Polarized Light E5-1: Observable Limits III

Article by Soulmuse
A guide to the Girls Frontline Polarized Light Event stage E5-1: Observable Limits III

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Defeat All KCCO Enemies

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  3 Combat Echelons Level 70-80 4x Linked 
    • 2 Night AR/SMG and 1 RF/HG
    • or Mixed AR/RF DPS with SMG/HG tanking. 
  • 1 HOC
    • 2B14 or AT4 recommended if they will be supporting the boss fights, otherwise, BGM is fine. 

Clear Steps

This guide assumes you can defeat the 3 'Boss' enemies without the use of the EMP Grenades at the bottom of the map. If you are struggling, play until the guide suggests fighting them, and have your Rifle team bring the EMPs up, as well as wait for Spawning SF to weaken the final one. 

Chapter 5 starts with more of a wimper than a bang. While this does finally introduce a night map (don't forget your PEQs!), the challenge only rises slightly and is mostly locked up in the 'AA-002 Sinner' enemies, commonly shorthanded to Ares. We'll talk about them in a little bit. 

The rest of the map is populated with a variety of KCCO enemies, the most threatening being an Archer/Dog combo in the bottom left, and the Coeus Tanks. There are a pair of Minotaurs, which can be beaten down with AR/SMG, or RFs as needed. While it's true you need to apply everything you've learned so far, this map is a relatively straightforwards brawl. 

Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on both Heliports. 

Move the right Combat Echelon down one node, to the left one node, down one node, and left one node. 


Move the left Combat Echelon up one node to fight the first Coeus.


Deploy a third Combat Echelon on the left Heliport. 


Move the upper-left Combat Echelon up two more nodes. Activate the Console and open the Gate. This will give you the option of using SF to weaken one of the Bosses. 


Move the lower-left Combat Echelon down one node.

Turn 2


Move the lower Combat Echelon to the right one node, down one node, to the right two nodes, and up one more node. This clears out the final enemy on the lower portion of the map. 


Move the upper-most Combat Echelon down two nodes, to the right one node, down one node, right one node. This clears out the final enemies that aren't the Bosses. If your echelons are struggling, feel free to break from the guide, repair, and bring in some EMPs to break the bosses. 

Turn 3

Let's talk about those Mech Bosses. 

These versions are relatively underwhelming, first and foremost. The 'Sinner' has regular auto-attacks and a variety of special attacks that are signalled by it applying an HP shield to itself. 

These HP shields are fairly weak and if broken do massive damage and stun the boss, letting your Echelon go ham. The areas threatened by these attacks are marked with the traditional red/orange markers so you can move dolls out of the way if you are unable to deal with the attack. 

The only attack you cannot interrupt is a full-screen AoE Laser, that acts like a traditional boss attack, giving the mech temporary invulnerability, and hitting your Echelon with ticking damage for a few seconds. This attack occurs when the boss has been reduced to 75%, 50% and 25% health, with some downtime in between. If you have a Doll that provides shields to your full Echelon, such as HS2k, she can completely negate the Damage from this attack. 



Deploy a HOC (3 Range preferable) to support the boss fights. 


Provided both Echelons can defeat a Mech, move both Combat Echelons up two nodes each to defeat a boss. 


If you are not waiting for SF to weak the Boss, chose the Echelon that took the least Damage and move up one node to engage the boss.

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