Should you Farm: Isomer Edition

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As with all events, Isomer brings with it a selection of limited drop dolls, including unique ones.

Outside of the unique new Dolls, many of these Dolls are previously Monthly Login rewards or have appeared in previous Events. Or are 5-7. Yes she came back again.

As the Drop Welfare system from the White Day Event is returning, clearing all maps with an S-Rank, as well as any battle able to drop a limited Doll will yield either Nova Medals or Platinum Medals. These can be traded for limited Dolls or Cheesecakes in the shop. For Information on farming locations please see the All In One Farming Guide



P22 OP, please nerf. No, this is not a joke. P22 is an incredibly versatile Doll, whose abilities open up a wide variety of team building options and strategies.

From position 2, P22 is able to hit the entire formation with her Damage and Accuracy Tile buff, which may be the only knock against her, that P22 is relegated to position 2 to make best use of her. However, she can cover the entire backline, her Main Tank partner, or even a Shotgun in position 6 from here, so this is hardly a major downside.

P22's Skill offers one of three benefits depending on the position a Doll is in.

  • Dolls in the front column receive a Shield
  • Dolls in the middle column receive an evasion and Accuracy Buff
  • Dolls in the back column receive a Damage Boost.

More importantly, you can control what buff you get in battle, by moving your Dolls to the appropriate column. Moving an SMG into the front for instance, will provide them with the Shield instead of the Evasion buff. Or, with enough practice you can time it so you get both. This is exactly as good as it sounds. No, it's probably better. Oh, and in case you were curious, P22's stats are also solid, with acceptable HP and a blistering 110 Evasion.

You may want to farm for P22 if:

  • You should farm at least 1 P22. Her utility cannot be understated.  

Reasons to skip farming P22

  • Uhm....I really don't have one. I guess if you really really really hate her art? 
  • IRL events prevent you (IRL takes priority over gacha, always). 



X95 joins the fairly limited ranks of DPS SMGs borrowing some odd traits from her various counterparts then putting her own spin on things.

Firstly, X95 stats are excellent, giving her solid durability. Second, her Tiles cover the entire back row from position 8, providing RoF and Accuracy, both stats that are solidly in demand. Where X95 really shines however is her Skill, Flower Lock. 

This Skill overwrites X95's traditional targeting and makes her target the enemy with the lowest raw HP, and gain a Damage buff based on the amount of HP they have lost, calculated at % lost * 3.

While this doesn't exceed SR-3MP until 86% HP lost, it is still a rather potent boost, as the Damage buff is calculated per shot, meaning X95's Damage will snowball quickly against heavier targets, and she will make quick work of the weaker ones her Skill prioritizes. She is extremely effective at clearing trash spawned by Bosses or ELID Smashers, thanks to auto-targeting it, and quickly building up the damage to put them down.

Overall X95 is an excellent pick-up - buy her with medals if you're unlucky with farming her. 

You may wish to farm X95 if: 

  • You want to play around with her unique targeting gimmick
  • You want another excellent Offtank 

Reasons to skip farming for X95:

  • DPS SMGs are not something you like to use, or you are satisfied with SR-3MP in this roll



UKM-2000 is another MG who struggles to stand out from the pack all that much. Her raw stats are very solid with 90 base Damage and and 11 Clip size, but little else goes her way.

A second-volley Skill holds her back too, and unlike Lewis Gun (who can keep pace on nothing but pure stats), UKM isn't quite that powerful and as a result, will lag behind her contemporaries.

Worse yet, Lewis is a guaranteed reward from Isomer, and Kord is coming in Shattered Connexion, further powercreeping UKM-2000 and making it hard to field her as a compelling. 

You may wish to farm UMK-2000 if: 

  • You like UKM's art, or Skin. 
  • You are lacking for any other MGs

Reasons to skip farming for UKM-2000

  • You already have plenty of MGs

PP-19 'Bizon'


Unlike the Incendiary Grenade used by Vector or Skorpion, PP-19’s Skill is more analogous to the one used by PPS-43, trading the damage-over-time burn for a substantially wider explosion radius on the initial impact, spreading 2.5 yards instead of 1.5. In this regard, PP-19 performs approximately equally to PPS-43, compensating for her lower base Damage with a higher Skill multiplier while offering a far more potent Tile Buff in return for somewhat limited coverage. Unfortunately, as with all Grenade based Skills, PP-19 will still suffer from targeting RNG, although her much wider blast radius will often catch many enemies in it. Due to the relative rarity of strong Hand Grenade users among SMGs, farming PP-19 is recommended if you need her as she has little competition in this niche - only PPS-43 comes anywhere close. 

Rising enemy HP pools mean that PP-19’s usefulness continues to shrink, although her Tile Buff remains extremely potent, and her Skill does add significant upfront Damage. Should you be looking either to diversity your Off-tank repertoire, or be a non-duper looking for more Off-Tank SMGs, PP-19 is a solid pickup, and she may well see use in Isomer Ranking on some squads. 

You may wish to farm PP-19 if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her
  • You want some variety in your Offtanks
  • You wish to use a specific Echelon requiring PP-19’s Tile Buff over other Offtanks
  • PPS-43's polydactyly upsets you

Reasons to skip farming for PP-19:

  • You farmed for her in the last events
  • You do not want more Grenade-based Offtanks



Almost memetic for her rarity on other servers, and equally memetic for her commonality on EN, Five-seveN lives up to the hype. Delivering massive boosts to Rate of Fire and Crit Rate with both her Tile Buffs and Skill, she pairs perfectly with Px4 Storm, the duo providing massive offensive boosts to whatever Echelon they are attached to. Backing up these traits are a strong set of stats. 

While the meme of Hoxy is almost completely inverted on the Global server, Five-seveN remains very powerful and her useful extends into the current Isomer Ranking and beyond. RFs are coming into the meta in greater and greater numbers and Five-seveN delivers a powerful set of buffs from them. If you are either new (and thus haven't had the chance) or for some reason missed all previous chances at her, Five-seveN is worth a pickup.

You may want to farm for Five-seveN if:

  • You are a new player and haven't had the chance yet.

  • You wish to dupe a reasonable number of her (no more than three please, and definitely not more than the number of Px4 Storm you have)

  • You for some other reason have not farmed for Five-seveN yet

Reasons to skip farming Five-seveN

  • You already have one (or more) of her from previous events and are not a duper. 

  • You do dupe, but have enough of her already

  • She abuses FAL's ferret and that's not nice.



Ballista is weird. She will deal roughly double Damage after 8 seconds but only for 4-5 Shots, and only at Skill Level 10. This heavy investment to get the most of out her, along with her generally high cost as a high rarity RF means she will inevitably be overshadowed by other DPS rifles, who have less expensive and quirky to use.

Her victory animation is hilarious however. 100% worth. 

You may want to farm for Ballista if:

  • You don't mind her quirkyness or are willing to build an Echelon around her. 
  • You want to laugh at her getting beaten up by a bird. 

Reasons to skip farming Ballista

  • You have enough DPS Rifles already 
  • You don't want to invest that much into a Doll right now



AK-74U previously featured as a clear reward from CT. A Damage Debuffing SMG she features good stats, but is held back by long ICD, and somewhat clunky uptime restrictions requiring her to actually hit her target, and is only single target, as opposed to other Debuffs which tend to be indiscriminate. That said, AK-74U will outperform RO against Bosses, which is not a use case in high Demand. She will generally be outclassed in regular usage limiting her to Boss killing and other such applications. 

You may want to farm for AK-74U if:

  • You didn't get her from CT 
  • You want to experiment with her Skill or find it interesting. 

Reasons to skip farming AK-74U

  • You have enough SMGs  



AUG’s main standout feature is her Skill, which breaks the Rate of Fire cap at the cost of switching targets every shot. Her Tile Buffs are unique as well, buffing all Dolls. This should be seen as a neat bonus rather than a primary feature however, given AUG’s somewhat situational nature and her tendency to under-kill enemies due to the unique targeting mechanic of her Skill. The only other comparable T-Doll is SAR-21, whom AUG outperforms substantially. 

AUG's last hurrah happened in Singularity, as Isomer, and future events tend to favor stronger RFs or ARs with Skills of a different archetype. That being said, AUG is still a solid AR who can still see use in night teams against unarmored enemies, so she may yet see some usage going forwards. 

You may want to farm for AUG if:

  • You missed AUG's point event, or previous chances to farm for her

  • You found yourself disappointed with SAR-21, but think the Skill is interesting

  • You want to try building teams utilizing AUG's unique skillset.

Reasons to skip farming AUG

  • You already have AUG

  • You have a solid collection of DPS ARs, and feel like AUG’s limitations are more trouble than they are worth

Cx4 STorm


Cx4 Storm is a free 4★ SMG Main Tank previously earned from clearing Chapter 1 of the Continuum Turbulence event. While her tiles aren't great, she has decent Evasion and HP for her rarity and class. 

While Cx4 Storm is technically a self-Evasion-buffing Main Tank with the standard 6s ICD, her skill has a much lower multiplier at 80% and the additional buff of Accuracy without some major way to boost her DPS is rather wasted, making it hard for Cx4 to stand out from the pack, doubly so when compared to other Main Tanks such as C-MS, RO635, or MP7.

As MP7 is now permenantly farmable, it is hard to recommend Cx4 Storm, 

You may want to farm for Cx4 Storm if:

  • You missed her in CT

  • You want another Main Tank SMG and have had terrible luck with farming and crafting.

Reasons to skip farming Cx4:

  • You already have Cx4

  • You have plenty of Main Tanks already and no reason to collect more.

  • Her failure to understand pants frustrates you 



MP-448 is a recently available login doll with some surprising upside given that status. Her skill, Cover Suppression, reduces all enemies’ evasion by 46% for 8 seconds. Despite being a debuff, this can be a surprisingly effective DPS boost when facing evasive enemies at night. This Skill loses a lot of its effectiveness in the day however, but Night maps (and rankings) are not going away for a while so picking her up a solid choice for those looking to expand thier HG rosters. 

You may want to farm for MP-448 if:

  • You missed her login event

  • You want to fill out your HG roster with a relatively cheap to raise HG

Reasons to skip farming MP-448

  • You already have her

  • You have plenty of HGs already

Model L


Model L is a login AR that is squarely middle of the road. Her Lock On Focus Skill doesn't stand out much, as while her Accuracy is fairly bleh at 45, there are fewer situations in which ARs want for the Accuracy bump than RFs, and she certainly would prefer to get a greater RoF boost than Accuracy. This results in a rather flat DPS burst compared to other self-buff ARs. Model L's tiles are alright, but not worth using her for on their own. Overall, she's probably no worth farming without needing to hunting. 

You may want to farm for Model L if:

  • You missed her login event

  • You have a specific use case for her, such as running events with only 3★ Dolls 

Reasons to skip farming Model L:

  • You already have her

  • You have plenty of ARs already



T77 is another login Doll with unfortunately average Stats, which contribute to her struggling to stand out from her Evasion buffing compatriots such as Suomi, MP7, RO635, C-MS, or even more standard Main Tanks such as UMP 45. Her Skill uptime is fantastic, coming online at 4 seconds, and only have 1 second of downtime, but with only a 40% multiplier and a base Evasion of 69, T77 is more or less relegated to the bench, due to more powerful readily available option. 

You may want to farm for T77 if:

  • You missed her login event

  • You have a specific use case for her, such as running an all Taiwanese Echelon 

Reasons to skip farming T77:

  • You already have her

  • You have plenty of SMG Main Tanks already



As a 3★ RF login RF, OBR stands out from her peers by having a Skill that is actually relevant, and useful, as well as the Stats to make use of her Skill. OBR can be viewed as a slightly weaker version of T5000, who is a solid RF in her own right. Of course, if you already have T5000 OBR's usefulness will fall off somewhat, as she is strictly outclassed, but if you are strapped for RFs, OBR will hold her own well. 

You may want to farm for OBR if:

  • You missed her login event

  • You want a cheap DPS RF, or are in need of DPS RFs right away. 

Reasons to skip farming OBR:

  • You already have her

  • You have plenty of DPS RFs already and don't need more

Type 03


Type 03 can be summed by the fact that looking at her art, I didn't actually know who she was right away and had to look her up. Middling stats, an alright tile with poor coverage, and Elimination Focus as a Skill are a strange combination in a Doll. Elimination Focus is an alright Skill, and let's Type 03 handle her own Crit buffs, as well as providing a solid Damage boost, but her otherwise mediocre other stats struggle to keep up with more powerful ARs. 

You may want to farm for Type 03 if:

  • You missed her login event

  • You want a cheap DPS AR, or are in need of DPS ARs right away. 

Reasons to skip farming Type 03:

  • You already have her

  • You have plenty of DPS ARs already and don't need more



SM-1 is a RoF boosting RF with sub-optimal Damage and very high base RoF. This translates into somewhat lopsided combat performance, as her low Damage will hold back her DPS, despite her ability to more easily hit higher RoF frames. While HG support can patch this up, she will always fall substantially behind other RoF boosting RFs with a more efficient base stat spread. 

You may want to farm forSM-1 if:

  • You missed her login event

  • You want a cheap DPS RF and don't mind the low Damage. 

Reasons to skip farming SM-1:

  • You already have her

  • You have plenty of DPS RFs already and don't need more



Falcon is a bizarre RF. Falcon will always take 1 second per shot, and must reload every second shot. The upside to this, is Falcon's attack do 1.5x the expect Damage, which is neat, but doesn't change the fact that in most battles, she will fire twice, and then be stuck reloading while things she should be shooting come into range. Doubly unfortunately, Falcon's doesn't get a Buff from Jericho's Skill, which is the first thing that tends to come to mind when looking at her kit. As the final piece of weird, Falcon's Skill Active is a Bamboo Shot that can crit, which improves the DPS, but is stuck with a painful 2.5x multiplier that means she will lag behind other critical Bamboo RFs like Tac-50.

You may want to farm for Falcon if:

  • You missed her login event

  • You are willing to work around Falcon's oddities. 

  • You want to explode the Beginner training Dummy with her, Python and Nagant Revolver Mod. 

Reasons to skip farming Falcon:

  • You already have her

  • You don't want to put up with Falcon's quirkiness. 



RT-20 is a 3★ Big Bamboo RF with the Damage to match, at a massive 158. And....that's kinda it. The rest of her stats are underwhelming at best, with a painful sub 30 RoF meaning that she will be outpaced in DPS by virtually everything. Worse, as a 3★ her Skill multiplies lag behind other Dolls such as NTW who will do her job better, or with a higher chance of success, given that many Bosses and other high-value targets are gaining increasingly silly HP values such that even NTW-20 with and without Mod can struggle to get the kill, that put one-hit kills out of range for RT-20 in the vast majority of cases. 

You may want to farm for RT-20 if:

  • You missed her login event

  • You REALLY like charged shot RFs.  

Reasons to skip farming RT-20:

  • You already have her

  • You have NTW, M82, Tac-50 or other more effective charged shot RFs. 

Farming Routes & Video Guide

As always Ceia has put together an All in one Farming Guide. Please check it for additional information about routing, requirements, and more! 

For more optimized routes (since there's not much time left to farm), check out the farming guide doc below!

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