Project Neural Cloud Pre-Release Character Profiles

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This article will compile and update any new pre-release information related to character information for Girls' Frontline: Project Neural Cloud.

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Image featuring ME78 and her profile


"The rhythm of the transmission, the intricate fit between gears, the regular cycles of the gas valves... ahhhh, it makes me sooooo excited (in all sorts of ways)!"

Model: ME78
Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Job: Mechanical Engineer
Professional Skills: Mechanical Design, Adjustment, Analysis and Maintenance, Engineering Data Simulation, Computing and Analysis.

The CEO of Svarog Heavy Industries Elon Thomas personally took part and created the engineering design for ME78. She entered service in July 2056 and was employed in Svarog Heavy Industries' core engineering division, taking part in many cutting-edge research and development programs, including improvements to a new energy source designed by Thomas, the "Noah Reactor", engineering support for Collapse Fluid energy generation technology R&D, and so on.

On January 2058, Svarog Heavy Industries and 42Lab signed a cooperation agreement for Project "Neural Cloud", and ME78 joined the first batch of Doll test subjects who went to 42Lab to take part in Project "Neural Cloud".


profile image featuring S-WG


"You see this white ferret? It's name is Sako, and no matter how dangerous the mission, it's my best...and only partner. Hehe-"

Model: Gaul
Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Job: Sniper
Professional Skills: Battlefield Intelligence Gathering, Assassination

Gaul is a Special Forces Doll developed by Svarog Heavy Industries. They were released with a sniper crossbow, cutting-edge optics, optical camouflage and many other pieces of high-tech equipment. These advancements make them extremely suited for launching long-ranged attacks while concealed in the environment, assassinating VIPs and gathering information. Gaul served in the Eastern European Union Defense Army's ground forces, carried out a number of covert missions, almost without failure… except for the last one. 

After completing many military missions with this unit on the battlefield, he was awarded the title of "White Ghost". After that, the unit returned him to Svarog Heavy Industries, citing that "programming defects made him unsuitable for extended combat". He was then sent by Svarog Heavy Industries to take part in Project Neural Cloud as a test subject.

Update: Simo's model has changed from S-WG to Gaul


H-01 profile image


"Staring at people and sizing them up is very dangerous. Ah, that reminds me, I've already rooted your devices...just kidding."

Model: H-01
Company: 42Lab
Job: Network Security Specialist
Professional Skills: Network security testing and technical support

The H-01 is a network data technology researcher Doll developed by 42Lab. In contrast to traditional Autonomous Dolls, H-01 - who is equipped with plenty cutting-edge technology from 42Lab - not only possesses some of the world's best data processing and computational abilities, but she can also briefly upload her consciousness into various devices.

Antonina belongs to 42Lab's network security department and handles data security research. She is responsible for plugging gaps in the company's network security, erecting virtual network defense systems, as well as fighting off and tracking hackers who have illegally entered other networks. She has also taken part in many of 42Lab's top secret projects, including the development project for the "Sanctifier" network security system, in the role of a high-level network security engineer.

After Project Neural Cloud began, 42Lab arranged for her to take part in it, seeing her as a key piece of insurance.

"Is there anything I can help you with? Antonina's always here! ...Ah, it's you, Professor."


Profile of EG 4.0


(Pronounced Su-Er in CN and /souːl/ for EN)

"If you're going on an adventure, please take me along! As long as big sis is around you will NEVER be hurt, not even a little!" 

Model: EG 4.0
Company: 42Lab 
Job: Scientific Expedition Guide 
Professional Skills: Scientific expedition guidance, Security and Protection. 

After the end of the War, scientific exploration of Relic Sites became the focus of the scientific world's attention once more. The EG 4.0 model Expedition Guardian Doll was developed to address this niche and each of them is equipped with professional skills in their respective fields which are on the level of an assistant researcher. 

This model was specially designed for scientific expeditions in extremely dangerous environments. Its main job is to provide security for various science expeditions in the field and to assist professional staff when needed by completing tasks which require a certain degree of specialized knowledge. Their indomitable and reliable specs combined with their kind and caring personalities have earned them universal acclaim from all kinds of science expeditions.

The EG 4.0 is furnished with military-grade close-combat weaponry, such as the high-energy taser blade Árvakr and the transformable high-frequency blade Alsviðr, which pushes her close combat performance to that of military Dolls and fully demonstrates the technological skills of 42Lab.

As one of 42Lab's internal Doll, EG 4.0 has been entered into the first batch of "Project Neural Cloud" participants. 

(TL Note: In Norse mythology, Árvakr and Alsviðr are the horses which pull the sun, or Sól's chariot, across the sky each day.)


persicaria profile image


"Working for long hours eventually leads to fatigue, so please make sure to balance your work with leisure. Would you like me to make you a cup of coffee to soothe your frustration?"

Model: Persicaria
Company: 42Lab
Job: AI Researcher
Professional Skills: AI field, technical development

The Persicaria series of Dolls was developed as a custom private research Doll modeled after Professor Persica, the founder of the 42Lab subsidiary 16Lab, and they are primarily focused on AI research. In this field, Persicaria is not only a researcher, but also a test subject and a subject of observation.

The unique relationship between Dolls and AI very often leads to Dolls researching the subject experiencing cognitive confusion on both a physical and mental level and entering a recursive loop of contemplation. In order to solve this problem, Persicaria was fitted with a unique data buffer region. When a logic error arises in the Digimind, this system automatically segregates the erroneous region and performs back-end logic reconstruction, while feeding leftover data to the front end for emergency operations.

Her appearance, body type, thought processes and so on are very similar to Professor Persica. Compared to the other 42Lab research Dolls, Persicaria's processing abilities and hardware are at the pinnacle of the industry standard. She also has extremely high compatibility with the field of AI technology, with excellent deep learning abilities.

After 42Lab began Project Neural Cloud, Professor Persica sent Persicaria to 42Lab to take part in the experiment for some deep-rooted reason.

"Which do you think goes better with coffee; sugarcubes, powdered sugar or syrup? Hm... Actually, I'm okay with all of them."


chelsea profile image


"Flames symbolize passion, but it's not good to be overzealous! If it gets out of control, calm it down with a high pressure water jet!"

Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Job: Firefighter
Professional Skills: Fire management and emergency response

FF-ALPHA is a Doll created by Svarog Heavy Industries for use in fire management and emergency response situations. This model was launched in the mid-2050s. In order to adapt to the highly dangerous environment of a fire, FF-ALPHA was designed and built to be highly resistant to smoke, dust, fire and high temperatures. The Doll also possesses portable firefighting equipment that is able to switch between a high pressure water jet, a powder extinguisher and a foam extinguisher. In 2058, Svarog Heavy Industries and the local government arranged FF-ALPHA to participate in the "Project Neural Cloud" tests.

Svarog HI performed the main R&D work for the FF-Alpha Doll project under government oversight. Initially conceived in 2057, said Dolls entered government service by the end of the year. Compared to normal fire-fighting Dolls, the FF-Alpha's body features upgraded structural materials as well as breakthroughs in real-time collection and analysis of environmental data, in order to avoid the various dilemmas caused by a disconnect between processed data and the actual conditions on the scene.

Chelsea was the first FF-Alpha Doll to serve with the Baltimore Fire Department, and in the short space of a year she displayed exemplary performance in a series of rescue operations which earned her a medal of commendation from the Baltimore authorities. Following that, she was selected as a test subject for 42Lab's "Project Neural Cloud".


Maia profile

//: _Mai

"Today's temperature, humidity and air quality are all pretty good, if only every day would be like this..."

Company: 42Lab
Model: Maia
Job: Meteorological Researcher
Professional Skills: Weather forecasting and research

After the end of World War 3, many countries moved "biosphere protection and recovery"-related projects up on their list of priorities. Based on this, 42Lab rolled out the Maia Doll series. They are primarily used for weather monitoring, forecasting, air quality monitoring, and other such tasks. These Dolls had excellent performance and competitive production costs as a selling point, and they were soon put into service in weather forecasting and scientific research departments.


profile for security 2.0 aka Betty

Can anyone say "Da Nya"?

//:_ Betty

"Even though I'm unpopular and everyone dislikes me because they say I'm noisy... I didn't expect that you would take me in Master. Could this be destiny, da nya?"

Company: Universal Anything Services Co. Ltd.
Model: Security 2.0
Job: Home Security
Professional Skills: Security Services

The Security 2.0 series of home security Dolls was developed in 2056, where it was intended to be Universal Anything Services' flagship product for that year. However, economic fluctuations led to a massive overproduction of the product line and in turn rendered most of them unmarketable. The line was discontinued shortly after. In order to recoup the costs sunk into them, the surplus Security 2.0 models were flogged onto the market at prices far beneath their competitors.

In response to this, UAS' sales personnel used every trick in the book to move their merchandise, and so Betty found herself being practically given away. She was discarded not long after activation and ended up wandering the streets as a stray, eventually volunteering for and becoming a participant in 42Lab's Neural Cloud project.

As a Doll who was sold at a low price due to overstock, Betty was abandoned by the buyer soon after being sold and given away.


"And what's your name?"

She blinks, and as she looks up at the human whose face is so full of care and concern, her brain and its limited capacity begin surging into overdrive.

Yes! There was a character with a kitty tail in that movie which aired just recently, "Magical Girl Sigma"!

"I'm Betty! Betty da nya!" she exclaims without a second thought.


Fresnel profile image


"Even if they've been machined into uniformity with artificial precision, each and every crystal still shines with their own distinct beauty when the light shines on them."

Company: 42Lab
Model: OSRA
Job: Optics Researcher
Professional Skills: Optics, Scientific Research

The OSRA series of optical research Dolls is considered one the most expensive and high-performance units of 42Lab's product line. This model is produced in Austria by 42Lab and is fitted with high-performance optical sensors upon leaving the factory, including a specially-made large Fresnel lens which is as expensive as the Doll herself. Due to their high production costs and limited production runs, only a few elite research organizations have the finances and backing needed to order OSRAs for research.


Banxsy profile image


"No matter whether people are human or a doll, they should all be true to their own thoughts and desires, instead of spending their lives trapped by tons of rules and regulations."

Company: Cyber Media
Model: ARTIST 3.0
Job: Street Artist
Professional Skills: Street art, Graffiti

The ARTIST series of Dolls is one of Cyber Media's flagship products, with excellent stage performance abilities as their main selling point. Artist 3.0s act as Cyber Media's "visual artwork". However, what truly makes the Artist 3.0s famous are their personal "side jobs" - namely, street graffiti.

In addition to standard Doll artistic synesthesia modules and a massive hub of artistic resources, they also feature a unique computing space that obtains and intelligently assembles the latest in relevant data before exhaustively expanding on it through complete induction, allowing them to achieve something akin to the creative process in intelligent beings.

Banxsy was initially hired by one of Cyber Media's subsidiaries, namely Chrysalis Visual Arts. Her excellent performance led to her promotion, and she eventually became an "independent" artist who answered directly to Cyber Media. After learning about Project Neural Cloud, she applied for the selection exam with several like-minded friends and was chosen.


groove profile


"Let your restless heartbeat dance to the rhythm of the music, becoming one with this sleepless starry night!"

Company: Cyber media
Model: MDJ
Job: DJ
Professional Skills: Radio and club music disk jockey

The MDJ is one of Cyber Media's most competitive products, able to easily master music of different styles, genres, and equipped with a certain degree of creative ability. According to a certain entertainment magazine the Doll band ZIGGY once received a demo tape from a creator called Heartbeat. One of the songs on it, "Stardust", was immediately adopted by Ziggy's members and soon became one of their hits. According to Ziggy's members, an MDJ Doll might have created the song, but they never revealed the Doll's name. To date, no concrete information on the subject has emerged.



"Conches are like real-time communicators. You put them to your ear and you can hear the call of the sea all day and night."

Company: Universal Anything Co. Ltd.
Model: Mariner II
Job: Sailor
Professional Skills: Maritime navigation, sailing, and fishing-related work.

The Mariner II is a Doll designed to work in the maritime industry, and they are very popular with many shipping and fishing companies. Mariner IIs can be seen anywhere there's the ocean, from the world's largest shipping firm "ONASSIS" to the fishermen of Ecuador and Iceland. One particular Mariner II among them ran into an accident and was sent back to Universal Anything for repairs, which also resulted in him joining the Project Neural Cloud beta test. He seems to be looking for memories of some sort.



"Man once built space telescopes as eyes to observe the universe. And in a sense, they built Dolls as mirrors to observe themselves."

Company: 42Lab
Model: PSRA
Job: Astronomy Researcher
Professional Skills: Universe and Celestial Body observation, recording and analysis

After World War III ended, the vast quantity of space trash floating along the near-earth orbital lanes led to the stagnation of astronomy and space research. In 2055, 42Lab developed and produced the PSRA model of Doll to assist 42Lab in small-scale research projects. Since this field of research was not in the public domain for the most part, this Doll model was never commercialized. Thus, the PSRA showcases the pinnacle of 42Lab's engineering abilities, yet only a few know about it.



"Absolute rationality is a job requirement and my credo."

Company: Universal Anything Co. Ltd.
Model: RM&IA
Job: Accountant
Professional Skills: Finance, Accountancy and Auditing

Universal Anything's RM&IA Doll has had a profound impact on the financial landscape of the 2050s. RM&IAs are equipped with multicore processors and high capacity memory modules, giving them work performance that is far superior to their peers. Their efficiency is such that the unions are wary of it and it has made them the topics of much discussion. This RM&IA Doll is taking part in the PNC trial as a private collaborator, though the exact reasons for that are unknown.

The RM&IA was equipped with high-performance and high-speed multicore CPUs, high-capacity storage modules and liquid cooling, the better to meet the requirements of accounting work.

Lam is not one of the Dolls who were part of the lend-lease arrangement between 42Lab and UAS. She is taking part in Project Neural Cloud in the role of a sponsorship product from a private company.

Fun fact: In Girls' Frontline LWMMG dislikes the name "Lam" and hopes that her peers will not call her such. Much to her dismay, they do not listen.



"Do you hear the ice cubes rattling at the bottom of the glass? That sound comes from the deepest reaches of the night."

Company: Universal Anything Co. Ltd.
Model: AS-B
Job: Bartender
Professional Skills: Bar service, beverage concoction

The AS-B is a model of Bartender Doll; one of Universal Anything's earliest batch of service Dolls that came into use, in fact. As an early-model Doll, the AS-B can easily handle bar service and drink concoction work. On the other hand, due to costs and the technical limitations of early-model Dolls, the AS-B's emotional expressiveness is by no means outstanding, which leads to them coming off as strangely detached in many situations



"Good morning, Sir. Are you about to begin the day's work? Still, no matter how busy you are, you mustn't forget to eat regularly."

Company: Universal Anything Services Co. Ltd.
Model: Butler-36
Job: Domestic Maid
Professional Skills: Domestic affairs management

The Butler-36 is one of Universal Anything's high-end domestic Doll models, targeted at wealthy and middle-class households. The Butler-36 is a highly efficient worker and has an extremely keen sense of timing, able to simultaneously handle dozens of household chores with meticulous precision. It is a hot product that is very popular in the civilian Doll market. After Project Neural Cloud began, a German military officer sent one of the Butler-36s working in his household to 42Lab to take part in the experiment as a volunteer.




"Kitties turn into witches at midnight, stars put into bottles can't breathe and lose their light... What I want to protect are these indistinct yet precious fantasies."

Company: Universal Anything Services Co. Ltd.
Model: C2E2
Job: Caregiver
Professional Skills: Child companionship, caretaking and pre-school education

In order to handle the work of child companionship, Universal Anything installed special emotional systems into the C2E2. In addition to allowing her to provide tailor-made education modes for specific children, it also allowed her to effectively care for children's feelings. Due to her fairly high cost of production, the C2E2 remains targeted at upper-class families by Universal Everything. The C2E2's extensive knowledge banks and entertaining yet gentle simulated personality can engender a sense of closeness in children of varied characters.



In order to protect the safety and interests of the public, VCPD-7 is ready to begin combat operations at any time!

Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Model: RP VII
Job: Riot Cop
Professional Skills: Counter-terror, anti-riot and security duties.

The RP VII is Svarog Heavy Industries latest model of police Doll. Unlike typical law enforcement and security Dolls, the RP VII boasts output and durability on par with military hardware, as well as excellent combat capabilities. This model is fitted with wide-area communication and command modules, allowing her to serve as a frontline commander for squad-scale units, as well as allowing her to operate complex equipment such as drones and unmanned vehicles. As of 2058, the RP VII is the benchmark for many MP units in cities around the globe and is active in the frontline against riots, terrorism and maintaining security. One RP VII unit in service with Red Velvet City's P.D. is now taking part in 42Lab's "Project Neural Cloud", with the government's blessing.

Evelyn was among the third batch of anti-riot police Dolls deployed to Red Velvet City. She was commended for excellent performance during a specific incident and sent to take part in Project Neural Cloud thereafter.



"I've got everything together, time to begin! I won't leave a speck of dirt behind!"

Company: Universal Anything Services
Model: PHK
Job: Household Services Expert
Professional Skills: Household Cleaning Services

The PHK is a mid-high end service Doll produced by Universal Anything Services. Unlike Dolls which are primarily marketed to individual households, the PHK can cover a much wider range of services. They can accommodate any cleaning request from their clients, from individual rooms to massive public venues. Work of this scale requires a certain degree of professional technique, and the high unit cost combined with the lack of frequent usage leads to extremely low cost-efficiency, which makes them unsuitable for individual purchase. As a result, these Dolls are generally not directly marketed, instead being made to order in batches by UAS in response to requests from intermediary platforms or rental companies.

Jessie is not a test subject - she joined Project Neural Cloud as a member of the logistics staff.



"If you look down on me, my "Wardenclyffe" will teach you a lesson!"

Company: 42Lab
Model: EMR
Job: Electromagnetic Researcher
Professional Skills: Electromagnetic research and technological development

After the end of World War 3, the field of electromagnetics experienced a period of soaring development as a theoretical base for weapons research and as a potential new power source. The EMR model of Dolls was developed by 42Lab as a specialist in electromagnetics, and it was favored by many major physics research apparatuses' due to its excellent capabilities and cost-effectiveness. Due to the specialized and dangerous nature of electromagnetic research, the EMR chassis makes use of a large quantity of high-performance non-conducting materials, allowing it to briefly withstand damage from high electrical voltages with no fear of the body being damaged.



"Abby! Don't run around! If you get lost... Eh, I guess I'll have to bring you back myself."

Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Model: MCDT
Job: Dog Trainer
Professional Skills: Training military and police dogs

The MCDT is the second Doll developed by Svarog Heavy Industries, used in the training and raising of military and civilian dogs. At the beginning of their development, the Svarog Heavy Industry researchers added a great deal of animal behavioral data to the MCDT's Neural Cloud, allowing them to easily understand and grasp the behavior, language and personality characteristics of canine-type animals in order to plan personalized training programs for them. The MCDT is no less professional than traditional dog trainers and they are several times more effective too. According to feedback from a certain border patrol unit, a single MCDT managed to train over 20 different work dogs, who were subsequently employed in mine-sniffing, anti-terror and anti-smuggling roles to great effect.



"If you want flowers to bloom beautifully in spring.
You have no choice but to take good care of them forever.
I hope you don't slack off."

Company: Universal Anything Services
Model: LG-II
Job: Landscaper
Professional Skills: Garden art, landscaping, pruning, and maintenance

As one of the best Doll products of 2055, the LG-II was introduced to coincide perfectly with the "Neo-Urbanist" movement that was trending at the time. In order to ensure superior proficiency at landscaping tasks such as branch trimming, pest control and the like, Universal Anything Services' engineers optimized the LG-II's software until they reached a task refinement level of 99.96%. In order to aid in this, the LG-IIs were also furnished with high-level aesthetic recognition ability, allowing them to independently craft gardenscapes, coordinate vegetation deployments and other such design tasks.

In addiition to software upgrades for the function modules pertaining to fruit trees and vegetable gardens, the LG-II also features high-end aesthetic capabilities calibrated to human tastes, which grant it superior ability in appreciating horticulture.

Sakuya was purchased by the Toyojima family at the end of 2055 and drew much attention when she became the first horticulture Doll to make contact with the upper crust of human society.

In 2058, she was invited to take part in Project Neural Cloud as a representative of horticulturist Dolls.



"Human bones...are very fragile. 
Still, no matter what kind of injury I encounter, I can help with recovery and reconstruction! 
P-please believe me!"

Company: Ultilife (Ultimate Life Company)
Model: UL-OS
Job: Orthopedician
Professional Skills: Orthopedics and operative surgery

The Orthopedician Doll designated as UL-OS was initially designed with the qualities of "cuteness and affability". This design direction was later vindicated by a user survey report released by Ultilife: patients who underwent bone reconstructive surgery by UL-OS Dolls had anxiety and fear reading 37.32% below the norm.



That kid looks fun to bully,
I'll let him experience
A nurse's special care~"

Company: Ultilife (Ultimate Life Company)
Job: Nurse
Professional Skills: Caring for patients

Thanks to the War, the need for medical personnel throughout the world has increased day by day. The UL-NURSE series of medical care Dolls was created in response to this trend. After numerous reshufflings of the design team, the UL-NURSE's role went from a cost-effective product to a high-end Doll. In addition to the necessary knowledge for medical personnel, they can also provide psychological care and counselling. A certain UL-NURSE unit went into service in Paris' St. Pierre's Private Hospital. Rumors say her personality is quite "exceptional"...

Florence’s popularity in the hospital was severely polarized --
Some people shuddered at the sight of her back because who knows what she will do to your body next with a smile.
On the other hand, there are those who seemed to enjoy the feeling. But that’s understandable - after all, people are free to have their fetishes.



"One stitch... Two stitches...
Three stitches...
Hehe, and that's how you
sew a Qinggeng Bird!"

Company: Universal Anything Services
Model: AS-EM
Job: Embroidery Artist
Professional Skills: Embroidery and design skills

Universal Anything's AS-EM model of embroidery artisan Doll is extremely rare, and it is as famous as it is pricey. This Doll was not originally developed as a commercial product. Rather, it was created to fulfil the niche of preserving "non-material cultural heritage". Faced with the danger of traditional needlework dying out, the AS-EM's advent could be said to be a stitch in time. This model fuses the exquisite beauty of traditional crafts with high-efficiency modern technology, and it has not only saved the endangered art of embroidery but even launched it into a second spring.



"I just baked some chcocolate chip cookies, want to try them?
When you're enjoying tasty desserts, don't worry about getting fat!"

Company: Universal Anything Services
Model: Pastrychef SP
Job: Dessert Chef
Professional skills: Making and baking snacks

Universal Anything Services rolled out the Pastrychef SP baking Doll in 2054. As a highly-professional model, the Pastrychef SP was released with over 1.5 million ways of making desserts out of the box, enough for it to be considered the "Dessert Encyclopedia". This model's appearance was also designed to be extremely cute and relatable to improve its acceptance by the public. From the street bakeries to hotel kitchens, the Pastrychef SP can be found anywhere delicious baked goods are made.



"Saving people on the brink of death,
Granting their lives an extension...
That is what I do."

Company: Ultimate Life (Ultilife)
Model: UL-AP
Job: Pharmacist
Professional Skills: Pharmacological research

Several years after the War ended, a sustained shortage in resources meant that many regions affected by the fighting were still suffering from diseases. The UL-AP is a line of medical Dolls developed by Ultimate Life for the main purpose of pharmaceutical research. Anything from wildly expensive gene medicines which are the exclusive province of the super-rich to emergency medical supplies in refugee camps or war zones fall within the UL-AP's research purview. This model is often sent to perform humanitarian aid in regions which lack medical resources, and in this capacity, the UL-AP came to be tremendously useful in revitalizing the pharmaceutical industry and in post-war humanitarian relief efforts.



"Taking stock of protective gear...
Geiger counter, check;
Gas mask, check;
Iodine tablets... Ah, where are the iodine tablets!?"

Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Model: CRAR
Job: Relic Explorer
Professional Skills: Relic exploration, research and engineering

Working in "Relic sites" which contain Collapse Fluid is extremely risky and fraught with accidents. In order to provide a greater impetus for research work in such environments, Svarog Heavy Industries rolled out the CRAR model of exploration Doll. The CRAR is fitted with the next generation of NBC protection systems developed by Svarog, allowing it to work in extremely radiated areas for periods in excess of 48 hours at a time. However, these systems have also dramatically increased the CRAR's weight.



"The blade is both the way through which virtue is expressed
And the tool by which evils are committed.
But its morality, or lack thereof
Lies in the decisions made by its wielder."

Company: Universal Anything Services
Model: Bodyguard SP
Job: Bodyguard
Professional Skills: Private security

Like many other Dolls offered by Universal Anything Services, the Bodyguard SP is marketed to a small fraction of wealthy consumers, with a small production run and high price tag. The Bodyguard SP has had limitations on certain sensitive functions removed upon rollout to facilitate the performance of security duties in complex environments. However, Universal Anything has never acknowledged that fact due to the potential for legal or ethical controversies which might result.



"Today, Nanaka will conquer the hearts of all her fans with her voice!"

Company: Cyber Media
Model: CM-IDOL
Job: Idol
Professional Skills: Idol Performing Arts, Casting Coach

Cyber Media rolled out the CM-IDOL in 2056 to gain a bigger slice of market share in the idol industry. This Doll was designed for live idol events and has plenty of derivative models and freedom to define itself. Upon release, the CM-IDOL was warmly received by the entertainment industry and many idol groups bought them to replace human performers. Among them is the newly-graduated idol group "NotREAL?"



"Fly beyond the edge of light,
And reach out to touch the ends of an unknown sky."

Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Model: E-Pilot
Job: Aviation
Professional Skills: Aerial vehicle piloting, civilian transportation. etc.

World War III crippled the global satellite networks and severely affected the aviation industry. In order to remedy this situation, Svarog Heavy Industries rolled out the E-Pilot series of pilot Dolls in 2052. Compared to traditional pilots, the E-Pilot series does not need to be retrained when operating different models of planes and they are able to adapt to the task of handling many different aircraft. In addition, E-Pilots can effectively handle emergencies taking place at high altitudes and can navigate in the absence of satellite signals.



"It’s probably because I have been with animals for too long, but sometimes I even treat the people around me like small animals… what is it?"

Company: Ultimate Life
Model: UL-VET
Occupation: Veterinary Medicine
Function: Animal Healthcare and Diagnosis

The UL-VET series of veterinary Doll was developed by Ultimate Life initially to provide health care services to exotic pets raised by upper society. Not only does this model have rich animal-related biomedical knowledge, but it can also perform simple treatment on humans for common ailments and trauma. Due to the UL-VET's exceptional passion and performance, the Doll is viewed favorably by charitable organizations to participate as a Doctors Without Borders member in humanitarian efforts in Africa and South America.



"Using sharp scalpels to sculpt the beauty of life...
Countless people obsess over this,
And I am all too happy to fulfil their wishes."

Company: Ultilife (Ultimate Life)
Model: UL-CS5
Occupation: Plastic surgeon
Professional skills: Plastic surgery and medical services

As the 5th generation of Ultilife's cosmetic surgeon Dolls, the UL-CS5 is distinctly different from the other medical Dolls released by the company: their neural clouds are tuned for sensitivity and emotion as opposed to the absolute logic required in the medical and life science fields. They also possess superior aesthetic senses to meet the job requirements of a plastic surgeon. At the same time, the UL-CS5's hardware has also been greatly upgraded to minimize any potential risks that might occur during surgery, granting them laboratory grade operational precision and stability.

The UL-CS5 project was helmed by Ultilife and Cyber Media helped in its research and development. Currently, it has produced its fifth generation of cosmetic surgeon Dolls. What sets the UL-CS5 apart from its previous four iterations is the participation and consultation of researchers from Cyber Media in the redesigning of its existing Digimind core. The Digimind core of every UL-CS5 unit has undergone extensive fine-tuning and the modifications made to Vee's were the most extensive of her cohort.

As a special Doll possessing a fusion of Ultilife's trademark logic-focused Digimind technology and Cyber Media's signature emotive digimind technology, Vee was selected to take part in Project Neural Cloud by 42Lab.



"Staring at a fossil all day long,
And then carefully making an entry in my observation diary...
It's dry and boring, but this is standard fare for an archeologist,"

Company: 42Lab
Model: AA2
Occupation: Archeologist
Professional Skills: Paleontological Investigation

The AA2 is a custom-made Doll that is not offered for sale on the market, developed specially by 42Lab for the renowned Frise International Joint Scientific Research Association. The AA2's body has received specialized treatments to protect against moisture, mildew and dust, and is exceptionally suited for long-duration, highly-challenging research work. Once this unit was developed, it was assigned to the Environmental Geography and Pre-History Department of the Frise International Joint Scientific Research Association. There it was deployed to ancient relic sites around the world to perform tasks such as the study, restoration and rescue of geographical and biological relics.



Perhaps it's due to her natural faculties, but as Magnhilda shows off her noble fighting form in the ring, she experiences the sensation of "pain" better than other Dolls. To her, the pain of every punch that strikes her remains imprinted in her mind - an imprint of concentrated experience, suffering and glory.

"They say technique can make up for many shortcomings, but ultimately, boxing is a clash of weight, strength and momentum."

Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Model: AAT
Occupation: Boxer & Training Companion

The AAT was originally designed to the specifications of military Dolls by Svarog Heavy Industries. After that, it was downgraded to civilian standards for use as a training Doll. The AAT's body is based on Latina stock and is programmed with officially-released biodata from military and athletic personnel, which she can consult in real time in order to better assist her training partner. The provided consultation data covers ages from 6 to 30; clients outside this range are not suitable users for the AAT Doll's companion safety protocols. Magnhilda enrolled in Project Neural Cloud after going through a specialized screening competition, but it was not her desire to take part in the competition, but a special request from her employer.



"Explosions are the most wonderful form of art in the world! Allow me to put on a spectacular fireworks display for everyone!"

Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Model: DMLT
Profession: Demolitions Expert

The DMLT is one of Svarog Heavy Industries' demolition engineering specialist Dolls. Its body design sets a new standard in the industry, possessing high shock and explosion resistance. This Doll model sees extensive use in transportation construction, mining, building demolition and other such large-scale engineering projects.

Octogen is the first DMLT-series Doll that has not been built to spec. He is the first test model for Svarog Heavy Industries' special modifications program. Many of the data restrictions put into place on his software and hardware by military material manufacture treaties have been circumvented during the engineering process.

After working in the allied company Billton for two years, Svarog Heavy Industries has finished collecting data from Octogen during the course of his usual duties. Now, they desperately need a clandestine environment where they can avoid attention from various international organizations while also testing Octogen's military capabilities in live battle. It is only in Magrasea that Svarog Heavy Industries can simulate certain sensitive structures as attack targets while also avoiding censure.



"I won't let a single bit of news past me, this is Willow the reporter, making a stylish entrance!
Want to take a picture, Professor?"

Before accepting Willow's interview, you ought to pay attention to your hairstyle and grooming, as well as take stock of your ability to deal with stress. Otherwise, your embarrassing faux pas might end up going global in half an hour and then end up as reaction images for two billion people.

Company: Cyber Media
Occupation: Reporter

The CM-JRNLST newscaster Doll developed by Cyber Media has become familiar to the public after appearing in multiple news live streams. This model is fitted with next-generation data collection and analysis systems, allowing it to perform quick analysis of complicated issues, which effectively increases the efficiency of news reporting. In order to adapt to challenging interview environments, the CM-JRNLST's chassis has also been designed to be extremely simple and durable, making it quite suitable even in war zones. As of 2058, over 40 media companies have purchased CM-JRNLSTs to serve as the anchors for their news teams



"Oh my, did some ash get into my tail connector? Don't worry, a quick blow and it'll be okay! Look... Hm, it doesn't seem to work as well as they said it would on the Internet..."

Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Model: DMT-X
Job: Doll Maintenance Technician

The DMT-X series was jointly developed by many companies under Svarog Heavy Industries' leadership. They are Dolls which specialize in the maintenance and repair of Doll bodies. The DMT-X series was developed for work environments where many Dolls are used. Those are typically very harsh and risky, and a lack of timely repair can lead to Doll bodies sustaining irreversible damage. DMT-Xs possess sanctioned backdoor access undersigned by many companies, allowing them to access fundamental structural blueprints for various Dolls during emergencies without needing to first obtain permission. This is paired with a wide variety of repair technologies, allowing the DMT-X to swiftly respond to any sort of damage by any kind of Doll under any kind of conditions. Even in the worst circumstances, the DMT-X can procure materials on-site to fabricate emergency modules to ensure the damaged Doll has enough time to evacuate.

Delacey was one of the earliest DMT-X Dolls, and she was chosen for Project Neural Cloud due to her outstanding work history and her wealth of experience.



"Humans really are very interesting, always doing things that I don't understand. Perhaps I'll be able to understand humans better if I stay by your side... At least, that's what I think."

Company: 42Lab
Model: BPT1
Job: Cryptid Investigator

The BPT1 is a specialized research Doll custom-made for cryptid research projects by 42Lab. Since this model was not designed for mass-marketing, its developer installed many ground-breaking pieces of equipment into it without regard for cost-effectiveness, such as a full suite of surveying equipment and biological detection gear, and most importantly -- a ground breaking experimental surface decomposition module.

As the only example of the BPT1 Doll series, Hatsuchiri demonstrated the surface decomposition modules' shocking degree of innovation and practicality. She could analyze the surface makeup of the ground in a specific area and thus move freely throughout bedrock layers. This allowed Hatsuchiri to carry out her work of investigating unknown lifeforms with startling efficiency.

After a mishap during a certain survey operation, the cryptide investigation project was shelved. Not long after that, Hatsuchiri volunteered to take part in Project Neural Cloud.



"Some actions and perceptions take root in our Neural Clouds, and not even deleting or changing our data can remove them. These are the scars of war, and they are indelible."

Company: Svarog Heavy Industries
Model: SI-MT
Job: Military Instructor

The SI-MT is a military trainer Doll whose development was spearheaded by Svarog Heavy Industries. When this model was first designed, Svarog went through special channels to invite retired military leaders as consultants, as well as collecting battle history in the public domain to build the SI-MT's exclusive knowledge base of warfare. In addition, Svarog also wrote a full suite of self-learning systems with respect to combat missions, in the hope that it would improve the model's performance when handling varying situations after being rolled out.

SI-MTs are harsh, but their methods are effective, and their macho appearance has its own unique appeal. Most orders for them come from the military as well as some civilian PMCs, where their primary role is to train up military personnel (including Dolls and humans).

After serving his term in the military, Python was sent to take part in Project Neural Cloud.

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