Polarized Light EX 2: Vacuum Tube

Article by Soulmuse
A guide to the Girls Frontline Polarized Light Event stage EX 2: Vacuum Tube

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Capture All nodes in the map

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 5 Level 90 5x Linked Echelons
  • 2 HOCs
    • AT4/AGS recommended

Clear Steps

How you tackle this map is going to depend on your personal abilities when kiting and what Echelons you can field, but you'll need to move reasonably quick to capture every node within the 9 turn limit. The enemies are on the Expand AI, meaning they try and cover as much of the map in red as they can. 

HOCs are mandatory, as the Uhlans, and Patroller has 100% shields. The Doppelsolders have 50% and the Gladiators start with 33% shielding. 

General Tips

I'll see about making a proper image-based guide for this map after launch on EN, but for now I think I'm going to stick to something similar to Garden of Old EX from GSG, and just go over some quick information and such here. 

First things first, you have a lot more AP than it looks like you should, as you probably noticed in Critical Angle EX. MICA has cheated the system by stacking closed Helipads to give us many more AP than we should actually have. Use this to your advantage, in terms of positioning HOCS to provide fire support, and also to set up surround captures. 

Abuse surround captures, and always try to end your turn by taking over new nodes. There are 63 nodes on the map, and with only 9 turns, you can't just capture them one at a time, so make sure to surround capture when possible. Enemies don't respawn, so don't worry to much about that!

Speaking of, don't be afraid of spamming repairs if you need to. There are no points on the line, so you can be as liberal as needed with repairing your Echelons. Priority should be given to the Uhlans near the Heavy Heliport and the Patroller threatening your Command Post, followed by the Uhlan threatening the upper Heliport. 

Make sure to actually check what enemies are in each group, otherwise you'll get a nasty surprise, such as the 170k CE Patroller has attendant Gunners while the weaker Patroller does not.
You totally called them Striders are first, didn't you?



Anyway, there isn't that much more to say about this map, beyond attempt it yourself a few times and see what works. It is a reasonably enjoyable challenge, with some proper fights involved, to at least wet the pallets of the veteran players, although without much following payoff.

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