion E1-2 EX: Reunions with Old Friends EX
Shattered Connexion E1-1 EX: Quiet Presence EX
Shattered Connexion E1-3: Bound Spirit I
Shattered Connexion E1-2: Reunions with Old Friends
Shattered Connexion E1-1: Quiet Presence
Should You Farm: Freaky Pandemic Rerun
Halloween Event: Freaky Pandemic Guides
Gunslinger Girl: "Il Teatrino" Collaboration Event Guides
Should You Farm: Gunslinger Girl Collaboration
Gunslinger Girl Collab E1-5: That Which Must Be Protected
Gunslinger Girl Collab: E1-4: Garden of Old
Gunslinger Girl Collab E1-3: Honest Pinocchio
Gunslinger Girl Collab E1-2: Full Length Play II
Gunslinger Girl Collab E1-1: New Fork
Gunslinger Girl Collab EX1-5 B: That Which Must Be Protected EX II
Gunslinger Girl Collab EX1-5 A: That Which Must Be Protected EX I
Gunslinger Girl Collab EX1-4: Garden of Old EX
Gunslinger Girl Collab EX1-3: Honest Pinocchio EX
Gunslinger Girl Collab EX1-2: Full-Length Play II EX
Gunslinger Girl Collab EX1-1: New Fork EX
Should You Farm? Special Equipment
Monthly Roadmap: October 2020
Chapter 10 Night Walkthrough and Farming Guides
Chapter 10-4N: The Battlefield without Her IV
Chapter 10-3N: The Battlefield without Her III
Chapter 10-2N: The Battlefield without Her II
Chapter 10-1N: The Battlefield without Her I
Monthly Roadmap: September 2020
Should you Farm: Far Side of the Sea
Far Side of the Sea E-4: Last of the Summer Days
2020 Summer "Far Side of the Sea" Guides & Event Info
Far Side of the Sea E-3: Into the Dangerous Unknown
Far Side of the Sea E-2: Wheel of Fortune
Far Side of the Sea E-1: Island Getaway
Should you Farm: Isomer Edition
Monthly Roadmap: August 2020
Isomer Event Clear Guides
Isomer Chapter 4 Clear Guides
Isomer Chapter 3 Clear Guides
Isomer Chapter 2 Clear Guides
Isomer Chapter 1 Clear Guides
Isomer E4-2: Above the Hubbub II
Isomer E4-3/4: Above the Hubbub III/IV Normal/EX [Bike Chase Minigame]
Isomer E4-5: Above the Hubbub V EX
Isomer E4-5: Above the Hubbub V
Isomer E4-2: Above the Hubbub II EX
Isomer E1-Start: Souvenir
Isomer E1-B3: Cat And Mouse III
Isomer E3-A3: Lost Bargaining Chip III EX
Isomer E3-B4: Shark and Sea Battle IV EX
Isomer E3-B1: Shark and Sea Battle I EX
Isomer E3-A1: Lost Bargaining Chip I EX
Isomer E3-B4: Shark and the Sea IV
Isomer E3-B3: Shark and Sea Battle III EX
Isomer E3-B1: Shark and the Sea I
Isomer E3-A3: Lost Bargaining Chip III
Isomer E3-A1: Lost Bargaining Chip I
Isomer E2-C1: Under the Wall I EX
Isomer E2-B3: Wolf and Owl Battle III EX
Isomer E2-B2: Wolf and Owl II EX
Isomer E2-B1: Wolf and Owl I EX
Isomer E2-A2: Faith of Blood II EX
Isomer E2-A1: Faith of Blood I EX
Isomer E2-C1: Under the Wall I
Isomer E2-B3: Wolf and Owl III
Isomer E2-B2: Wolf and Owl II
Isomer E2-B1: Wolf and Owl I
Isomer E2-A1: Faith of Blood I
Isomer E1-C3: Beyond the Border III EX
Isomer E1-C2: Beyond the Border II EX
Isomer E1-B4: Cat And Mouse IV EX
Isomer E1-B3: Cat And Mouse III EX
Isomer E1-A1: Illusory Peace I EX
Isomer E1-C3: Beyond the Border III
Isomer E1-C2: Beyond the Border II
Isomer E1-B4: Cat And Mouse IV
Isomer E2-A2: Faith of Blood II
Isomer E1-A3: Illusory Peace III/EX
Isomer E1-A1: Illusory Peace I
Chapter 9 Night Walkthrough and Farming Guides
Chapter 9-4N: The Way Back is Paved with Light IV
Chapter 9-3N: The Way Back is Paved with Light III
Chapter 9-2N: The Way Back is Paved with Light II
Chapter 9-1N: The Way Back is Paved with Light I
Isomer E3-B3: Shark and the Sea III
True Core Mask: Who to Get?
Should you Farm: GFL x DJMax Collab "Glory Day"
Chapter 11 S-Rank Clear Guides
Chapter 11-4E: Great Escape
Chapter 11-3E: Fishing in Troubled Waters
Chapter 11-2E: Plan of Attack
Chapter 11-1E: Strange Journey
Chapter 11-6: Underworld
Chapter 11-5: House in the Street
Chapter 11-4: Prior to Destruction
Chapter 11-3: Silent Pursuit
Chapter 11-2: Electronic Eye
Chapter 11-1: Torrent Breaker
DJMax EX2-3: End of the Moonlight EX
DJMax EX2-2: Fate EX
DJMax EX2-1: Sunset Rider EX
DJMax EX1-3: Waiting for You EX
DJMax EX1-2: Heartbeat EX
DJMax EX1-1: Stalker EX
DJMax E2-3: End of the Moonlight
DJMax E2-2: Fate
DJMax E2-1: Sunset Rider
DJMax E1-3: Waiting for You
DJMax E1-2: Heartbeat
DJMax E1-1: Stalker
Protocol Assimilation: First Impressions (Revamped)
Monthly Roadmap: April 2020
White Day Stage 7: The Second Neural Cloud
White Day Stage 6: The Seven Tangerine Pips
White Day Stage 5: The Crooked Man
White Day Stage 4: The Missing MDR
White Day Stage 3: The Griffin Builder
White Day Stage 2: The Empty House
CT Ranking: Turn 1-3 Tips & Tricks
Continuum Turbulence Ranking Guide
Should you Farm: Continuum Turbulence Limited Drops
Continuum Turbulence Chapter 3 Clear Guides
Continuum Turbulence Chapter 2 Clear Guides
Continuum Turbulence Chapter 1 Clear Guides
Continuum Turbulence Event Clear Guides
CT E3-5: A New Hope
CT E3-10: White Doll
CT E3-9: Stumbling Block
CT E3-8: IED
CT E3-7: Bad News
CT E3-6: Vile Rats
CT E3-4B: Vengeance
CT E3-4A: Mark
CT E3-3B: Red Zone
CT E3-3A: Yellow Zone
CT E3-2: Signal Flare
CT E2-8B: For the Future!
CT E2-7B: Exploratory Attack
CT E2-6B: Defense Outpost 4
CT E2-7A: General Offensive
CT E2-6A: Just Kidding
CT E2-5: Defense Outpost 3
CT E2-4: Defense Outpost 2
CT E2-3: Griffin Expendables
CT E2-2: Support
CT E2-1: Unknown Enemy
CT E1-10: Darkest Desire
CT E1-9: Neural Fragment
CT E1-8: Sangvis Elite Outpost
CT E1-7: Fortunate?
CT E1-6: Peace Negotiations
CT E1-B1: Farewell Scarecrow
CT E1-5:Last Day
CT E1-4: Reserve Outpost
CT E1-3:Auxiliary Power
CT E1-2: Safe House
CT E1-1: Waste
Should You Farm? January Rescue Event
Christmas E-4: Ode to Gifts
Christmas E-3: X-Dinergates
Christmas E-2: Mission: Dinergate
Christmas E-1: Sangvis Orphan
Singularity Ranking on a Budget
Christmas Event: "A Snowy Night Capriccio" Pre-Info
Singularity Event Clear Guides
Singularity Ch 3-Hidden: Goodbye Dragon Palace
Singularity Ch: 3-6 Endgame
Singularity Ch: 3-5 Last Resort V
Singularity Ch: 3-4 Last Resort IV
Singularity Ch: 3-3 Last Resort III
Singularity Ch: 3-2 Last Resort II
Singularity Ch: 3-1 Last Resort I
Singularity Ch: 2-Hidden: Survivor
Singularity Ch: 2-D4 No Mate IV
Singularity Ch: 2-D3 No Mate III
Singularity Ch: 2-D2 No Mate II
Singularity Ch: 2-D1 No Mate I
Singularity Ch:2-C4 Promotion IV
Singularity Ch: 2-C3 Promotion III
Singularity Ch: 2-C2 Promotion II
Singularity Ch: 2-C1 Promotion I
Singularity Ch: 2-B4 Castling IV
Singularity Ch: 2-B3 Castling III
Singularity Ch: 2-B2 Castling II
Singularity Ch: 2-B1 Castling I
Singularity Ch: 2-A4: Queen’s Gambit IV
Singularity Ch: 2-A3 Queen’s Gambit III
Singularity Ch: 2-A2 Queen’s Gambit II
Singularity Ch: 2-A1 Queen’s Gambit
Singularity Ch: 2-1: Splinter Point
Singularity Chapter 1 Hub
Singularity Ch: 1-Hidden: Messenger
Singularity Ch: 1-C4 Reignition IV
Singularity Ch: 1-C3 Reignition III
Singularity Ch: 1-C2 Reignition II
Singularity Ch: 1-C1: Reignition I
Singularity Ch: 1-B4: Compression IV
Singularity Ch: 1-B3: Compression III
Singularity Ch: 1-B2 Compression II
Singularity Chapter 1-B1: Compression I
Singularity Ch: 1-A4 Exhaust IV
Singularity Ch: 1-A3 Exhaust III
Singularity Chapter 1-A2: Exhaust II
Singularity Chapter 1-A1: Exhaust I
Singularity Chapter 1-2: Splinter Point
Singularity Chapter 1-1 Starting Point
Should you Farm: Singularity Limited Drops
Halloween E-4 Clear Guide
Halloween E-3 Clear Guide
Halloween E-2 Clear Guide
Halloween E-1 Clear Guide
Halloween E-4 Farming Guide
Halloween E-3 Farming Guide
Halloween E-2 Farming Guide
Halloween E-1 Farming Guide
Should You Farm? October Rescue Event
Chapter 10-4 Emergency Clear Guide
Chapter 10-3 Emergency Clear Guide
Chapter 10-2 Emergency Clear Guide
Chapter 10-1 Emergency Clear Guide
Chapter 10-6 Clear Guide
Chapter 10-5 Clear Guide
Chapter 10-4 Clear Guide
Chapter 10-3 Clear Guide
Chapter 10-2 Clear Guide
Chapter 10-1 Clear Guide