Singularity Ch: 1-A4 Exhaust IV

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Possible Drops:


Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Capture the Command Post. 

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Combat Echelon, Lvl. 70 4x Link.  

    • A lower level team may be able to clear this, assuming that emergency repairs are used. 

Clear Steps

The final map along this branch features Executioner as a boss, and another collection of allied units to rely upon to finish things up. In this case, you will need to surround the Jupiter Cannon in the middle of the map in order to make it killable. 

As this map has a deployment limit of 1 Echelon, you will need to rely upon those allied units, requiring some management of allied AI controls to ensure that they go where you want them to.

For those with a Parachute Fairy, this map can be cleared in one turn by paradropping to the Helipad behind Executioner.

Turn 1


Spawn a Combat Echelon on the Command Post, then move down to the Heliport, and end your turn. 

Turn 2 


Move your Combat Echelon down two nodes, onto the Heliport, and engage the Brute present there. 

Turn 3 


Your Combat Echelon should move up two nodes, killing the Scout, and then left once to recapture the Heliport. 

Before you end your turn, set AK12 to Wait so that AR15 will move the other way towards the Strikers, and M4A1 to Wait so that she doesn’t walk into the Jupiter Cannon and have a bad time.

Turn 4 


Make sure to resupply your Combat Echelon and clean up the enemy units on the top of the map. In the example, that entails a move to the left, then three back right, then one left again, ending the turn next to the Heliport. 

Set AK12 to Eliminate Enemies once again so she moves up and captures the node adjacent to the Jupiter cannon. 

Turn 5 


Move your Combat Echelon to the right, killing the freshly spawned Scout, before moving back left, and down to stand above the Jupiter Cannon. Make sure to resupply along the way and set AK12 to Wait so that she doesn’t walk into the Jupiter Cannon. 

Turn 6


Now that AR-15 stopped being a slacker and the Jupiter Cannon is encircled, we can move down and kill it, then move onto Executioner to finish the map. 

BOSS: Executioner

Executioner has some new mechanics compared to her Chapter 2 self, although Commanders who fought her in Cube+ will already be familiar with her new attacks. A brief summary of her mechanics is provided on the Hub page for this chapter. 

See the below video for a short demonstration of this fight.

Route Complete! Pick a new Route!

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