Time to Mix Drinks and Change Lives: VA-11 Hall-A Collab Begins!

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Event Details

The event will run from August 6th to August 26th, 2019. The collaboration has many exciting parts prepared!

  • New Collaboration T-Dolls from VA-11 Hall-A!
  • Experience the collab story while bartending!
  • New skins and Furniture with the Kids of VA-11 Hall-A Gacha!
  • Earn exclusive rewards like Collab T-Dolls, Equipment, icons, and more!
  • Special Login rewards and Social Media campaign!

Collaboration T-Dolls and Costumes!

Featured T-dolls

New T-Dolls and Fairy are Available!

Jill and Dana are available as clear rewards.  

Dorothy and Alma are available in the Event Shop.  Anna is available as a Fairy from the shop, too.

Sei and Stella are Map Drops for Chicken Breast EX, and Last Rain in the World EX.


New Bartending Action!

New Gameplay and Story progression through mixing drinks!


Event Shop

The event currency is White Knight Shards, which can be farmed and then exchanged in the shop!


Kids of VA-11 Hall-A Banner!


Introducing the "Kids of VA-11 Hall-A" Banner! With exclusive skins for all the characters and new Furniture available based on Jill's Apartment and the titular bar! Note: Dorothy's skin will be available as a purchasable package!

Details on the Furniture can be found on the Official GFL Twitter:

Pixel Cafe

Jill's Apartment

pt 2

Login Rewards and Media Campaign!

Login to the game between July 31st and September 2nd to receive special rewards, like the Furniture Counter Cutout Board on the 7th day!

Additionally, GFL is also doing a Social Media campaign on Twitter! Check out the details in the tweet below!

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