#LoveOutLoud Content Creator Compilation


Hi everyone~

Did you ever have the burning curiosity to check out other peoples' entries so you can feel a smug sense of superiority or continue cringing so hard at your own creations?  No?  Just a casual curiosity?  Good enough.  

Welcome to the #LoveOutLoud Competition (not Cringe) Compilation, where we try to show off entries from the creator community!

Congratulations to Tsukikanade for First Place, and GaigeDaMech for runner-up!

If you'd like to show off your entry here, please contact Hakurai#1379!

Tsukikanade - 1st Prize Winner

GaigeDaMech - Runner Up




So, I’m writing this to you and hopefully this letter can reach you.

AK-12, I know you might not remember me, but you’re always a special person for me.

Do I sound strange there? I guess you will just make fun of me later.

We met several times already, back when we first met in that operation against White Factions, to when you volleyballed my nose on the beach.

 But, the moment I always remember would be during the dinner party. Your dress was so elegant, your amazing looks, that glittering silver hair, bright purple eyes you don’t show to anyone, your otherworldly body shape, you’re so gorgeous, and your smile.

You are just so confident and elegant, that I am worried I would never be able to get your attention.

Not only your looks, you are also very efficient on your missions, always ended up in the winning side.

But what I like the most, is how you are a confident yet playful lady, never being stale or boring in any way. Your teases and jokes, it’s as if you always had them on your control.

However, I finally gathered enough courage. I have to write this, because I will never know, how many men you have already made to fall to you. So, before they get ahead of me, I have to write this.

I have simply been bewitched by your elegance, my lady, and I can’t get over my day without thinking of you.

Here I humbly ask, would you like to go out with me? I love you a lot, so please, will you return my feelings, should you receive it? I’ll be waiting for you, in S06.




Dear UMP45

I have to gather a lot of courage just to write this out. Please read this letter to the end.

I’m writing to you, because I haven’t got any chance to meet you ever since the first time I saw you.

You might not believe me, but ever since that time, you are the only one that I have on my mind. I was always asking around about your whereabouts but no one ever knows.

I’m writing this letter, to tell you, UMP45, I love you, from the bottom of my heart.

Your cute appearance, a very playful and cunning way of talking, your amazing wit and grit, I admire all of you.

It’s not about appearance, but it’s always about what I see in you. I look at you as a young girl, that got a heavy burden on yourself.

You are always burdened by your past, you tell no one. Yet, you stayed strong despite all of that.

I want to know more about yourself, I wish I know what you had gone through, and I want to give you any kind of support I can.

You might never be the most advanced doll in combat, nor will you be the most pretty. But, I don’t pay mind to any of that.

All I ever wanted is yourself, your happy and bright personality, even if it hides a very dark past, I’ll accept it and help you carry that burden.

I’m sorry I got too deep into your personal matters, but my intention was to assure you, I’m not only looking at good things.

So, Miss UMP45, would you like to be my lover?







Dear Springfield,

Once again, I apologise for not being with you in person to give you this. Like many other regrets that I have, the little time we spent together is not enough, and never will be. Words are a poor substitute for affection, but you know as well as I that there are no alternatives left.

I miss everything about you, Springfield. Your smile. The little crease around your eyes. The fragrance of your hair when the cafe doors open. It’s been so long, and I can barely remember. They’re slipping away the more I try to hold onto them. The more lies and half-truths I invent to keep myself alive, the less I remember of reality.

Please don’t cry, love. Even if this encrypted message doesn’t make it’s way to you, I’ll do my best to come home.

Whatever it takes.We’ll have lots of celebrations to make up for lost time! I can’t wait to eat your delicious muffins and coffee again! WA2000 is going to need handholding while we teach her how to bake cookies! And then we’ll all go to sleep together as the happy family we’ve always wanted to be.

I’m going to hang on. I’m going to live. Paradeus won’t kill me, for as long as I continue to feed them information, bit by bit. I won’t give up because there’s your love at the end of it all.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Springfield.

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At first glance back in time, you arrived 

Impassioned, energetic, and surprised 

Immediately greeting with happy glee 

Demanding "why'd you choose to adopt me?" 

Early game echelons you've joined 

Early quests on the battlefield you deployed 

Doubted by your crewmates and leader 

As you prove your wit to team members 


Besides that a mission with shorty 

You come up with a plan foolhardy 

Overthrow world’s end plan, ill intent 

Undergo suffering to save your friends 

Usually, existing as a joke

Dalaos' gang, shikikans have spoke  

Alternative, better guns out there are plenty 

And you would wonder “why still choosing me?” 


Normally competitive players would say "no" 

Yet I would enjoy this by taking it slow 

Admiring quite good laughs and chuckle you bestow 

As I raising you to brag to fellows

After seeing how much you've grown 

And I began adoring you before I'd known 

As I open a black letter, glimmer glow 

As I propose to you a promising vow