Should You Farm: Gunslinger Girl Collaboration

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As with all events, GSG brings with it farmable Dolls. This time, the roster includs not one, but two of the Extra Rarity Collaboration Dolls, Angelica and Claes!

A surprisingly unfamiliar collection of Dolls have joined them to round out the remaining maps. The extremely coveted R93 makes her first reappearance since her point event, so Commanders who missed her before can finally bring R93 to Griffin at last.

'Sadly', Five-seveN is actually hoxy this time despite being present for foreign servers, instead yielding the stage to CZ75 and UKM-2000 on GFL EN. 

As before, the Drop Welfare system is in place, and is a godsend. Farming 1-4 and 1-5 is highly inefficient, and 1-2 is only slightly better, but 1-1/1-1EX are easy Medal farms to make up for it. 1-1EX has been slightly modified by MICA so it cannot be 100% AFK'd any longer. 


Drops from:


The choice of farming Angelica is largely made for you, thanks to her farm being the daily farm for currency. Normal can be farmed entirely with planning mode and while EX is slightly more manual, thanks to some surprise changes. The choice is largely a function of how developed your roster is, and how much you care about spending the resources that farming EX requires. Consult the Chapter Guides linked above for the farming route!

Angelica herself is a very worthwhile pickup regardless, serving as a straight upgrade to AUG with the ‘downside’ of losing the Sweep Mode targeting, and a slightly lower uptime. These small negatives are vastly outweighed by her passive Damage boost, non-detrimental targeting, and flexibility in teambuilding, and the bonus of being almost an assured drop from daily farming runs alone. 

You may want to farm for Angelica if:

  • You don't want to permanently miss out on a collaboration-exclusive T-Doll.
  • You intend to buy anything from the shop, thanks to the overlap between the Angelica farm and the Augustus one. 
  • You conceptually like AUG, but struggle to find uses for her due to her issues

You may want to skip farming Angelica if:

  • You don't intend to clear out the shop


Drops from:


Claes is, well, unfortunate. Armed with a M249 SAW, and sporting SAW’s stats, she’s already on the back foot in terms of viability.  Regrettably, nothing improves from this point.

While Claes’s Skill looks complex, most of the complexity boils down to the unfortunate reality that Claes struggles to perform in actual combat situations. Being locked to Charging Mode at the start of battle cuts into her early DPS, even with perfect control, and the Damage boost requires her to sit charging for longer than the usual MG reload to build up any serious boosts or utilize her special effects.

Speaking of the special effects, they are tied to Charging Mode, and thus Claes’s ‘reloads’ renders them niche at best. Each effect is tied to a Special Equipment, of which Claes has 3.

Farming for Claes is possible, if rather inefficient overall. It is recommended to simply buy Claes with Medals for collection purposes and leave the farming to the earlier maps. 

You may want to farm for Claes if:

  • You don't want to permanently miss out on a collaboration-exclusive T-Doll.
  • You aren't farming for Angelica, but want to get your daily currency runs anyway.
  • You want to try and make Claes useful within her limitations. 

You may want to skip farming Claes if:

  • You intend to buy her with Medals.


Drops from:


MICA has done EN a bit of a favor, in a roundabout way. Namely, saving us the suffering of farming 1-3, thanks to its lackluster drop. For those who did not acquire UKM-2000 when she recently debuted in Isomer, here is the summary from the Isomer Should you Farm with a few updates:

UKM-2000 is another MG who struggles to stand out from the pack all that much. Her raw stats are very solid with 90 base Damage and and 11 Clip size, but little else goes her way.

A second-volley Skill holds her back too, and unlike Lewis (who can keep pace on nothing but pure stats), UKM isn't quite that powerful and as a result, will lag behind her contemporaries.

Worse yet, Lewis was a clear reward from Isomer, and Kord is coming in Shattered Connexion, further powercreeping UKM-2000 and making it hard to find compelling reasons to field her.

Overall, UKM is very much a skippable farm, and the inability to farm her Medals on 1-1 only solidifies that fact. 

You may want to farm for UKM-2000 if:

  • You didn't acquire her in Isomer
  • You want to use her costume

You may want to skip farming UKM-2000 if:

  • You have other, better, MGs. 
  • You already have UKM-2000. 


Drops from:


R93 is the other standout drop of this event. You cannot go wrong with leveling at least one of her, since she is one of the best DPS RFs in the game.

As a hybrid Damage/Rate of Fire boosting RF, R93 provides a large chunk of her own buffs with her Skill, both Active and Passive, allowing her to run away with the lead in a DPS race even against pinnacle DPS RFs such as M14 Mod, Lee-Enfield (with her upcoming special equipment), and others.

In practice, R93 is slightly held back by her need to switch targets and by the heavy investment needed to bring out her full potential, including SL10. Since she's impractical to farm, you also effectively need 105 cores to link her. These downsides, however, do not detract from R93’s strengths.

While in general, farming R93 is not recommended, with E1-4 being a rather unpleasant RNG filled experience to farm, Discord user Nikisizm#3159 has produced an in-depth infographic to document their suffering, and help others avoid it themselves. At 3 checks per run, best of luck should you undertake this farm!

You may want to farm for R93 if:

  • You want to see what real DPS looks like. Yes, R93 is just that good. Having her in your armory is a massive boon.
  • You missed out on the chance to get her in her point event, and she is unlikely to appear again for some time. 
  • You want to use her Live2D Summer costume. 

You may want to skip farming R93 if:

  • You already have R93. She's good, but not "I must have several" good - especially since you also get Rico in the GSG collab. 


Drops from:


CZ-75’s position as a Bamboo style HG automatically puts her in a rather awkward niche. While useful for certain lower cost farming runs, and for 5HG formations, CZ75 has been rather eclipsed by other HGs. That doesn’t, however, reduce the amusement induced by her hurling a tomahawk at various early game bosses.

Statistically, CZ75 struggles to hold her own in the modern GFL, slotting directly into the upper-middle of the HG stack in terms of Damage, Evasion, and Accuracy. Her Damage and Rate of Fire tiles are a bit lackluster compared to more modern HGs.

For those who enjoy 5HG compositions or want to experiment with blowing up bosses with a throwing axe, CZ75 is a worthwhile pickup, but most Commanders can safely skip over picking up CZ75.

You may want to farm for CZ75 if:

  • 5HG memes are your thing.
  • You really want to find new and creative Destroyer Bullying methods.
  • You want to use one of her Costumes.

You may want to skip farming CZ75 if:

  • You already have her
  • You have other, more generally useful HGs 

Video Guides and Routes

As always, GFL Youtuber Ceia has produced an All in One Farming guide, including routes and team composition recommendations!

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