Theater IV Betting Panel Episode -1: Collapse

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Feb. 1, 202x - Brazil Base: Training Room

Blount! Look! I made training beans!
Well, do they actually go poof?
I used a little bit of collap....
Collapse Fluid.
As if willed by fate, a radiation detection siren goes off in the distance and begins to echo down the hallway. A robotic voice becomes audible.
Alert. Alert. Collapse Fluid Levels have reached detectable levels. Evacuation protocols are engaged. Evacuate. Evacuate. Evacuate. Leave now. Evacuate. Evacuate. Evacuate. Leave now. Alert. Alert.
FUCK! We gotta run. Hassium, come on. We gotta make the evacuation flights.
I am trying....I am....out of...breath....
How much Collapse did you use? Did you even read the documentation on Collapse?
EN doesn't read.
Hassium and Dahblount sprint to the runway, and make it just in time to hear Matt barking half-comprehensive orders.
Find a plane and go. Let's go. We gotta go. I need Karmotrine and a nap. Let's go. Evacuate.

On the runway

Mommy's Milkies 69, Evac flight 2, taking off runway 1.
Mommy's Milkies 69, Griffon Center, radar contact. Left turn leading 270.
Wait...where did plane 1 go? I did not hear them on the radio....

A few weeks later

So we do not have plane 1, and we do not have the last of the transcripts from Theater III Betting Panel. Ugh. I know the Postal Express Pidgeons were suffering from Avian Flu season and all, but come on. You cannot lose all of my episodes like that.
It's fine. Theater will come back.
Is there supposed to be a plane flying that low?
The group runs down the beach as the small plane crashes into the sands a bit behind them. The group comes to a stop and stares at the plane and notices a familiar birb-like logo on the tail - Mommy's Milkies Air. Matt and Beard run to the service door and breach it, only to find two souls aboard - one pilot and one passenger.
Are you alright? Do you need Karmotrine?
Matt...Karmotrine does not solve everything you know.
If it solves my internal problems, it can solve her external ones.
He has a point.
Well. Good news, you are alive and there is very little damage to everything but the plane - the plane is rough but workable. Bad news is that you will be unable to leave here for a hot Welcome to Hornitos, Chile!
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