Monthly Roadmap: January 2022

New Skin Gacha

The newest skin batch features 2021 CNY skin batch, with Type 56R arriving as a free skin.

Christmas Event

Some may have suspected this was coming when the Christmas Event ReRerun only lasted two weeks. This is the new Chirstmas Event that has been recently released in old servers, and will arrive on January 4th.
Look forward to our guide, as well our "Should you Farm" section

Rate Ups

Not on the Roadmap, but Q&A, and Twitter, confirmed the arrival of the General Rate Up teased a few Q&As ago: January 1st

Dual Randomness

Dual Randomness cover
ahem As Adam said, we still have no idea what MICA has planned for this Dual Randomness Remaster teased a while ago, so everything that we write until the Dual Randomness release is HEAVILY SUBJECTED TO CHANGES. We'll update you with more information when it is in our hands.
One thing worth noting is that Q&A mentioned Dual Randomness and Xmas Event will not overlap. As Xmas event will run from January 4th to January 24th, we expect Dual Randomness to arrive on January 25th.

Enjoy the Dual Randomness PV, available below.

New Ringleader: Dreamer

Dreamer default art
This new SF pool brings Dreamer, another HOC type Ringleader. She's a 3 unit HOC, targets Highest HP and ignores armor. Not a must grab, but a nifty unit for her fans. She also comes with SWAP Dragoons, who remain a 2Star unit, but try and improve upon the base Dragoon.
Look forward to our analyses!

Point Event

Type 56R CNY skin
Type 56R will be obtainable in a Point Event Reward (the silhouette in the Roadmap belongs to her CNY skin, shown above). In these events, Commanders can earn up to 3000 points with a set of missions being unlocked every week.

Below is an example of a Point Event. We'll update it with 56R's once the tweet is out.

Tinfoil Hat Section

So Soul, what do we have for Tinfoil Hat section this month?
Surprisingly little.
We got confirmation that the rest of Login T-Dolls will be available in SC and PL Campaign, as they have done in the past with Singularity, CT and Isomer campaigns. Moreover, it seems that, despite what people wanted, they ain't bringing Gundam gacha before Furry.

They also confirmed on Discord Q&A that Xmas Event and DR won't overlap (thank goodness).

We also got a possible release of "1/3 of content in January". Probably more subtitled lines and such. MICA, WHEN YOU GONNA FIX 416?!
Aside from the extremely strange premise of question 9, it's a bit hard to say what that answer means. We have gotten content released on the older servers at some point or another, so this feels like a bit of a self-evident answer? Ongoing optimizations sound interesting but without any additional info, it's a bit hard to make any major judgments. Anything good elsewhere?

Twitter side also didn't reveal much. We got confirmation that the next MOD batch will be RO635, G11, Super SASS and Type 97S (a.k.a Captain China) and that our Valhalla rerun is still going to happen. Also, apparently Shattered Connexion is finally arriving to the Campaign, and that would be yet another important thing they managed to not add to Roadmaps. We are now at:

  1. 2.08 client
  2. December T-Doll batch
  3. Shattered Connexion Campaign

Let's see how much this list increases

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