Theater V Betting: Episode IV + End


Theater IV

The gang comes across a grounded but otherwise unpunished plane. The lights are on.

Mommy Milkers… Is this the plane that carried Theater IV?

The door opens. Someone resembling LWMMG peeks out. The sounds of sextou can be heard. You laugh at the word "sex" in "sextou" because we all have gradeschool level humor.

Welcome to skin shilling, where we shill skins! Are you ready for this next batch? It'll be a banger!
I'll have nothing to do with these whippersnappers and their skin shilling!
You won't?
Dest? I thought you were dead! We saw your burnt atoms!
I know! And yet when I came to, here I was, in this airplane, shilling skins with Adam and others. Such is the power of horny for Springfield.
Shilling's cool and all, but let me cut to the chase: can anyone here join the Theater panel?

Everyone looks down and away.  The bare glimmer of hope is stifled by the pressure of awkwardness.

Baka Mitai - Ryosuke Horii and Mitsuharu Fukuyama
I see. Well, it can't be helped. Hey Adam, do you think we can borrow this plane as a literary vehicle for returning to HQ? We're out of rations and I don't think I can walk much further.
Not this plane, but we do have a spare plane in back. I'm sorry, but good luck with your mission, Hakucchi!

Theater V Betting: The End...?

The plane drifts through sleepy clouds towards HQ.

This is your pilot speaking, this is the Mommy Milkers Mark 2 on a direct flight to HQ. The weather is ok and I'm not sure what the temperature is but it's probably pretty cold. In a few moments I'll be serving Karmotrine to everyone, including myself…
Fly Me to the Moon - Claire Littley and Megumi Hayashibara
Hey. Hey, wake up.
I don't want to. I'll do this whole thing myself, I've done a one man panel before.
Don't be a bonehead. Remember what I said about delegating in Theater 2?
You mean outsourcing. Did you see what happened when we outsourced work? It's a miracle Matt was revived!
There's a difference. The only way to guarantee something gets done is to do it yourself. But that's not always the best way. It's time to move on from this dream.
It is a beautiful dream. I want to see another Theater panel.
It was a beautiful dream. But as the curtains close on the Theater, you start to see the cracks in the play.
So the panel was a dream?
No, it was reality. To be specific, it was a metacommentary. Everyone who participated--their joys, frustrations, memes, they were all real. You really voted C a majority of the time and lost.
What is a dream is believing that things will never change, that they'll always be there for you.
People come and go. They gain interest, do their best, leave their mark, and disappear. Or not. Let's go.
To what's next in GFL. I hear we're getting some nice collabs.
The VA11 Hall-A collab is getting a rerun, oh god oh yes! Also PNC, GFL2, and more!


Thank you all very much for sticking with us throughout thick and thin. This marks the end of the final Theater Betting Panel. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing their favorite panelists again in one last fever dream of a skit-post.

Many thanks to everyone involved in bringing these panels into existence, from the panelists, to the people who do the assets, and most of all, the community at large.

Although this is the end of the Theater Betting Panels, there'll still be more content to come from the GFL community. Please look forward to them!

...By the way, who's piloting this C-plane if Matt's here?


Post Credits Trailer:

2073, the Exilium Lands.  Coin crackles into existence in a fetal position.

Nooooo! Wait, where am I? It looks like some Mad Max land of the future. Is that Groza?
Why does she act like Central Bradford? Well, nothing some Jameson can't help. I can probably afford that now since I invested in $GME* back before the collapse! Now to find an ATM and a booze store!

*Coin is not a financial advisor and this is not serious financial advice.  We cannot guarantee the existence of GME at the time of GFL2's release.

~~GFL 2: Exilium - Coming Some Time in the Future~~