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Polarized Light has finally hit EN and with it came some heavy revelations and information. Some of this information is not clearly laid out for players and is instead contained within the supplemental materials which came with the official art books.

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Spoiler Warning

This page contains spoilers for the Polarized Light event, Shattered Connexion event, and Chapter 12.

What is Tabasar-B?

Aptly named the Tabasar-B Proving Grounds, this large facility was constructed as a replica of Germany’s “First Relic”, Urkunde-01, by the Soviets in the 1950s after the site was picked clean following the end of World War 2. This facility is where many breakthroughs in relic research were made.

What is Starfish?

The Starfish system is a relic which acts as an intermediary control system between the Tabasar-B relic facility and the Pike weapon system. By sending electrical signals through the grooves found in the walls of the facility, Starfish can relay commands, orders, and instructions to the Pike weapon system through the OGAS protocol network.

Starfish is also capable of performing Collapse and Reverse Collapse with proper authorization and appears to randomly generate reverse collapse gravitational fields as a reaction to its activation.

What is Pike?

Pike is a relic weapon which, when activated and ordered to assault a particular area, will consume all matter in its path by generating a Collapse Shield around itself. This weapon is impervious to all documented firepower used against it and unclear if even nuclear armaments would be able to stop it once activated. During operation, these weapons reach up to an excess of over 1000°C, leaving behind scorch marks and causing soil to glaze over. A Pike will also contaminate the area it operates in with Collapse Radiation due to the nature of its devouring shield.

It is not clear whether the “Pike node” found within Belgrade during Isomer is the weapon itself, or only part of it.

Who rescued the Commander from the train?

To be blunt, it is never revealed. Calico’s mod story later expanded further upon this moment by having all present Dolls step forward and answer the Commander by saying they are all the Commander’s Dolls.

Rather than being a mystery which it was mistaken for, this was meant to be a touching literary moment in which the player is presented with a tangible declaration of the Dolls’ devotion and loyalty for them - every available Doll ran into the fire to rescue the Commander, and some, including the Doll which carried them out, even perished in the flames because of it.

It was Beak!

Source: Dude trust me

What is the blue light in the elevator?

In real life this phenomenon is known as Cherenkov radiation. Feel free to look it up. In Girls’ Frontline it's also a phenomenon of Collapse Radiation and is a signifier of Reverse Collapse occuring and a Quantum Gravitational Field being generated. The latter is a reaction to the activation of the Starfish relic and is responsible for sending the AA-02 Sinner mech flying up the elevator.

During Elisa’s boss fight in the second ranking map of Polarized Light, smaller Reverse Collapse gravitational fields randomly spawn on the battlefield which Commanders will need to use to avoid her strong ground attacks. If this fight is any indication, this phenomenon is randomly caused by Starfish and not controlled by Elisa herself. How fortunate for her that it destroyed the mech.

Why did Polarized Light end so abruptly?

Covid-19 delays, really. This event first ran January to February on CN and was not able to be fully completed. Chapter 13 is the actual ending to Polarized as a result and will not only expand on things already touched upon, but offer a complete and finished ending. Please look forward to it.

What is Vympel?

Vympel is a Russian special forces group that is under the command of the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Russia. In Girls' Frontline, the FSB is  known as "State Security" after the government restructuring and becoming the New Soviet Union (NSU). When all else fails, these are the special operations force the NSU will send in to clean house if necessary. They were observing the events of Singularity, Isomer, and Polarized Light.

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