Monthly Roadmap: April 2021

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Polarized Light

This is the next major story event for Girls' Frontline! You can check out the PV below: 

Event T-Dolls

Four new exclusive T-Dolls are introduced with the Polarized Light event. 

  • SL8 (5★ RF): Guaranteed reward from 777 crates
  • Webley (5★ HG): Story clear reward
  • CF05 (4★ SMG): Limited Drop
  • M82 (4★ AR): Limited Drop

Their full analyses will be made available in the coming days - stay tuned!

Preparing for Polarized Light

If you'd like to know how to prepare for the event, check out the below page: 

Compulsory Client Update (v2.0700)

The latest Girls' Frontline client will soon be available on EN!

v2.0700 primarily consists of Quality-of-Life and cosmetic improvements. 

For a full breakdown of the features we can expect, see the below page: 

New T-Dolls * 2

The two new T-Dolls to be added to Factory Production are RPK-16 and AK-15.

Wondering how good they are? Their analyses are currently already available!

Theater Mode Season 4

Theater is a time-limited combat event that requires about 15-30 minutes per day and offers excellent rewards. The requirements are just a tiny bit higher than the first two seasons, and while newer players can stay at easy stages, stronger commanders can choose to clear tougher missions for more points.

For more information, check out the guides below; the Teambuilding Guide has been updated to Theater Season 3-4 so you know what to expect!

What's the reward HOC? 

The QLZ-04 analysis is actually available as of now, so please give it a look! Players who ranked well in Theater Season 3 should be able to get QLZ-04 to 5-star rarity by the end of this Theater. 

The tl;dr is that QLZ is basically another AGS-30, being a bit weaker in general while focusing on debuffing a single target. 

IDW Costume Point Event

Thought you could escape IDW-da-nya if you didn't craft anything? She's come back with a vengeance with this upcoming point event!

This is one of her best costumes to date, and it's totally free! As usual, point events can be easily completed by players who actively play. Spending tokens for points is not required

Daruma Cat Samurai



If you're not sure what a point event is, you can reference the below page for more information. 

New Re-Supply Gacha

This gacha features another Live2D costume for R93, 4 animated costumes for Tabuk, MG36, MG5, and 100 Shiki, and 2 regular costumes for DP-12 and wz.29!

Official R93 Live2D Showcase

Gacha Costumes

Wisteria Songstress



Kagura Vestments



Dark Rose



Lady General of the Sanzu River



Kachou Fuugetsu



Kachou Fuugetsu (花鳥風月) is a Japanese concept that means "to discover oneself when experiencing nature".

The term literally translates to "Flower, Bird, Wind, and Moon."

Bundle Costumes

Two costume packages for Tabuk and MG36 have also been added to the shop, likely priced at 1888 and 2588 gems each respectively:

Soul Eater Chef



Bamboo Samurai


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