Theater Teambuilding Guide

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The Theater System that is expected to release on GFL EN on Mar. 31 may seem intimidating at first, but it's not a big deal for players that can put together a few combat echelons. 

4/10 update: Added a Low Rarity Fairy Core 8 Clear example to the Core 8 section

4/9 update: Added four different videos of EN Core 8 being cleared with various team compositions. 

Similar to Defense Drill, players can see what enemies are coming up next in Theater - once you prepare a few teams that can handle everything relevant, you can simply choose the right echelon before each fight and roll over the enemies. 

Editor's Note: This article was made possible by Yuko#1428 from GFLCorner who created the contents of this guide as a PDF file when Theatre was announced on EN. It's been converted to a web-friendly format with his permission. 

PREFACE: This will show you the most meta comps and the most lazy comps for Theater. You may CTRL+F the CE to find the comp that you are facing (although I do not guarantee the comp has the same CE as displayed here, due to recent CE calculation changes that affected GFL EN).

For video footage of today's Theater clear, please check the TL;DR in the Theater Full Guide (which is updated daily). 

If you are unfamiliar with enemy unit names, you can check the two below infographics for a quick reference. 

Enemy Infographic (Sangvis Ferri), by GFLCorner

Enemy Infographic (Other Factions), by GFLCorner

Easy Zone

Honestly, this zone doesn’t require a lot of handholding. If you really need help with this section and you have multiple level 90 x5 linked echelons, you need serious help and should probably uninstall. If you’re a newish player, disregard the title and good on you for participating in this event.

Combat Effectiveness Composition Dealt with?
2007 Jaeger+Guard ARSMG
1583 Striker+Ripper ARSMG
1309 Striker+Dinergate ARSMG
3128 Vespid+Brute ARSMG
1861 Striker+Ripper ARSMG
707 Dinergate ARSMG
3539 Striker+Vespid ARSMG
3032 Prowler+Ripper ARSMG
2642 Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
3320 (Night) Scout+Jaeger ARSMG with a SMG nade (bring PEQs)
2504 Scout+Vespid RFHG/ARSMG with a SMG nade
2576 Dragoon ARSMG
3220 (Night) Guard+Jaeger RFHG/ARSMG (with PEQs)
5988 Dragoon ARSMG
5100 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
5048 (Night) Tarantula MGSG
ARSMG with one AR replaced by a MG
- OR -
Airstrike Fairy
9312 (Night) Guard+Jaeger RFHG/ARSMG (with PEQs)
6292 Dragoon ARSMG
5540 Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
2696 Brute ARSMG
12132 Dragoon+Vespid ARSMG (bring PEQs)
8784 Guard+Jaeger RFHG
7024 Scout+Jaeger RFHG/ARSMG with a SMG nade
12009 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
6910 Scout+Jaeger RFHG
6765 Vespid ARSMG

Medium Zone

Combat Effectiveness Composition Dealt with?
11347 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
6668 Guard+Jaeger RFHG
6514 Scout+Jaeger RFHG/ARSMG with SMG nade
9372 (Night) Scout+Vespid ARSMG with SMG nade (bring PEQs)
8988 Prowler+Vespid ARSMG with optional SMG nade
8988 (Night) Prowler+Vespid ARSMG with optional SMG nade (bring PEQs)
9264 Vespid+Jaeger RFHG/ARSMG with SMG nade
7973 (Night) Guard+Vespid ARSMG (bring PEQs)
7476 Guard+Jaeger RFHG
21480 Strelet ARSMG with nade AR/SMG
19947 (Night) Doppelsoldner+Strelet RFHG/ARSMG+Grape (bring PEQs) + AGS/BGM
14682 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
9232 Ripper ARSMG
18310 Golyat+Aegis RFHG
10299 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
8222 Guard+Jaeger RFHG
8012 (Night) Scout+Jaeger ARSMG with SMG nade (bring PEQs)
18648 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
18021 (Night) Scout+Prowler+Ripper ARSMG with SMG nade (Do NOT use MGSG)(bring PEQs)
18021 Scout+Prowler+Ripper ARSMG with SMG nade (Do NOT use MGSG)
12584 Guard+Jaeger RFHG
12728 Guard+Vespid ARSMG with optional SMG nade
11604 (Night) Scout+Vespid ARSMG with SMG nade (bring PEQs)
11010 Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
8440 (Night) Dragoon ARSMG (bring PEQs) (Taunt Fairy optional)
15308 (Night) Brute+Jaeger ARSMG (bring PEQs)
11680 (Night) Tarantula MGSG
ARSMG (or hybrid MG)
- OR -

Airstrike Fairy
11210 Dragoon ARSMG/MGSG/Taunt Fairy
8898 Scout+Jaeger RFHG
8640 (Night) Dragoon ARSMG (bring PEQs) (Taunt Fairy optional)

Hard Zone

Combat Effectiveness Composition Dealt With?
21768 Jaguar+Scout+Guard+Brute ARSMG with SMG nade (move your dolls)
20181 Prowler+Golyat ARSMG
17864 (Night) Scout+Brute ARSMG with SMG nade (with PEQ)
17470 Strelet ARSMG with nade AR/SMG
19958 Strelet+Rodelero ARSMG with nade AR/SMG + optional HOC
17514 Brute ARSMG
15833 (Night) Ripper+Vespid ARSMG (with PEQ)
15534 Prowler+Ripper ARSMG
21846 Strelet+Doppelsoldner RFHG/ARSMG+Grape + BGM
15792 Guard+Ripper+Striker ARSMG with optional nades
11770 (Night) Ripper+Jaeger ARSMG with optional SMG nade (with PEQ)
11475 Dinergate ARSMG
9770 Manticore ARSMG/RFHG
20574 (Night) Scout ARSMG with nades (bring PEQs)
19648 Guard+Jaeger RFHG
19536 Strelet+Rodelero ARSMG with nade AR/SMG + optional HOC
14961 Dinergate+Manticore RFHG/ARSMG
33956 Guard+Jaeger RFHG
32612 Scout+Ripper+Vespid ARSMG with optional nade
24085 Strelet+Rodelero RFHG/ARSMG + optional HOC
44205 Strelet+Doppelsoldner RFHG + BGM
25492 Manticore+Aegis RFHG
22140 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
20436 Strelet+Rodelero ARSMG with optional nade
20088 Nemeum+Aegis RFHG
55858 Tarantula+Manticore ARSMG (with CMS) or RFHG in addition to Airstrike Fairy (Backward Tarantulas!)
28425 Manticore RFHG
22849 Doppelsoldner+Strelet+Rodelero RFHG + optional HOC
21048 Strelet+Rodelero ARSMG + optional HOC
15176 Cyclops ARSMG
57810 Tarantula+Manticore ARSMG (with CMS)/RFHG with Airstrike Fairy (Backward Tarantulas!)
50799 Strelet+Doppelsoldner RFHG + AGS/BGM
23226 (Night) Aegis+Striker RFHG
23226 Aegis+Striker RFHG
18492 Ripper+Guard ARSMG

What are "Backwards Tarantulas"?

Some enemy waves in the Hard Zone contain a very large number of Tarantulas that spawn behind other tanky mobs. The enemy formation could look like this, for example:

This makes MGSG echelons very bad at dealing with those particular nodes, because they will empty their clip into the enemies in front and have nothing left when the Tarantulas come into range.

For this reason, ARSMG with C-MS (as she can equip AP ammo) or RFHG with Airstrike Fairy is highly recommended. 

Core Zone

This is the zone where most people will have to drop back to the lower stages to farm because they cannot handle the enemies in the upper stages.

The Core Zone starts off relatively easy but its difficulty ramps up to obscene levels extremely quickly. It is recommended that you farm the last boss stage you have unlocked in this zone if you cannot handle any higher stages due to boss stages giving a substantial bonus compared to normal stages.

You must set formation correctly before starting Theater! Just like in combat simulation, you are unable to change your T-Doll formation when savescumming fights here.

Combat Effectiveness Composition Dealt With?
2252 Prowler+Ripper ARSMG
1896 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
1309 Dinergate+Striker ARSMG/RFHG
10756 (Night) Prowler+Scout+Ripper ARSMG with optional nades (bring PEQs)
4850 (Night) Tarantula MGSG/Airstrike Fairy
4671 Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
4098 Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
2860 Scout+Jaeger RFHG/ARSMG with SMG nade
9924 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
8160 Prowler+Vespid ARSMG
5972 Guard+Jaeger RFHG
5719 (Night) Scout+Jaeger ARSMG with nades (bring PEQs)
5432 Prowler+Ripper ARSMG
16456 (Night) Aegis+Nemeum RFHG
15380 Scout+Prowler+Ripper ARSMG with optional nades
11308 Guard+Jaeger ARSMG/RFHG
7560 Guard+Jaeger ARSMG/RFHG
7420 Dragoon ARSMG with optional Taunt Fairy
7221 (Night) Scout+Jaeger ARSMG with nades (bring PEQs)
30360 (Night) Guard+Jaeger RFHG/ARSMG with optional Taunt Fairy

(These things die to a high SL Airstrike Fairy)
28766 Scout+Ripper+Vespid ARSMG with optional nades
21516 Tarantula MGSG/Airstrike Fairy
18624 (Night) Nemeum+Aegis RFHG
16574 Strelet+Rodelero ARSMG with optional nades
15006 Guard+Vespid+Jaeger ARSMG with optional nades
43280 KCCO Aegis+Cerynitis RFHG
35616 (Night) Strelet ARSMG with nades (bring PEQs)
35208 (Night) Vespid+Ripper+Dinergate ARSMG (bring PEQs)
29314 Strelet+Doppelsoldner RFHG + AGS/BGM
26102 Strelet+Rodelero RFHG/ARSMG
21385 Strelet+Rodelero RFHG/ARSMG
19511 (Night) Prowler+Dinergate+Jaguar ARSMG (with PEQs)
93576 Strelet+Doppelsoldner RFHG + AGS/BGM
49069 KCCO Aegis+Cerynitis RFHG (the Aegis can’t attack when they give themselves shields, kill the Cerynitis first)
37836 (Night) Brute+SWAP Striker ARSMG (bring PEQs)
28038 Strelet+Rodelero ARSMG/RFHG + optional HOC
23004 Strelet+Rodelero ARSMG/RFHG + optional HOC
20469 (Night) Prowler+Dinergate+Jaguar ARSMG (bring PEQs) (move your dolls)

Core 8

Core 8's enemies are substantially more dangerous than the previous zones. It is intended to be a playground for more experienced players, and it is assumed that players attempting the stage have some maxed gold equipment, some decent rarity fairies (3*+), and have HOC's at an appropriate level (60+) with sufficient skill levels.

Even though some of these enemies are not detailed in terms of methods to deal with them, assume you need at least Skill Level 8 on all units that you use.

It is possible to do these waves with units that aren't well developed. You just need to compensate with more skill. The following will not go into these requirements. I will repeat: the following assumes you have at least a 3* fairy (with Skill Level 10 on Taunt), that your dolls are well-equipped, and that your HOCs are appropriate for their strengths.

If you cannot do these waves without getting all your teams completely destroyed, consider dropping to Core 6. This doesn't mean you do not complete the event; what is important is that you get as many points as you can and try your best for future Theater events.

EN Theater Core 8 Clear Video by FantastGRD

This video uses no special team compositions and is a recommended reference for people that just want to clear Core 8 and move on. 

EN Theater Core 8 Clear w/ Low Rarity Fairy

This is an example to show that Core 8 is clearable without high rarity fairies.

The kiting and team compositions are not necessarily optimal, though it proves the point that you can do this even with just average kiting.

Team comps, skill levels, and fairy levels/rarities are in the video description. 

EN Theater Core 8 Clear Video by kfourit

EN Theater Core 8 Clear Video by HibachiMan

EN Theater Core 8 Clear Video by Yuko

The hardest difficulty. This is where some enemies may overwhelm commanders.

Here, there are still AFK strategies to easily finish this stage. I will be describing some of them below for each enemy you can encounter in this area.

Easy Nodes

Combat Effectiveness Composition Dealt With?
40880 Strelet ARSMG with Grenades
39774 (Night) Brute+Striker ARSMG (bring PEQs)
30073 Strelet+Rodelero ARSMG/RFHG + optional HOC
21853 (Night) Prowler+Dinergate+Jaguar ARSMG (bring PEQs) (dodge)

347901 Uhlan+Strelet

This is a very easy node. Don’t let the CE fool you. For the most AFK of strategies:

You must bring HOC! The Uhlans have 100% shield.

Why is this strategy so AFK? We are taking advantage of how low the Uhlan’s firepower is and abusing how shotguns can soak up a lot of the split damage that Uhlans have due to their skills and attacks.

The only thing you need to watch out for are to use a HOC (BGM recommended) is to activate whichever shield ability you have in time with the tank's forward ram (which will reduce damage taken significantly), or move out of the way.

Uhlans have Evasion now, so bring a handgun that gives FP and ACC if possible or use sure-hit rifles such as M200 (wink-wink).

Taunt fairy + 2RF 3HG also works, provided your DPS is sufficient.

EN Theater Core 8 Clear Video by Kyazuki

115094 Strelet+Doppelsoldner

Another easy formation. Just don’t forget your HOC (these things have 100% shield so if you don’t bring a HOC you will die).

The HOC must be able to deal with at least a 2689 shield value (so don’t bring 2B14 here - use your BGM-71 if she's available).

With enough HOC pierce, you do not need anything special for this node; a classic RFHG is able to deal with it. Make sure that you buff your RFs' FP adequately. Of course, Grape is cheating so if can’t find anything to use, she will handle this node for you (provided you bring HOC to reduce Force Shields below 100%).

Do NOT bring your Uhlan team with M200 or SGs, and do NOT bring Taunt Fairy

Forward-positioned T-Dolls and Taunt Fairy will reduce the distance between you and the Doppelsoldners, causing them to fire off their Missile Barrage sooner! 

If you are not sure what to do, please consult the included Core 8 clear example videos and find one with a team that works for you.