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Taunt Fairy CG
Taunt Fairy CG 2
Taunt Fairy CG 3
Craft Time
3 hours 10 minutes

Potential Buffs

Damage 18.00%
Accuracy 58.00%
Evasion 28.00%
Crit Damage 25.00%
Armor 8.00%


Taunt Target
Level 10 Effect
Cost: 3 Fairy Commands

In the next battle deploy a target dummy to attract enemy fire the dummy will have 1600 HP.

Cooldown: N/A


Taunt Fairy, one of the most known fairies within the game, for her utility, strength and versatility. In fact, she is one, or the only one, fairy that gives all stats in her aura, that, in a decent amount and it allows her to fit with everything in all kinds of situations.
Her skill, Taunt Target, is pretty simple: it deploys a Dummy Target to temporarily protect your dolls. It has a pretty average cost of 3 fairy commands, but it is really worth it. A downside of this skill, however, is that the Dummy Target has a really low movement speed. We would recommend you to level up her skill to 10, so she can protect you for as long as possible.Taunt Fairy doesn’t protect you from AOE Damage and doesn’t “block” lasers (like the Rodoleros one), yet it can aggro them so you can be sure of where it lands. You still have to be careful depending on the enemy you’ll fight, mainly if you’re engaging small attack range enemies, or enemies with Skills that target the back-line.

Concerning talents, Taunt Fairy has one of the biggest variety of working talents in the game, since she can work with: Fervor, Damage I & II. We would recommend you to get Fervor or Damage II as a perfect choice, though.

Taunt is overall a really good choice that many high players don’t hesitate to dupe twice, that can avoid you taking heavy damages and is highly used in rankings events.


+ Good Aura

Taunt giving a decent amount of everything in her aura is undeniably a strength.

+ High Utility and versatility

The fact that Taunt can avoid you a lot of damage and make some fights way less painful makes her a really good choice in a lot of situations. Also, the fact that she can fit with pretty much every kind of team is really appreciated.

+ High HP skill

Although it needs to be SLed to be used at its maximum potential, her Skill has a pretty high amount of HP (1600) at SL10.


- Snail Speed

Her Skill, while active and alive, reduces your dolls movements whenever they walk towards an enemy

- Occasional Weird Behaviour

Her skill sometimes has a weird hitbox and decides to leave a melee enemy go straight to your dolls. So stay careful about some enemies (Scouts, Guards, Minotaurus and Aegis for example). With careful micro, some of this behavior can be circumvented.

- Datavore

Taunt Fairy needs at the very least to be SL8 to tank a really good amount of damage, while SL10 is absolutely recommended.