Should You Farm: Shattered Connexion Limited Drops?

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Well, let's consult the drop list from MICA shall we....

Whoa. That's a stacked list right there. Guess I have some work to do. 

As always the Drop Welfare System is in place, here to save us from the evils of drop RNG.


P22 OP, please nerf. No, this is not a joke. P22 is an incredibly versatile Doll, whose abilities open up a wide variety of team building options and strategies.

From position 2, P22 is able to hit the entire formation with her Damage and Accuracy Tile buff, which may be the only knock against her, that P22 is relegated to position 2 to make best use of her. However, she can cover the entire backline, her Main Tank partner, or even a Shotgun in position 6 from here, so this is hardly a major downside.

P22's Skill offers one of three benefits depending on the position a Doll is in.

  • Dolls in the front column receive a Shield
  • Dolls in the middle column receive an evasion and Accuracy Buff
  • Dolls in the back column receive a Damage Boost.

More importantly, you can control what buff you get in battle, by moving your Dolls to the appropriate column. Moving an SMG into the front for instance, will provide them with the Shield instead of the Evasion buff. Or, with enough practice you can time it so you get both. This is exactly as good as it sounds. No, it's probably better. Oh, and in case you were curious, P22's stats are also solid, with acceptable HP and a blistering 110 Evasion.

You may want to farm for P22 if:

  • You should farm at least 1 P22. Her utility cannot be understated.  

Reasons to skip farming P22

  • Uhm....I really don't have one. I guess if you really really really hate her art? 
  • IRL events prevent you (IRL takes priority over gacha, always). 


JS05 is another entry into the list of RFs with skills relegate them to niche uses at best. Her Skill, Piercing Shot, functions similarly to traditional Bamboo skills, except it features a lower Damage multiplier, and pierces all enemies on the way to the target. 

While this sounds like a useful gimmick at first, in practice JS05 will underperform compared to other RFs, as the low damage multiplier and poor area of effect combined cause the skill to be unsuitable for either mobbing or dispatching a single target. Even the Bamboo Rework could not save her from this fate. 

You may want to farm for JS05 if:

  • Collection, or Skins. That's it. 

Reasons to skip farming JS05:

  • Everything else


Coming armed with solid base Stats, and a Skill that Buffs Damage and Accuracy, SRS’s time to shine has somewhat passed, as Evasive enemies in the upcoming Isomer Ranking where a better target for her than they will be in SC, and the Ranking's following will both be in Day. Sure-hit RFs such as 4 Shiki and M200 do overshadow her in this role, but for Commanders looking to either avoid duping or with poor luck on pulling those two, SRS will be able to step up and fill the void well, and she works as an acceptable general use RF for those who are lacking.

You may wish to farm SRS if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her
  • You have the worst luck rolling for RFs and need a good one ASAP

Reasons to skip farming for SRS

  • You already have SRS
  • You have a well-stocked RF armory.


Making a surprise appearance despite having been the Isomer Crate Doll, HS2000 is an exceptionally valuable HG both in this ranking and in plenty of upcoming content.

Her skill, Counterattacker Barrier, is a unique skill with potent utility. It allows her to provide all members of the team with a good shield and a potentially huge boost in Damage and Accuracy if that shield goes unbroken for 3 seconds. This offers amazing benefits in many battles, whether it be a rather basic fight or to potentially protect her entire team from powerful AoE attacks.

If this skill wasn’t enough, she also comes with tiles to match. While the layout of them results in some notable incompatibilities with other excellent buffers, the buffs found on the tiles themselves are amazing. While most players will have at least 1 of her already, for those who missed Isomer, started recently, or join this writer in the club of duping induced core hell, HS2000 is a welcome face on the drop list. 

You may wish to farm HS2000 if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her
  • You want to put her unique Skill to use
  • More HGs is always good

Reasons to skip farming for HS2000

  • You already have HS2k and do not dupe
  • You have no heart


X95 joins the fairly limited ranks of DPS SMGs borrowing some odd traits from her various counterparts then putting her own spin on things.

Firstly, X95 stats are excellent, giving her solid durability. Second, her Tiles cover the entire back row from position 8, providing RoF and Accuracy, both stats that are solidly in demand. Where X95 really shines however is her Skill, Flower Lock. 

This Skill overwrites X95's traditional targeting and makes her target the enemy with the lowest raw HP, and gain a Damage buff based on the amount of HP they have lost, calculated at % lost * 3.

While this doesn't exceed SR-3MP until 86% HP lost, it is still a rather potent boost, as the Damage buff is calculated per shot, meaning X95's Damage will snowball quickly against heavier targets, and she will make quick work of the weaker ones her Skill prioritizes. She is extremely effective at clearing trash spawned by Bosses or ELID Smashers, thanks to auto-targeting it, and quickly building up the damage to put them down.

Overall X95 is an excellent pick-up - buy her with medals if you're unlucky with farming her. 

You may wish to farm X95 if: 

  • You want to play around with her unique targeting gimmick
  • You want another excellent Offtank 

Reasons to skip farming for X95:

  • DPS SMGs are not something you like to use, or you are satisfied with SR-3MP in this roll



Kord comes with three valuable traits. First, her stats are fantastic, or at least, the one that matters, with 109 base Damage. Sure, 22 base Accuracy hurts a bit, but that can be fixed up easily, allowing Kord to turn that 109 Damage into plenty of pain downrange. The second useful trait? Excellent tiles, giving 15% Damage and Armor. 

Finally, the crown Jewel, her Skill. High Pressure Assault has two options. First option: Piercing attacks. In return for being able to hit multiple Units, Kord's Damage is reduced by 30% and her AP by 50%. Or, she can switch to a limited Damage and Accuracy Buff if firing on a single big target where the peirce isn't required. This Skill is hilariously good, allowing Kord's DPS to skyrocket when applied correctly. When enemies are lined up in such a way that Kord can hit more than 1 or 2, she's going multiple Dolls worth of Damage very quickly, and is one of the reasons Kord sees a lot of use in upcoming Rankings maps. 

Farm a Kord. You will not regret it. Also she's got a sweet hat. 

You may wish to farm Kord if: 

  • Farm at least 1 Kord if you can. 
  • She's an excellent MG and we know how rare those are. 

Reasons to skip farming for Kord:

  • You lucksacked into a Kord
  • You don't want an awesome MG? 



M200 lite. We all know what EN's beloved Not-Potato is capable of, thanks to her sure-hit, high Damage abilities, and SSG fits into the same niche. Her Damage is almost twenty points lower at 126, but she does nerf Damage slightly more (15% vs 10%). SSG3000's time to shine is now, as her Advantaged Status on the Ranking map allows her to be worth approximately 95% of an M200, making her a fantastic RF for non-dupers or those unlucky enough to be lacking an M200 on the ranking map. Beyond that, SSG3000 will struggle to stand out from M200 but is by no means a 'bad' Doll. 

You may wish to farm SSG3000 if: 

  • You are lacking for an M200
  • You don't dupe but really want a second M200 

Reasons to skip farming for SSG3000:

  • You have M200 and are fine with just her
  • You have enough RFs



A-91 joins the collection of Russian ARs with Night-focused Skills. Unlike other Night ARs, A-91 fills a niche of a Night Grenadier who buffs herself when she uses her grenade skill, which while always useful can be extremely strong in the right situation. 

With a lower Damage Multiplier and the traditional long ICD of an Anti-Personnel Grenade, during the day A-91 will struggle to perform compared to existing or upcoming Grenadiers, such as M4 SOPMOD II (with or without Neural Upgrade), 416FAL or K11

At night, however, A-91 is an entirely different beast. Because she applies the % Damage buff as she is throwing the grenade, it buffs her own grenade damage and puts her AoE damage on par with 416. She's also the only T-Doll that will buff herself from using the grenade skill, which means her performance in specific situations will exceed the vast majority of Grenade ARs...although with SOPMOD MOD and 416 MOD in the picture she is likely spending her time drinking in the dorms instead. 

You may wish to farm A-91 if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her
  • You are planning to get her Skin at some point. 

Reasons to skip farming for A-91

  • You already have A-91
  • 416 is all you need

PP-19 'Bizon'


Unlike the Incendiary Grenade used by Vector or Skorpion, PP-19’s Skill is more analogous to the one used by PPS-43, trading the damage-over-time burn for a substantially wider explosion radius on the initial impact, spreading 2.5 yards instead of 1.5. In this regard, PP-19 performs approximately equally to PPS-43, compensating for her lower base Damage with a higher Skill multiplier while offering a far more potent Tile Buff in return for somewhat limited coverage. Unfortunately, as with all Grenade based Skills, PP-19 will still suffer from targeting RNG, although her much wider blast radius will often catch many enemies in it. Due to the relative rarity of strong Hand Grenade users among SMGs, farming PP-19 is recommended if you need her as she has little competition in this niche - only PPS-43 comes anywhere close. 

Rising enemy HP pools mean that PP-19’s usefulness continues to shrink, although her Tile Buff remains extremely potent, and her Skill does add significant upfront Damage. Should you be looking either to diversity your Off-tank repertoire, or be a non-duper looking for more Off-Tank SMGs, PP-19 is a solid pickup, although one must weight the slog of farming against her value as a pickup. 

You may wish to farm PP-19 if: 

  • You missed the previous chances to acquire her
  • You want some variety in your Offtanks
  • You wish to use a specific Echelon requiring PP-19’s Tile Buff over other Offtanks
  • PPS-43's polydactyly upsets you

Reasons to skip farming for PP-19

  • You farmed for her in the last events
  • You do not want more Grenade-based Offtanks



TEC-9 is a 3★ HG obtained as the login reward for June 2020. Her usefulness may not be immediately apparent, but TEC-9 is actually a strong HG which offers a great niche not found within higher rarity HGs (at the time of writing).

Starting with her tiles, she carries a whopping 32% Rate of Fire buff on them. Her tile layout does look odd at first, but is completely fine for the team comps that one would want to use her in.

TEC-9’s skill, Firepower Suppression N, is the main reason why a commander would field her over higher rarity HGs. This debuff skill reduces the damage of all enemies and has a stronger effect at night. This is a much more consistent survivability boost than RoF or Accuracy debuffs, and makes TEC-9 great for reducing the damage that your T-Dolls take and most notably has excellent synergy with HS2000 for shield teams that can even shake off the attacks of the almighty Doppelsöldner. Conveniently, both are farmable here. 

You may wish to farm Tec-9 if: 

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You want to do the memes with her and HS2000

Reasons to skip farming for Tec-9

  • You already have Tec-9
  • You don't need more HGs
  • You don't have a need of her particular niche

Steyr Scout


Scout is a login RF who lands in the unfortunate position of being perfectly fine at her job, but entirely eclipsed by M14. For a mid-rarirty login RF her 114 Damage and 35 Rate of Fire are more than acceptable and she has a coveted self buff Skill in Damage boost. But, M14 exists and the original War-Goddess looms large, being easier to obtain, raise and with a Neural Upgrade to boot, leaving Scout to languish in obscurity. A pity that cute isn't all it takes to be a top tier DPS RF.

You may wish to farm Scout if: 

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You are really short for RFs
  • She's got a pet bird. What more do you want from me? 

Reasons to skip farming for Scout

  • You already have Scout
  • You don't need more RFs
  • You have enough RFs that do her job already



Basically, everything I said about Scout applies to T-CMS, although T-CMS is gifted with a slightly better statline. 

"Her performance is relatively good, being able to keep up with the likes of Pre-mod M14 and G28. In fact, she’s almost matching G28 statistically with slightly higher Damage, slightly lower Rate of Fire, though lower Accuracy thus hindering her ability at night. Having the lowest Rate of Fire of the three does cause her to fall behind in DPS in the long run, but in practice, they all perform similarly.

Her main issue is simply being a login doll. New players would need to wait three weeks to get her, in which they would likely acquire M14 and other stronger RFs. Older players with already developed rosters will find little purpose for T-CMS who doesn’t offer any significant reason to invest the EXP, skill data, and cores."

I shall borrow Red's words, as there is little to add to them. 

You may wish to farm T-CMS if: 

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You really need RFs right now

Reasons to skip farming for T-CMS

  • You already have her
  • You don't need more RFs



Magal is a 3★ AR obtained as the login reward for July 2020.

Magal has not much going in her favor. Her only notable strength is her decent skill, Charge Focus, which buffs both her Damage and Rate of Fire for double the time that Charge Focus normally does. Even then, this skill still suffers from the typical 6 second Initial Cooldown.

Her stats are poor, possessing both low Damage and low Rate of Fire. She’s outclassed in both aspects by the more readily available FNC who can also be dummy linked easier. This places her on the lower end of DPS for ARs even with her skill. On top of this, while her tiles give a fair boost in themselves, their coverage is terrible and makes them awkward to utilize.

Worse still, as new players get the AR Team Dolls pre-leveled, and new player rewards being much better, Magal's tiny potential value as a low core investment AR is completely gone. 

You may wish to farm Magal if: 

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You really like her design

Reasons to skip farming for Magal

  • You play the game on a semi-regular basis
  • You have enough ARs already
  • You already have Magal



HK33 is basically OTs-12 but stronger. They possess the exact same skill, Assault Focus T, which buffs their Rate of Fire. What HK33 has over OTs-12 is primarily a higher Damage stat, slightly higher Rate of Fire (which does actually make a difference), and a different flavour of tiles.

OTs-12’s primary weakness is her low Damage, an issue that’s much less severe with HK33. In addition to this, HK33 is capable of reaching max Rate of Fire on her own with her skill, something OTs-12 can’t do. OTs-12’s one notable advantage is her Special Equipment for bonus crit damage, though this comes with a hefty price tag. Tilewise, they both cover different aspects. While OTs-12 has tiles that are good for the off tank, HK33 has tiles that are good for the main tank.

With that said, OTs-12 is easier to obtain just by playing the game, and Commanders will quickly obtain powerful new options leaving HK33 are a third line AR who can't quite manage to stand out. 

You may wish to farm HK33 if: 

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You really like her design

Reasons to skip farming for HK33

  • You have enough ARs already
  • You already have her



MP41 is a mid rarity Smoke Grenade SMG who largely outclasses her competition in Ingram, and has a tiny leg up on UMP45 in her higher HP, but otherwise is inferior. However, like all login dolls her lack of easy access to dummies holds her back, as will her somewhat awkwardly shaped tiles, which from Position 5 will not hit Position 7. 

You may wish to farm MP41 if: 

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You really like her design

Reasons to skip farming for MP41

  • You have enough SMGs already
  • You already have her



VP70 joins the elusive club of HGs with a Damage Reduction Skill, although she gets the general-purpose variant which is good and bad. The good, she isn't gimped by day time. The bad, her reduction isn't as strong, and she is saddled with a weaker RoF tile, in return for Accuracy, a stat that while in demand still for SC, will fall off again as ranking returns to daytime and Evasion becomes less of an issue.

You may wish to farm VP70if: 

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You really like her design

Reasons to skip farming for VP70

  • You have enough HGs already
  • You already have her
  • You're salty she doesn't get the 3 round burst nonsense



And for a slight change of pace for our last entry, I shall borrow the words of BLT:

K3 is… awful. She has one of the lowest base Damage stats of any MG at 78. Her tiles may have armor buffs, but we’re well past the point of sacrificing actually being useful for being able to buff armor on your SGs. And for the final nail in the coffin, her skill is the always horrible Lock and Load. Long ICD, low buff effect, and a +Mag size ability not even worth talking about defines K3 as a doll who is definitely not worth the effort of raising.

You may wish to farm K3 if: 

  • You missed her previous appearances
  • You really like her design

Reasons to skip farming for K3

  • Well, honestly you probably just want to skip farming K3

Farming Routes

And, as always GFL Youtube Ceia has published an All-in-One Farming Guide details routes and Comps.

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