Theater V Betting Afterparty: Karmotrine Dreams EX

Article by MatthewStarbuck
karmotrine Dreams EX

You find yourself trapped in an abyssal darkness. Your senses fail you. You feel weightless, like your body is no more. Is this death?

You stare into the cold darkness ahead. A cold wind falls on you followed by the soft sound of distant footsteps. You hear the sounds of a soft metal colliding, like a flagpole in the breeze. You hear an eerily familiar voice...

Suddenly you realize that your weightlessness was just a dark couch that reeks of dog piss and the void of blackness was just your eyelids.

Oh, look. Another useless A voter. You couldn't live with your own failure. Where did that bring you?... Right back to me.
By the look on your face, I can probably guess that you're confused. Here. Follow me, I'll explain it over a nice glass of Karmotrine of the End. EX of course.

You follow Matt to the bar. Around you is a purple and blue bar, like something from some cyberpunk waifu bartending game.

Matt grabs the mixer and grabs some bottles and sloshes them all into the mixer and strains it out over the light blue radiance of the Ephylyiimm flowers.

Karmotrine of the End, EX. A beautiful drink.

Matt slowly sips on his drink. You taste a very light almost citrus taste, backed up by a very bold blast of Karmotrine on your tongue. The slight burn makes you turn away briefly to exhale what feels like fire, but you realize that despite being a liver transplant in a glass, it's the best drink you've ever had.

You may wonder why you're here...
Karmotrine goes bad.
Brekkie’s attention span falls short.
Duck’s quacks go silent.
Ceia’s now taken an L and became Cleista, Holy Queen of EN.
Coin’s coin may be the longest surviving thing here.
We all come and go. But in a way, it's the friends we made along the way that matters. The one thing that doesn't expire, are the memories.
While the joke may be unfunny, you'll remember it.

Matt pulls out his right hand and places it on the table. Resting on the purple countertop, is a gold gauntlet, covering his hand and wrist. In it, 6 stones of assorted colors emit a faint glow.

Corsage gave me this this gauntlet in order to save Theater -- The universe required correction.


I never did tell the story behind the Stones of Theater did I?

Space was easy for Corsage to find. Just shoot Yuzu to the moon and back. Easy enough.
Mind required becoming one with the backstab.
Soul represented the embodiment of voting C. Soul is what allows the ghosts to exist outside of the bodies of the others.
Reality allowed for the portals that Paragon opened, Corsage found that one when he realized his retirement was coming.
Time was obtained by someone forgetting to do their theater runs. sometimes the one stone that I've learned that maybe I do not deserve to wield. Every time you use it, it takes something from you in return. Reputation, friends, Karmotrine. Something. There's a sacrifice to it. What did it cost? Everything.
Together, they give me more power than the Gates of Hell... But the cost is great.
In the end, You aren't the only one cursed with knowledge. I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless. It's frightening.
I vote C and lose most if the time - but when I win, I win big. Huge, even.

Matt finishes his drink in one swallow.

But now it is time, that to awaken from this dream.

You turn your head and look around wondering is this is real or the Karmotrine.

Oh, all of this was a dream. You remember the lamppost-vacuum-toaster-G36 incident?

You feel the Karmotrine hit you as the confusion grows. Didn't Hakurai confirm that Theater Panel is real?

Oh it's real, but on a fifth dimension sorta level. They say a lie told often enough becomes the truth. The Panel existed, in some form or another. Maybe the entire time it was a backstab ploy to rig scouting? Who knows.
But I had to send this off the right way. Theater Panel is something that changed the way I looked at the community. Unfortunately, there were so many things I wanted to do with it that I lost my direction and thus sucked my own enjoyment from it a lot of time. I then pushed that frustration, or abused my Power onto others. It doesn't take long to fall down that tree. But I have to end this properly, with a good old fashion monologue with plenty of unfunny jokes that no one will laugh at. In the end, I've made friends, and unfortunately damaged some friendships too. is time to send you back to reality...your reality. It has been a fun conversation. But in the end….burnout will come for all.

Matt snaps and the world goes dark. You're teleported into the middle of Core 3 combat, once again fighting the same enemies you already saw earlier this Theater.

But you think back to Matt’s words...and you start to ponder...what was the theater panel…was that a dream...but then you taste it... Karmotrine of the End EX, and you realize you're still drunk too.

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