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As with all events, the "Far Side of the Sea" summer event brings with it a selection of limited drop dolls, this time all convinently from the Continuum Turbulence Event, including P22 and the illusive CZ2000.

For those who either started playing after the event or missed any of these Dolls during it, this is a good time to pick them up (or at least, pick up a P22). 

As the Drop Welfare system from the previous events is returning, clearing all maps with an S-Rank, as well as any battle able to drop a limited Doll will yield either Nova Medals or Platinum Medals. These can be traded for limited Dolls or Cheesecakes in the shop. A single Doll may be obtained via Medals, meaning that any additional copies must be obtained by farming. 

Even better, this event features farming maps, previously featured in the Division Collab, which streamlines the farming experience. 


Drops from: E1-1: Mightnight Pursuit (EX)


P22 OP, please nerf. No, this is not a joke. P22 is an incredibly versatile Doll, whose abilities open up a wide variety of team-building options and strategies.

From position 2, P22 is able to hit the entire formation with her Damage and Accuracy Tile buff, which may be the only knock against her, that P22 is relegated to position 2 to make best use of her. However, she can cover the entire backline, her Main Tank partner, or even a Shotgun in position 6 from here, so this is hardly a major downside. She boosts the Damage output of an Echelon massively, partners with ARs, MGs, and RFs easily, while also enhancing the survivability of the Tanks regardless of type. Her Skill even Shields the Taunt Fairy, if it happens to be alive when it goes off. 

She's farmable in the Campaign, should I care about this farm? 

Yes. Thanks to the farming map, this farm is infinitely superior to the Isomer: Faith of Blood farm that would otherwise be used. Faith of Blood  II (EX) has 2 checks, requires you to manually retreat, thus wasting resources and time. 

By contrast, this farming map in this event is fully AFK, and will auto-complete the map, so long as the Echelon can successfully complete all battles, has four checks, and doesn't waste resources. You also work towards a P22 via medals with every run, putting a hard cap on the amount of runs required, rather than the vague 'eventually' of the campaign farm. 

Almost every guide since Isomer has used P22 in the teams. Even time I try and talk myself out of using P22, I end up using P22 anyway. 

You may want to farm for P22 if:

  • Ensure you have at least 1 P22. She's that good

Reasons to skip farming P22:

  • You already have 1 P22 and you do not dupe. 
  • You enjoy actively making the game harder for no good reason.


Drops From: 1-2: No More Omens(EX)


CZ2000 finally makes her reappearance, to the joy of late joining collectors everywhere.

As a unit, CZ2000 is alright enough. Her Skill is somewhat odd, with her buffs depending on whether it is day or night. The night portion of her Buff is underpowered at best, thanks to poor returns for Accuracy on ARs at night, and being outdone by other, better, night ARs. 

During the day, CZ2000 will perform acceptably. She is not going to compete with the best DPS ARs, but thanks to her Crit Rate Buff, she can compete with G41, making her a reasonable pickup for newer Commanders who have not yet fleshed out their AR roster, however, outside of collection she likely has little to offer an established Commander with a number of strong ARs. 

This, however, pales compared to her importance to any collector who missed Continuum Turbulence, which was the last time CZ2000 was obtainable.

You may wish to farm CZ2000 if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her
  • You need a good enough AR immediately and haven't had any luck with crafting

Reasons to skip farming for CZ2000:

  • You farmed for her in Continuum Turbulence.
  • You don't dupe


Drops From: 1-3: No More Echoes


SL8 is a bit of an unusual RF. A self-buffer, she also features a small amount of support in her tiles, which are not the traditional HG cooldown reduction, but rather a Damage and Evasion buff for any unit on them. In return for this, SL8 has a slightly lower RoF multiplier than comparable rifles such as WA2000, but she does have a trick up her sleave, in a small Damage Buff based on the number of unique Doll Classes on her tiles, up to 15%. 

This gives SL8 a solid niche in hybrid Echelons, particularly RF Echelons using SMG or SG tanks, although these Echelons typically have other, strong demands on teambuilding such as the use of Grape-Cano which can make working SL8 into them a bit tricky. 

You may wish to farm SL8 if: 

  • You missed the previous chance to acquire her
  • You need better rifles right away
  • You want an RoF buffing rifle that can be true to her feelings
  • You want to use one of her many skins

Reasons to skip farming for SL8:

  • You got her for free from PL already
  • You have enough RFs as it is
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