Should You Farm: Jashin Collab Edition

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Article by Soulmuse
The Jashin-chan Dropkick x Girls' Frontline collab event has a great lineup of farmable dolls! Which ones are the most worth farming out of the listed drops? Read on to find out more!

I know two of the Collab Dolls are drops, but who are they coming with?

Huh. That's a respectable list, and don't think I don't see that Mod PP-19 art MICA. 

As always the Drop Welfare System is in place, here to save us from the evils of drop RNG.

PP-19 'Bizon'


Unlike the Incendiary Grenade used by Vector or Skorpion, PP-19’s Skill is more analogous to the one used by PPS-43, trading the damage-over-time burn for a substantially wider explosion radius on the initial impact, spreading 2.5 yards instead of 1.5. In this regard, PP-19 performs approximately equally to PPS-43, compensating for her lower base Damage with a higher Skill multiplier while offering a far more potent Tile Buff in return for somewhat limited coverage. Unfortunately, as with all Grenade based Skills, PP-19 will still suffer from targeting RNG, although her much wider blast radius will often catch many enemies in it. Due to the relative rarity of strong Hand Grenade users among SMGs, farming PP-19 is recommended if you need her as she has little competition in this niche - only PPS-43 comes anywhere close. 

Rising enemy HP pools mean that PP-19’s usefulness continues to shrink, although her Tile Buff remains extremely potent, and her Skill does add significant upfront Damage. while her Mod helps to improve her Damage output, adding additional cluster grenades the return on investment is not good.

You may wish to farm PP-19 if: 

  • You missed the previous chances to acquire her
  • You want some variety in your Offtanks
  • You intend to Mod her
  • You wish to use a specific Echelon requiring PP-19’s Tile Buff over other Offtanks
  • PPS-43's polydactyly upsets you

Reasons to skip farming for PP-19

  • You farmed for her in the last events
  • You do not want more Grenade-based Offtanks
  • You do not intend to Mod her


HS2000 reappears to provide excellent defensive support to her Echelon.

Her skill, Counterattacker Barrier, is a unique skill with potent utility. It allows her to provide all members of the team with a good shield and a potentially huge boost in Damage and Accuracy if that shield goes unbroken for 3 seconds. This offers amazing benefits in many battles, whether it be a rather basic fight or to potentially protect her entire team from powerful AoE attacks.

If this skill wasn’t enough, she also comes with tiles to match. While the layout of them results in some notable incompatibilities with other excellent buffers, the buffs found on the tiles themselves are amazing. While most players will have at least 1 of her already, for those who missed Isomer, started recently, or join this writer in the club of duping induced core hell, HS2000 is a welcome face on the drop list. The meta is increasingly shifting towards durability focused team, making shielders such as HS2000 increasingly more valuable. 

You may wish to farm HS2000 if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her
  • You want to put her unique Skill to use
  • More HGs is always good

Reasons to skip farming for HS2000

  • You already have HS2k and do not dupe
  • You have no heart


You know those Shields that Paradeus enemies have, that casually run away with large percentages of your Damage? Annoying huh? Well, good news, M870 has one too!

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, M870's Skill isn't quite as good as Paradeus shields (since it decays over time), but it does provide her with 1 second of invulnerability, then another 5 seconds of high % Damage reduction. This gives M870 an unparalleled niche of standing in front of enemies with AP and laughing or eating single target high Damage Boss attacks. If her ICD isn't an issue, M870 fills her niche very well, and even without that, she's a solid 5-star SG you can farm for free now - a great opportunity that won't come often. 

M870 doesn't directly compete with the more recent LTLX or M500 Mod, she does she her defensive ability niche eaten into by them. M500's nigh-infinite shields can effectively neutralize incoming Damage, and LTLX's vast array of effects gives her plenty of non-niche uses. 

You may want to farm for M870 if:

  • You are in need of more SGs 

  • You like her design or Skillset

Reasons to skip farming M870

  • You're set for Shotguns or already have her. 

  • M870's somewhat limited usage doesn't interest you.


AUG’s main standout feature is her Skill, which breaks the Rate of Fire cap at the cost of switching targets every shot. Her Tile Buffs are unique as well, buffing all Dolls. This should be seen as a neat bonus rather than a primary feature, however, given AUG’s somewhat situational nature and her tendency to under-kill enemies due to the unique targeting mechanic of her Skill. The only other comparable T-Doll is SAR-21, which AUG outperforms substantially. 

AUG's last hurrah happened in Singularity, current and future events tend to favor stronger RFs or ARs with Skills of a different archetype. That being said, AUG is still a solid AR who can still see use in night teams against unarmored enemies. While she can be useful against KCCO Orthus, she is ultimately out of a job again as KCCO enemies will not be appearing again for a while, and AUG does not do well against Paradeus or SF enemies. 

You may want to farm for AUG if:

  • You missed AUG's point event, or previous chances to farm for her

  • You found yourself disappointed with SAR-21, but think the Skill is interesting

  • You want to try building teams utilizing AUG's unique skillset.

Reasons to skip farming AUG

  • You already have AUG

  • You have a solid collection of DPS ARs, and feel like AUG’s limitations are more trouble than they are worth

Desert Eagle

Alright, that's enough beating up on Dolls, let's talk about a gun that, IRL could actually beat you up instead, the Desert Eagle. 

Desert Eagles tiles provide a hearty boost to allies Damage and Critical rate, coming in at 30% and 20% respectively. With her tiles wanting her to be located on the top left corner, tile 7, and providing buffs to tiles 4, 2, 8, 9 and 5, she will see use in otherwise awkward compositions. She will see frequent use in certain self-buffing RF/HG compositions, where her Damage and Critical Rate buffs compliment the ROF buff from the RF's skill.

Desert Eagle's skill will provide allied units to receive their own ROF and will direct Desert Eagle to "mark" the three highest defense enemies. The mark will increase all damage dealt to these three enemies by 10%. On top of this, Desert Eagle will focus her fire on these enemies, dealing an additional 1.6x stackable damage boost. The damage boost, coupled with the already weakened defenses, puts Desert Eagle among the ranks of the highest DPS available when used against low armored enemies. Beyond her already "worth drooling over" skill, her passive ability ignores HP shields. Instead, she will do pure damage to the enemy, and do 1x of that damage dealt to the shield as well, making Desert Eagle one of the, if not the, best handguns available.

It is absolutely worth picking up at least one copy of Desert Eagle, as she can help to take down Striders, completely ignoring their shield phase, the Ares Mech in this event (at reduced effectiveness due to armor), and various other enemies that use HP shielding. While her tile buff does somewhat limit her positioning and team options, Desert Eagle is a fantastic addition to your armory. 

You Might Want to Farm Desert Eagle

  • You want to complete your Suomi Collection
  • You want a DPS handgun who ignores HP shields.

Reasons to skip farming Desert Eagle

  • You already farmed her in previous events
  • Anmi face annoys you that much


Minos is a somewhat confused Shotgun, trying to mix DPS and Defensive roles. Her base stats are good, with high HP, middling Armor, and extremely high base Damage. 

While Minos can hit hard and stun enemies on a short cooldown, her Cooldown remains long, which cuts into Minos ability to take advantage of her Damage based upon enemy max HP. Minos primary defensive option is an HP shield gained upon the completion of a reload. While this is useful in a long-term battle, SGs often want shields early in battle and needing to fire 4 times before she gets her shield will cut into Minos's survivability. 

Ultimately Minos struggles to hold her own when compared to LTLX, SAT8, or M500 Mod. She is a free shotgun and should be picked up by newer players, but her usefulness remains somewhat niche. 

You may wish to farm Minos if: 

  • You need shotguns
  • You don't want to miss her. 

Reasons to skip farming for Minos:

  • You don't care about the collab Dolls
  • You have enough Shotguns



Medusa is an AR with a bit of a strange gimmick. She used random targetting, and every attack applies a layer of 'Mark' to enemies, which debuff enemies, and can be used to stun enemies when her Skill activates, as well as applying a Vulnerability debuff. Given how many enemies are immune to stun in the game, this is less valuable than it sounds. 

Medusa tries to make up for the shortcomings of her Skill with high base Damage, and a respectable RoF, as well as the ability to buff ARs and SMGs with her tiles. Considering how tight the competition is between ARs, however, Medusa's lack of a strong self-buff, or other widely applicable gimmick will hamstring her severely.  

You may wish to farm Medusa if: 

  • You don't want to miss Collab dolls

Reasons to skip farming for Medusa:

  • You don't care about Collab Dolls
  • You have enough ARs
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