Should You Farm: Mirror Stage Limited Drops

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It's that time again. Neither of the unique drops for this event are super exciting, so let's see who the 'undercard' drops are.

Is that 5-7...again? I am suddenly very glad I didn't actual make any bets about her appearing but I sure would have lost. P22 reappears for an easier farm than her Isomer permanent farm, and Lui returns after appearing just one event ago, to help those who missed her them. Everything else is just a collection fodder, for those who need them. 

Good news for all, Mirror Stage features the infinite farming stages for faster farming that were used in Dual Randomness, and some collab events. The extra checks on these maps usually make for a more efficient farming experience, as well as serving as far better daily grinds than regular maps.

Model 99


Yet another victim of MICA naming, the Savage Model 99 got shortened to simply Model 99, she is also a victim of MICA skill design. In theory, her ramping Damage after killing a 'Prey' target is quite potent, however, there is no clause that forces her to target her 'Prey' which means that in all likelihood, Model 99 will mark a target, and then waste her time shooting something entirely different getting no bonus at all when the rest of the Echelon kills that enemy, thus leaving her without the debuff when her Active Skill procs, and she would ideally want that Damage to burst down a big target quickly.

If, somehow, you can win the RNG lottery to get Savage a few stacks of her passive, she will do fantastic Damage, but frankly, you should be spending that luck on actual lottery tickets and you GFL investment on a generalist RF instead. 

You Might Want to Farm Model 99 if:

  • Gotta catch 'em all
  • Her Damaged Art has you feeling things 

Reasons to skip farming Model 99:

  • You have plenty of RFs already
  • No horny allowed. 



A login offensive SG, TS12 struggles to find a niche for herself. As a class dedicated to Tanking, TS12 tries to double down on her offensive abilities instead, without doing anything to back up her lackluster Armor and HP. Her biggest saving grace is 15% Damage tiles, and this alone is not enough to justify using her over the stronger defensive option that players get for free in M500, or any of the high rarity SGs players can obtain from True Core Masks. Living in the shadow of defensive titans of the SG class, LTLX and SAT-8, TS12 is thus nothing more than collection fodder.

You Might Want to Farm TS12 if:

  • You need to complete your collection
  • Cool designs are cool. 

Reasons to skip farming TS12:

  • You already have her
  • You have almost any other Shotgun

GM6 Lynx


Lynx is an odd case of a charged shot RF. Instead of delivering a single massive shot, she hits her target multiple times, in theory dealing more Damage to her target than some of her login RF competition, with the extreme caveat of needing a long windup, and a long time to kill the target. As a result, Lynx struggles to carve a niche for herself, outside of being in the rather small club of Dolls who have pets. Farm her if you missed her login month, but otherwise, Lynx is an easy skip for all Commanders.

You Might Want to Farm Lynx if:

  • She has a pet cat
  • Collection demands you complete it. 

Reasons to skip farming Lynx:

  • You already have Lynx
  • You don't need more non-buffing RFs. 
  • Allergic to cats.



A fabulous idea a knife gun is. And it works just as well as you'd think. To borrow a little from Hass,

Her damage output compared to major self-buffing HGs like Python and DEagle is usually lower, making her weaker when killing bosses and the like.

Her tiles and passive skill want her to stand at the front of the echelon to get the greatest effect, but that is where the damage comes from. QSB-91 has no survivability skills and average survivability stats for a HG, which is like paper compared to SMGs and SGs. Also her DPS is reliant on her links, so this positioning is actually counterproductive for her. Even against Orthrus, which she should specialize in, that should not usually be attacking her will still bite her when the shield goes down, and often come with escorts that will shoot her full of holes.

Conclusion is, don’t use this HG, unless you’re doing some kind of bizarre meme. Her own specializations and unique skill set that beats out her own higher rarity counterparts are overshadowed by regular HGs and her counterproductive kit.

You Might Want to Farm QSB if:

  • Collection gems. All the Collection gems. 
  • You really enjoy doing bad meme things. 

Reasons to skip farming QSB:

  • You already her
  • You prefer to keep you knives for knife fighting, and guns for gunfighting. 



While she gives off just the right vibes for a some Commander’s, StG-940's combat performance struggles to measure up. Saddled with poor multipliers, STG-940 gets a limited boost from her Skill, and thus will struggle to stand out from the competition, and indeed is traditionally overshadowed. So, if STG-940 the waifu appeals to you, feel free to farm, otherwise, she is an easy skip.

You Might Want to Farm StG-940 If:

  • You like her design
  • I'm running out of collection jokes and it's only the third one

Reasons to skip farming StG-940:

  • You already have her
  • You don't need another AR buffing AR to buff the overabundance of ARs you already have

Lewis Gun


Machineguns in GFL exist in a weird place, and Lewis is no exception. She has a lot going for her, including fantastic base stats, an Armor Tile, and a good stacking Skill. However, the MG world has gotten several shakeups, including the appearance of RPK-203 and Kord since Lewis's introduction which give her some strong competition. 

Nonetheless, Lewis is a valuable pickup, as she can fill the 3rd MG slot in 3MG formations, as well as providing a solid baseline skillset for those times when a newer player needs an MG echelon (Judge). 

You Might Want to Farm Lewis if:

  • You want to use one of her various skins
  • Collection gems are nice
  • You need more MGs, or are a new player and want a leg up on Judge. 

Reasons to skip farming Lewis:

  • You don't need more MGs
  • You have her already
  • You are placing bets that we are going to GFL Australia and need to fight some Emus



KSVK comes in two flavors. Pre-Neural Upgrade, she's a terrible Charged Shot RF with an AoE Skill and Debuff that cannot be carried by her mammoth Damage Stat. However, she should be obtained regardless, so that one can obtain the second flavor of KSVK.

KSVK Mod II+ is a strong AoE DPS, given the correct setup. Her Skill 2 does require debuffs on the enemy, which can be provided in a myriad ways, included Calico Mod 2+, Beach Fairy, and other HGs Skills. While debuffs are active, KSVK targets the closest enemy, combining her already large base Damage with an AoE blast that hits all links of an enemy, allowing her to chew through some enemies long thought impossible or too impractical to defeat. The theory sounds good, but in practice KSVK has not seen as much usage at high-level play on EN as older servers, and this is unlikely to change with future events. This makes the actual investment into KSVK mod a more dubious prospect than before. 

You Might Want to Farm KSVK

  • To Mod her
  • She's got some nice Skins

Reasons to skip farming 

  • You already have your KSVK Mod



Almost memetic for her rarity on other servers, and equally memetic for her commonality on EN, Five-seveN lives up to the hype. Delivering massive boosts to Rate of Fire and Crit Rate with both her Tile Buffs and Skill, she pairs perfectly with Px4 Storm, the duo providing massive offensive boosts to whatever Echelon they are attached to. Backing up these traits are a strong set of stats if you care about that sort of thing (hint, they aren't everything). 

While the meme of Hoxy is almost completely inverted on the Global server, Five-seveN remains very powerful and her use extends well into the future. While there is a trend towards specialized teams, Five-seveN remains a good generalist pickup for new and old players alike. 

You may want to farm for Five-seveN if:

  • You are a new player and haven't had the chance yet.

  • You wish to dupe a reasonable number of her (no more than three please, and definitely not more than the number of Px4 Storm you have)

  • You for some other reason have not farmed for Five-seveN yet

Reasons to skip farming Five-seveN

  • You already have one (or more) of her from previous events and are not a duper. 

  • You do dupe, but have enough of her already

  • She abuses FAL's ferret and that's not nice.



Breaking the trend of low rarity Dolls in this article, Mas-38 can be seen as a serviceable offtank SMG, with some notable restrictions. Relegated to Position 2 by her Tiles, Mas-38’s Damage and Crit buffing tiles are always in demand, and her own small Evasion buff will help improve her survivability during early game content. This does not save her from the fate of being outclassed by higher rarity SMGs, either dedicated Offtanks such as JS9 or even Honey Badger, or in Echelon utility by Grenade SMGs such as Vector or Micro Uzi. For a new Commander getting absolutely murdered by SMG crafting, Mas-38 can make an effective stopgap measure, but will not see long-term service as more powerful SMGs become available, or are dropped by random chance from this very event. 

You Might Want to Farm MAS-38:

  • You really like French weaponry, and want more of it in GFL
  • Collect harder.

Reasons to skip farming MAS-38:

  • You already have her
  • SMGs barely see use, why should you want more



DSR-50's problems are well documented, and nothing about the analysis of her value has changed in a very long time. 

DSR-50 is another Bamboo RF, whose skill is reliant on waiting to output a large burst of damage to a single target. She has the second-highest base Damage in Class, and below-average ROF for her class. These characteristics don’t particularly make for a good general use RF, although her accuracy is one of the best in class. Her ROF stat limiting her DPS and her Skill not synergizing for general use makes her fall flat.

These are not new problems to Charged Shot RFs, but DSR feels them especially keenly and even more in the context of ever stronger RF mods, and ever-stronger enemies, and all combine to leave DSR stuck in the barracks.

You Might Want to Farm DSR-50:

  • You've missed her previous appearances.
  • Ara ara? 

Reasons to skip farming DSR-50:

  • You have enough RFs. 
  • You feel fear. 



WKp occupies an odd space, attempting to fuse DPS with a night Exclusive Skill. This already puts her on the back foot, thanks to the lack of night maps in most content, and much less need for Evasion debuffs at night. Coupled with a need to be placed in position 1, WKp struggles to put herself in a position to effectively compete with the many powerful HGs already in the game.

You Might Want to Farm WKp if:

  • Using weird Dolls is your kind of fun
  • Collection Fodder

Reasons to skip farming WKp:

  • 14 P22s handle all your HG needs.



Derringer is an odd duck...dove...pigeon? In either case, outside of joining the 'exclusive' club of Dolls getting bullied by birds, she tries to muscle into the DPS Handgun niche, which is rather bold choice given her strong competition. As such a bold choice it does not go well for her, as Derringer works out to a fraction of a Desert Eagle without any of Desert Eagles other advantages, to reach that performance she ends up being paired with Desert Eagle or Python. When replacing one of those two, Derringer fails to make up the DPS of the unit she's replacing, and she does have good enough tiles, formation or otherwise, to fit in a formation purely for her tiles. 

You Might Want to Farm Derringer if:

  • You like her design
  • Dolls with birds are your thing
  • Collection gems are good

Reasons to skip farming M82:

  • You don't need DPS HGs. 
  • You hate birds?



The perhaps long-awaited RF version of Ribeyrolles, Mondragon creates a bit of an interesting situation. More or less forcing a 3RF Echelon, Mondragon limits the flexibility of her Echelon fairly considerably, as she does not synergize well with Dolls that also affect the Echelon Leader, and wants to have the Echelon leader herself, in order to get the most out of her Skill. When placed as Echelon leader, Mondragon will perform well, but the limits on her Echelon can make usage awkward in kiting heavy fights. Still within the constraints of her Skill and Class, Mondragon will perform as expected and is unlikely to be a DPS hit when compared to traditional handguns. 

For those commanders looking to play around with RF echelons, or who do not dupe HGs Mondragon will be a worthwhile pickup.

Also, who can resist a sharp-dressed woman?

You Might Want to Farm Mondragon if:

  • Really good skins. Unfairly good skins.
  • RF who buffs RFs sounds like fun. 

Reasons to skip farming Mondragon:

  • You have enough RFs and HGs already



P22 OP, please nerf. No, this is not a joke. P22 is an incredibly versatile Doll, whose abilities open up a wide variety of team-building options and strategies.

From position 2, P22 is able to hit the entire formation with her Damage and Accuracy Tile buff, which may be the only knock against her, that P22 is relegated to position 2 to make best use of her. However, she can cover the entire backline, her Main Tank partner, or even a Shotgun in position 6 from here, so this is hardly a major downside. She boosts the Damage output of an Echelon massively, and partners with ARs, MGs, and RFs easily, while also enhancing the survivability of the Tanks regardless of type. Her Skill even Shields the Taunt Fairy, if it happens to be alive when it goes off. 

She's farmable in the Campaign, should I care about this farm? 

Yes. Thanks to the farming map, this farm is infinitely superior to the Isomer: Faith of Blood farm that would otherwise be used. Faith of Blood  II (EX) has 2 checks, requires you to manually retreat, thus wasting resources and time. While the Pilfer Chip has made this less of a terrible value proposition, it is still manual and time intensive. 

By contrast, this farming map in this event is fully AFK, and will auto-complete the map, so long as the Echelon can successfully complete all battles, has more checks, and doesn't waste resources. You also work towards a P22 via medals with every run, putting a hard cap on the amount of runs required, rather than the vague 'eventually' of the campaign farm. 

You may want to farm for P22 if:

  • Ensure you have at least 1 P22. She's that good
  • If you play with Dupes, farm another P22. 
  • You farmed a 2nd P22? Farming a 3rd P22. 

Reasons to skip farming P22:

  • You already have 1 P22 and you do not dupe. 
  • You enjoy actively making the game harder for no good reason.
  • IRL factors mean you don't have farming time.

General Liu


The real centerpiece of this farming list, General Liu is a powerful general-purpose RF who summons a horde of reinforcements that substantially boost her combat performance. These reinforcements inherit a portion of Liu’s stats, and will stand behind your Echelon, keeping them safe for more general attacks, but managing to draw fire from enemies such as Coeus, and Jaguars, shielding your other Dolls from danger. While the reinforcements do not always interact perfectly with HG buffs, they none the less boost Liu’s DPS considerably, on top of her strong native damage output thanks to good base Damage and the impressive 40 base RoF (before Skill).

Further improving on Liu’s abilities is her ability to change her targeting, either using traditional RF backline targeting at the cost of some Rate of Fire, or switching to frontline targeting with a boost to Rate of Fire and a small Damage debuff. Liu’s full utility is hard to summarize succinctly, however, she is an incredible asset to all Commanders, and should be farmed by everyone.

You Might Want to Farm General Liu if:

  • Yes. You should farm her. 
  • She also gets really good skins

Reasons to skip farming General Liu:

  • You want to make the game harder on yourself?
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