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With the arrival of Chapter 10N, a Rate-Up for the drop rate of Special Equipment from night missions is now ongoing, running from the end of maintenance to October 12th!

This article will provide a quick overview of the options, the viability of the Dolls they are used by, and finally if it is worth farming each Equip. 

These recommendations will take into account upcoming content, including the Gunslinger Girl Collaboration Event and the Shattered Connexion major event after.

As with traditional rescue events, Auto Battles can drop Special Equipment, but with only 1 check per attempt, and steep costs, these are not an efficient method of farming. 

Ceia has produced a comprehensive video for farming all campaign Special Equipment, so please consult that for routes and farming teams. 

National Match-Grade Armor-Piercing Ammo

Springfield's Special Equipment
+195 Armor Penetration
+10 Rate of Fire

Drops from: 1-4N


Chapter 1N's Drop is Springfield's Match Grade Ammo. While the Charged Shot Rework did improve Springfields viability in harder content, she remains a second or third teir pick for Ranking and endgame content, for the majority of players. For the dedicated fan, however, Springfield is by no means deadweight, as shown here.

With her Special Equipment, Springfield tops out at a respectable 42 Rate of Fire, sitting only 1 frame behind M14, with a sizable increase in base Damage. For those initial five to seven seconds of a battle, Springfield can compete in DPS with self buffing RFs on the strength of her stats alone. After this point, Springfields pause to charge her Skill, and the Skills on other RFs will push Springfield down the DPS charts. 

For very new players who have limited RF options, but have picked up the free reward Springfield, picking up her Special Equipment will extend her usefulness until they pick up more general purpose RFs. 

As a result, farming Springfields Special Equipment can be safely skipped by those for whom Springfield holds no waifu appeal, or stick to the meta as closely as possible. 

You may wish to farm Springfields Special Equipment if: 

  • You intend to use Springfield in Rankings going forwards. 

  • You really, really like Springfield. 

Reasons to skip farming for Springfields Special Equipment:

  • You aren't going to use Springfield

  • You are already set for RFs and don't see a need for the strengthened Springfield. 

Titan Fire Control Chip

M1918 BAR's Special Equipment
+6 Clip Size
-2 Damage
-1 Rate of Fire

Drops from: 2-4N



The value of BAR's Special Equipment is largely dependent upon two things. First: Have you/Do you Intend to fully Neural Upgrade BAR? Second: Do you plan to Rank highly? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then farming for the Titan Fire Control Chip will eventually be on your to do list. 

While MGs have fallen out of meta usage in the last few events, they will start creeping back into use over the next few events, with special attention going to MGs with Armor Buffing tiles. Adding on her excellent stats, and Neural Upgrade, BAR makes a compelling case for her usage in future events. Granted, to get the most value from her, BAR needs her third Neural Upgrade to reach her full potential, helping to cancel out both downsides from the Titan Fire Control Chip, fixing her reload speed, and the slightly increased Damge mitigating the reduction. 

For those who are not intending to compete at the higher end of ranking, or who have already earmarked the Memory Fragments and Cores for other Mods, BAR's Speical Equipment will be a useful but highly optional pickup. 

You may wish to farm for BAR's Special Equipment if: 

  • You're low on gold ammo boxes and don't mind enhancing this to +5 ammo. 

  • You try and follow meta trends or prepare for future events. 

  • You want to get the most out of your investment in BAR Mod III. 

Reasons to skip farming for BAR's Special Equipment if:

  • You aren't going to use BAR

  • You have other MG options to fill her role in future. 

.300BLK High-Velocity Ammo

AR-15's Special Equipment
+25 Damage
-1 Accuracy

Drops from: 3-4N


Farm AR-15's Speical Equipment. If you take away one thing from this guide, let it be that. 

As one of the premiere DPS options for players of all levels, AR-15 needs little introduction, either before, or after, her Neural Upgrade. The .300 Blackout only serves to enhance her abilities, providing a flat 5 Damage over a standard HV Ammo, with a 'downside' of a reducing her Accuracy by 1, a penalty that barely ammounts to a hinderance at all. This boosted Damage helps to elevate AR-15's base Damage from lower end to the upper third of ARs, which then combines with her ability to cap (or nearly so) her own Rate of Fire to create one of the best DPS ARs in the game, and a standard part of a variety of a variety of Echelons. AR-15 sees use in both general purpose story clears, and dedicated Boss killing formations, and her performance will not disappoint in either role. 

You may want to farm for AR-15's Special Equipment if:

  • Farm it. 

  • AR-15 is a staple DPS AR there is no reason not to make her better. 

Reasons to skip farming AR-15's Special Equipment

  • You want to suffer.
  • IRL obligations prevent you from doing so. 

GSG UX Exoskeleton

MP5's Special Equipment
+58 Evasion
-6 Damage

Drops from: 4-4N


MP5, and by extension her Special Equipment, occupy a bit of an odd space. Until this point, Force Shield SMGs have been kept on the sidelines, and largely pressed into service to safely detonate Red Goliaths, being outclassed in general usage by RO635, CMS or UMP45. However, if looking forwards to Shattered Connection, there is hope for MP5. Her Neural Upgrade brings with it a change to her tiles, namely, allowing her to provide buffs to RFs as well as ARs, alongside some welcome stat boosts. Her second Skill doesn't activate until after her Force Shield expires, but provides a sizable Evasion kick later into the battle. 

Thus, much like BAR, MP5's Special Equipment, which provides a mind boggling 58 Evasion (increasing her base Evasion by over 85% by itself), is a worthwhile pickup should you intend to perform her Neural Upgrade. For reference, that is more Evasion from an Equip than some SMGs have in raw stats. For those looking to use MP5 post Neural Upgrade, or attempting to squeeze every drop of usefulness out of her prior to that, the GSG Exoskeleton is a highly valuable pickup. 

You may wish to farm MP5's Special Equipment if:

  • You intend to perform her Neural Upgrade during or after SC

  • You really like MP5

  • The fact that MP5 gets more than one entire Suomi in Evasion amuses you.

Reason to skip farming for MP5's Special Equipment:

  • You aren't going to use MP5

  • You want revenge for all those resources she wasted when you were crafting for Shotguns. 

Hayha Memory Chip

Mosin Nagants's Special Equipment
+30 Damage
+5 Evasion
+30% Critical Hit Damage

Drops from: 5-4N 


Contining the trend, Mosin Nagant's Speical Equip, the Hayha Memory Chip is most relevant to those Commanders who have, or intend to, invest in her Neural Upgrade. While the 30 Damage and 30% Critical Hit Damage are both impressive, and will contribute to Mosin Nagant putting out impressive Damage numbers, Mosin offers a reprise of Springfield, in that she is a Charged Shot RF. Luckily for Mosin, however, her 2nd Skill helps to patch up her weaknesses by boosting her Damage for every enemy killed, and her Rate of Fire if she scores a kill with her Charged Shot. While somewhat quirky, this can be quite potent in the right hands, and her Special Equipment goes a long way to hitting the correct conditions to make Mosin shine. 

For the endgame Commander, Mosin's Special Equipment is a worthwhile investment, but midgame and newer players can skip farming for something more useful in the long term. 

You may want to farm for Mosin's Special Equip if:

  • You want to explode the Beginner Data Dummy even harder than normal.

  • You have Mosin's Neural Upgrade, or intend to perform it, and want all the possible performance. 

  • White Death anyone? 

Reasons to skip farming Mosin's Special Equip:

  • You prefer to stick to more convetional RFs and thus are not using Mosin

Custom Exoskeletal Armor

M16A1's Special Equipment
+20 Armor
+10 Evasion
-10 Rate of Fire
-20 Accuracy

Drops from: 6-4N


Previously, the question has been, 'Do you intend to Neural Upgrade?', but, M16 lacks that option (so far). However, M16's Special Equipment comes with it's own defining question. Do you corpse drag/utilize low cost farming methods?

If you do, M16's Special Equipment is a fantastic pickup, giving double the Armor of a traditional Ballistic Plate at +20 Armor, while also giving 10 Evasion on top of the Exoskeleton M16 can equip (which is great, since Armor normally reduces your Evasion instead).

This turns M16 into a potent tank against low-damage hits, as she's the only T-Doll who has relatively high Evasion on top of the flat damage-reduction niche typically reserved for SGs.

Having this special equipment can let M16 tank hits she wouldn't otherwise have been able to, and comes in handy against swarms of low-damage enemies like Strelets and also will reduce the number of repairs needed for repairs when corpse dragging on maps like 0-2.

Some low-cost limited drop farming comps are also enabled by M16 tank, such as the Singularity 416 Special Equipment farm. Since every commander has M16A1 and it's only a matter of time before a use for M16 comes up, farming this special equipment is a good idea for commanders who can do it cheaply and have nothing else pressing to use their resources on. 

You may want to farm M16's Special Equipment if: 

  • You corpse drag/low cost farm

  • You'd like to use M16 to tank in situations where her specific niche excels

Reasons to skip farming for M16's Special Equipment:

  • You're still new to the game and have better things to invest in

  • You don't use M16 in situations where the extra armor matters significantly

Infinite Ammo Box

MG3's Special Equipment
+30 Clip Size
-25 Damage
-10 Accuracy
-2 Evasion

Drops from: 7-4N


MG3 is bad. Statistically, she's subpar, her second volley Skill is equally weak, providing a paltry 30% Damage boost with the bonus of 4 extra in the magazine. At a base of 85 Damage, MG3 needs every bit of Damage she can get, and that Skill isn't enough in the least. Her 10 round clip is equally uninspiring. Enter, the Infinite Ammo Box. 

Now, in theory, the Infinite Ammo Box represents and interesting idea. Letting and MG fire nigh continuously for the equivalent of several traditional volleys, at hte expense of decreased Damage. Sadly, it went on MG3, and comes with an extra downside in reduced Accuracy. Shaving over a third of MG3's already middling Accuracy off just by equiping it, the Infinite Ammo Box places severe constraints upon her, already. That -25 Damage is an equally brutal hit, even accounting for 44 shots fired before any need to reload. All of this combines to put the Infinite Ammo Box in the dubious position of being a Speical Equip that may actually make it's user worse. 

For a bit of context, MG3, when equiped with the Infinite Ammo Box struggles to outperform MG4, and only just surprasses M249 SAW across 2 full volleys when facing an enemy with relatively low evasion (10). Even against a target with 0 Evasion, MG3 fails to outperform herself without it by a significant margin. 

MG3 with and without her Ammo Box, when shooting a 0 Evasion Target. MG4 for 'reference'.

That graph becomes increasily more embarassing for MG3 with only a little Evasion added on, or if you add an MG that's atually good. Don't farm this.

You may wish to farm MG3's Special Equipment if:

  • Memes? 

  • You absolutely want to make MG3 suffer.

  • Everyone I ask has nothing either. 

Reason to skip farming for MG3's Special Equipment:

  • It is probably the worst Speq in the game. 

  • You really really really like MG3, and want her to be happy by not giving her this. 

FELIN System Sight

FAMAS's Special Equipment
+48% Critical Chance
+4 Damage
+4 Accuracy

Drops from: 8-4N


FAMAS's problems are to much for a single Special Equip to patch up, but darn if the FELIN Sights don't try. Offering the standard Critical Hit boost of a VFL, FAMAS also gains 4 Damage and 4 Accuracy. Both bonuses are welcome, the Damage in particular, as one of FAMAS's glaring problems is her abysmal 44 base Damage, although the boost of 4 is unable to drag her into relevance, partly due to FAMAS's Skill, High Explosive Grenade, which as a grouping tend to underwhelm in practice. 

You may wish to farm FAMAS's Special Equipment if:

  • You want to try and use FAMAS's Halloween Skin 

  • You are a certain Francophille firearms youtuber. 

Reason to skip farming for FAMAS's Special Equipment:

  • It is still FAMAS

Stechkin Exclusive Stock

Stechkin's Special Equipment
+20% Critical Chance
+10 Evasion
+4 Accuracy

Drops from: 9-4N


Stechkin's Special Equipment is, well, special, adding an extra effect to her Skill: a 4% Damage boost. While this doesn't sound significant, the small boosts add up over the course of a battle, and having even that small bit of hybridization in the buffs is always welcome - especially in light of her upcoming MOD that will improve Stechkin's usage frequency.

In terms of stats, Stechkin's Stock is a silencer with some additional Accuracy, something more appreciated after her future Neural Upgrade, but doesn't offer any downsides compared to a regular silencer, making the choice between them easy.

While nothing about this Special Equipment offers a significant upgrade, the marginal changes summed together provide compelling value for all Commanders who are willing to stomach farming Chapter 9N.

You may wish to farm Stechkin's Special Equipment if:

  • You wish to make your Stechkin even stronger. 

  • You don't mind paying the premium to have this ready before Stechkin's eventual Neural Upgrade

Reason to skip farming for Stechkins's Special Equipment:

  • Farming 9-4N is too annoying for you

Tactical Earphones

TAR-21's Special Equipment
+3 Damage
+20 Evasion
+3 Rate of Fire

Drops from: 10-4N


TAR-21's Tactical Earphones replace and Exoskeleton, and provide an additional Damage and RoF boost to TAR. Both are welcome additions for her, although they do little to help TAR stand out in the increasily crowded and stratified AR field. While her Skill does provide nice boosts to both RoF and Damage, upcoming content favors multi-hit ARs such as G11, K2 or AN94, and the old standbys such as M4 and AR-15 over TAR-21, tending to leave her on the sidelines. For Commanders who by design or poor luck have arrived at Chapter 10N without a flesh out AR roster, but happen to possess TAR, she will step up and perform reasonable well as needed.

You may wish to farm TAR-21's Special Equipment if:

  • You have limited ARs and want to give TAR a bit of a boost. 

  • Bunny girls are your jam.  

Reason to skip farming for TAR-21's Special Equipment:

  • You already have a full set of ARs

Farming Routes

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